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Get Skyline Back

Socks (“cootie bombs”)

Rules and Objectives: For the at-home version of Get Skyline Back, you will divide into two teams… the Skyline girls against the “boys” from the other camp! The objective is to “Get Skyline Back” by capturing the “boys” and getting your flag back.

The “boys” will be armed with “cootie bombs” (socks!) they can use to prevent the Skyline girls from capturing them. These socks only work one way- “boys” use these to avoid getting captured, but girls cannot throw the socks. (refer to video for visual help!)

If a Skyline girl is hit by a sock they must stop and report to “jail”, before returning to the game. Jail can be any spot you want, and all you have to do is tag that spot before going back in.

You capture the “boys” by grabbing their ankles- two Skyline girls must do this to fully capture a “boy” from the other camp.

After they are captured, they must sit down, and Skyline girls can try and capture any remaining “boys”.

Once all the boys from the other camp are captured, and the flag is retreived, you have succesfully saved Skyline!

After a round, you can switch teams and play again! Good luck and have fun!