A Letter to Prospective Staff

We believe caring for children is a serious task and hire staff willing to pour their lives into the lives of our campers.

Many college women take up summer camp work expecting a paid eight-week vacation. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Camp counseling is for diligent people who love children and put their campers’ interests before their own in everything. Counselors consider their job a chance to serve youth and an opportunity for personal development.

Caring for children is a serious task. Parents send their daughters to camp expecting positive and lasting effects upon their lives. We cannot accept such a trust alone and employ only the finest young women we can find to share it.

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While Skyline is a non-denominational camp, we endeavor to provide a strong Christian atmosphere for our girls. We believe in one God and His word, the Bible. All Scripture is inspired by God, and is our final authority for faith and life, as exemplified in the life of Christ, God’s Son. Our staff practice “life-style evangelism” as Camp Skyline’s most active means of ministry. In keeping with our Christian testimony, the use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco are strictly prohibited along with the use of profanity. We believe in traditional Christian values consistent with God’s word.

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The camp staff must set the best example possible. Youth are impressionable and require a consistently wholesome camp environment. Campers are under the influence of the camp and its staff 24 hours a day. We are looking for enthusiastic, college-age, Christian counselors to share our obligation to promote the spiritual growth of our campers.

If hired, camp counseling will be one of the hardest jobs you ever have. It will also be one of the most rewarding. If you’re still interested in summer employment at Camp Skyline for girls, please take some time to complete the application (it will require thought and prayer).

This is a great challenge. We pride ourselves on hiring staff willing to give 100% when taking care of children. Are you willing to accept your share?

With thanks,
The Leadership Team