Opening Day

Our first day of Skyline Connect!

It’s Opening Day of Skyline Connect and we are so excited to share the fun with you! Follow along during our introductory video as we take you back to camp.

Remember to wear your Skyline Tee and share your Opening Day pictures with us. You can send them in to or share them on social media and tag us! We’ll see you live at Campfire tonight at 7 PM Central Time!

Opening Day Schedule

-Welcome to Camp
-Club Drawings
-Skyline Sister Handshake
-T-Shirt Corral
-Cabin Fun Night

Campfire Live on Instagram and Facebook at 7 PM CST

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Be sure to check out our Skyline Connect shirts! You can preorder your’s today from our T-Shirt Corral. Make sure you preorder your shirt by June 24th!

Cabin Fun Night Ideas

Check out different games, crafts, and fun activities you can do with family and friends!

Cabin Fun Night Ideas