Positions & Policies

Interested in spending your summer shaping the lives of girls? Read on to learn more about our positions and staff policies.

Camp Skyline has two types of counselors: Senior Counselors and Junior Counselors. Senior Counselor positions are available for women who have graduated from High School. Junior Counselor positions are available for women entering their Senior year of High School.

General Expectations

Every counselor at Skyline will live with and have charge of at least 12-16 campers in her cabin. There are always two Senior Counselors and one Junior Counselor in a cabin. A good cabin counselors is tremendously popular and influential, serving as her campers’ mother, sister, and friend.

A young lady seeking a position must have a sincere desire to follow instructions and give of her talents and ingenuity — all in harmony with the camp administration. Camp Skyline has policies that all counselors are expected to follow. If you feel that you might not be able to abide by these policies then please do not apply.

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Cell Phone Policy

While counselors are allowed to have their cell phones at camp, campers are not. Counselors may not have their cell phones in their cabin, but may store them in the counselor den. Counselors may only use their cell phones during their free period and on their nights off — no exceptions!

Social Networking

Because a counselor’s influence is so great, we will review every applicant’s social networking sites as part of our hiring process. When reviewing your sites, we’re looking from the perspective of a camper and a parent. We expect to see you reflected in a positive light.

Counselor Orientation

Counselor orientation is typically the last week of May or the first week of June. Orientation is mandatory for all staff.