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Hello Parents!!!

Welcome again to Camp stuff/pix/news! You’re in luck tonight because you are the first to experience the new and improved Camp News!! How is it new you may ask? Well it’s because I am doing it! My name is Maggie Ginn and I am going to be helping Larry all session with taking pictures, writing the newsletters, and all that is behind the scenes Skyline! That means double the pictures of your lovely daughters, and maybe just a little bit less of Larry’s corny jokes that he’s been posting up all summer! (And we all know that that is very important news!) And as for improved, I don’t have to type like a caveman and look at the keys the whole time so the news will get to you even FASTER! YAYYY for improvement (SORRY Larry if you read this, we still love you! ) So get excited to hear from me often on the website from now on! Also some explanation – on our camp pics today one was titled “Bread and Butter Monday”. That comes from my personal favorite camp song that we sing at meal times. So each day you’ll get to see/learn each day of the week! (Your girls will be so proud of you for being “in the know”!!)

NOWWW for the fun stuff! Today was an AMAZING day on the mountain. The girls got to start their first day of activities, which is always a blast! We got around to a bunch of classes and got some great shots of the girls in action! Every day we will be going around to different classes for all the periods so no worries if you haven’t seen your daughter yet! We will have her up here before you know it! Today the girls learned the rules and such of each class and then it was all fun from there on out! The best part of taking pictures is the funny faces we catch your girls making – ***check out the archery pictures! HILARIOUS!

Tonight our main activity was Sock War. As a past Camp Skyline Ranch camper, I can tell you from first hand experience that there’s not really anything better than good ol’ Sock War!!! The girls get dressed top to bottom in their club colors (review for you newbies – Mounties are red, Rangers are blue, and Troopers are green) and get socks that are filled with sawdust to throw at each other. It’s one big, 3 way game of capture the flag, plus a little added bonus! All of the club captains get to hide in their club areas and if they get found/hit by a sock by another club then the club that finds them gets MEGA ULTRA points!! Those girls hide anywhere from in trashcans to under buildings, to in the woods! Talk about die-hard club spirit! The results of the game were Mounties 1st, Troopers 2nd, and Rangers 3rd! Great job girls!
Tomorrow night we will be playing another camp favorite – Underground Railroad! The girls have to make there way across camp to secret locations and make it to “Freedom!” But it isn’t that easy, as counselors are dressed up as “Bounty Hunters” who take them to jail if they catch any girl moving! More to come on that tomorrow!

Something new that I will also be doing in my newsletters is talking about our summer theme, “Made For”! Our theme verse for the summer is Psalm 139:14 and reads, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” All session the counselors will be teaching the girls what they are truly Made For. Tonight’s lesson was on Love! The girls learned about God’s unending love and that no matter what, he is always going to be there and LOVING them! (Even more than the boyfriends they are going to get at the dance this Saturday night! I know you dads are excited for that!) A great verse for tonight’s lesson for you parents to check out is Romans 5:8 – “But God shows and clearly proves His love for us by the fact that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.“ Not only does He love on your girls, but loving on YOU right this moment too! I am excited for you to be learning along with us this session!

Weather on the mountain was nice today – high in the mid 80s and nice and sunny! I sure am “embracing the sweat” as us counselors say as I run around campus taking pictures!

Now tomorrow will have our club and cabin pictures where you can see exactly which club your camper’s in. We’ll have those up as soon as we take them so be sure to check back to spot your camper (like you don’t spend too much time on line trying to do that already???) I know my mom camps out on the computer ALL day waiting for any picture of me! I know you love the shout out Mom!

Well that’s all for today! I’m off to get some ZZZ’s so tomorrow we can get even more pictures of your girls lovin’ life up here on the mountain!



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