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A Letter to Parents

We are aware of the great responsibility we have undertaken and we appreciate the trust you have placed in us by sending your child to Camp Skyline. Camp Skyline accepts this trust with deep concern and a commitment to do everything we can to provide your child with an exciting and rewarding camp experience.

Preparing for Camp

Most children adjust to camp very quickly. It is important that parents begin to prepare their daughters before the camp season actually begins. The following are some ideas and suggestions.

Horseback riding staff at summer camp.

Talk about camp a lot, about the new friends and fun activities that she will enjoy. Prepare your daughter for being away at camp by encouraging her to spend a night or weekend with friends or relatives prior to camp.

Reassure your daughter that you will write often and keep that promise! Short and cheerful letters are best. It is a real boost for a camper to have mail waiting for her upon her arrival at camp. No packages please.

The more children know about Skyline the more secure they will feel. Seeing pictures of camp, watching the camp DVD, or even scheduling a camp tour helps the child to become familiar with the camp surroundings and facilities. Our Mother/Daughter Weekend is also a great way for both mom and daughter to become more familiar in all things camp!

Meeting other girls going to Camp Skyline from your local area will also help.

Your daughter should know all about the summer plans of those at home. Parents who will be out of town should let the camp know when and where they can be reached.

Spending extra time with your daughter concerning choosing outfits, grooming habits, making the bed, folding clothes, etc. will be very helpful for your daughter at camp.

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Located in the heart of the Skyline campus the tennis courts have been around since 1947! Rennovated every few years, the tennis courts are not only used for class but for Club Competition as well.