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We have a special guest writer on The Roost today! Katie is coming to work as a full time admin this May! She will be over our Skyline LT (Leadership Training) program this summer! I asked her to share with us what exactly the LT program is and this is what she said!

“Hi everyone! My name is Katie Ramsbacher and I have the incredible opportunity to serve Camp Skyline as an Assistant Director and Director of the Leadership Training program. I participated in the LT program in 2018 and loved every second of it. I look back on that session fondly and see it as a time of incredible personal growth. The confidence and skills I gained were quickly applied to leadership roles both at camp and at home, and I still rely on them six years later. Now, I look forward to seeing how each girl will step into her role around camp and embrace each learning opportunity this summer.

The leadership training, or LT, program is a great opportunity for Skyline’s oldest campers to experience a new side of camp and see what it is like to be a counselor. This program prepares girls for leadership opportunities in all areas of life, whether it be at camp, church, school, or somewhere else. Through the LT program, girls will gain the skills and confidence needed to be great leaders.

Age outs who participate are known as “LTs” around camp. They arrive a day early for a brief orientation and dinner with the counselors where they learn which cabin they have been placed with and create their activity schedule for the session. Throughout the session these girls will take the Leadership Training class which includes team building activities, Bible studies, and group discussions. In their chosen LT activity, they are given the opportunity to act as another counselor during the class period. At night, LTs can eat dinner, participate in the nighttime activity, attend Hut Row campfire, and hangout after campfire with their assigned cabin. Like I said earlier, this is the best time for age-outs to get firsthand experience in what it’s like to be a counselor and use what they’ve learned during class.

I truly believe that if a girl invests in this program she will get something out of it. My best advice is to come in with an open mind and an open heart, embrace all of the learning opportunities, and have fun! I cannot think of anything better to do when rounding out your time as a camper, and my only hope is that these girls walk away having learned something new. If I could do it all again, I would!”

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