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Archives for January, 2009

Skyline travels to T-town!

Recently I traveled to Tuscaloosa and had a great time sharing about summers at Skyline with Emma and her friends! It was all blue decorations for her club, the Rangers!

Fun in the A-T-L

Thanks so much to Georgia, Salem, Wesley, and Beau for allowing us to come down to Atlanta and have a camp party!! It was great fun, and over way too quickly! Got to meet sweet Caroline and Kate and tell them all about camp! Sally is in Columbus, Ga today for a camp party and Lindsey will be in Macon, Ga on Thursday. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

Skyline Camper Makes It Into the Krystal Hall of Fame!!!

We are very proud to announce that camper Sally Jones has recently been inducted into the Krystal Hall of Fame! Her face will grace over 2 million krystal burger boxes in 400 stores! Click to read the full story
Way to go Sally! …sorry we don’t have krystals at camp

I Can See Clearly Now the Rain is Gone!!

Hello again from a wet (but now sunny) Camp Skyline! The sun is shining today over Mentone, but it’s definitely a sight we have not witnessed in quite some time. The rain has been persistent ,and as you can see by this first picture, it has left the river and waterfall running rapidly!

I have a story to share with you about our fun loving pooch Benz and his yesterday morning trip down the Little River….let me start this story by telling you that Benz is fine and in fact, rejuvenated by his little river run!

It all started by Benz and William cleaning off debris on our walking bridge above the river. The water had gotten so high that it left sticks and trash on top of the bridge and William was throwing the sticks back into the river. Now, what do dogs usually do when a stick is thrown in the water….that’s right….they fetch it!! Benz went in after the stick and the water did the rest! He swam clear over the waterfall and down past the canoe dock, and got out right before the big cement bridge that the cars use. Hey, I wonder if he still had the stick in his mouth….some things, I suppose, will forever remain a mystery.

As you can clearly see….when I rounded up Benzy Boo this morning….he was totally refreshed from his dip in the river!! Even Bubba was around to say good morning…
We hope everyone has started their New Year off as well as Benz has….I guess his New Year’s resolution is to add a little more adventure to his camp life! Until next time….

Happy New Year!

Hello to all from a busy Camp Skyline! The new year finds us back to work from a wonderful Christmas break and ready to get the camp ball rolling once more! We are excited to be traveling around (hopefully to a town near you) and spreading the great adventure that is Camp Skyline!

Just recently are travels sent us over to Decatur, Alabama where Hannah, Grace, Gabrielle, and Fleming helped to spread the news about how much fun they had at camp this past year!

Over in Marietta, Georgia we saw Gannon, Hannah and Ali Neill getting together with some friends to talk about camp!

Our travels have taken us many places! We were lucky to see Rebecca and Tina and some friends in Guntersville, Alabama! What fun!

We are just starting our traveling season in 2009 and can’t wait to see you around! If you need any information about where we will be heading please call or email for information regarding our schedule. Hope to see you soon!

We are still looking for a name for our newest facility. “Newbie” needs a real name….if you have any ideas for a name, please let us know via website or email. We are taking requests to potentially put a name with this awesome building!

A note about the Skyline Christmas Card:

We’ve had some inquiries as to who was actually featured on our camp Christmas card this year…… it was your awesome camp pets Benz and Bubba and they are alive and well and keeping camp top notch!