Camp Skyline Reviews

Hear what others are saying about Camp Skyline

“We have had years where the girls felt the sting of being left out at school — and then we send them to you and y’all mend those broken spirits.

We have had years where people at school make foolish decisions while HIDING BEHIND JESUS’ NAME. It’s left Gracie and Camille’s hearts questioning what it was to follow God, but then we send them to you so you can stick them on your porch and teach them straight from the Bible.

My girls are so passionate about Skyline and YOU are shaping their hearts. Sally, I am crying as I type this. Thank you for SIMPLY LOVING THEM. Painting, crafting, and playing tennis. Eating homemade donuts. Walking across the bridge to Riverside. Time with you on the porch. Firesides and sweet prayer time. All of THAT has shown them the loving, patient, CREATIVE Father they have in Heaven.”


“There isn’t really anything I don’t love about Skyline. Its an awesome place to be and really helped me with my personal walk with God.”


“I want to thank you for the time and effort that you take…and I know it must take a lot, to write and let all of us at home have a glimpse of what our girls are experiencing up on the mountain at Camp Skyline each and every day. I must say you have made a firm believer out of my husband when I read him each of your posts and shared the videos and pictures of camp. You were able to truly paint of picture of what makes Camp Skyline so special. It is very clear that you, Sally and your staff absolutely LOVE making this the highlight of each camper’s summer!! My girls love being there and it hurts a little when I come to pick them up and they are really not ready to come home. Thank you for providing a Godly, loving and independent environment free from all the busy and hectic schedules we all keep. Each year I feel my girls have grown in a new confidence in who they are and WHO they belong to. ”


“DO IT! Your little girl will thank you for it. She will make lifelong friends that she can’t wait to see every year. She will learn life lessons and she will become closer in her walk with God. You will not regret it!”


“Kate is timid and it takes her a little while to find her niche. That said, her first summer was tremendous and I have never heard her speak as enthusiastically about anything as she has – and continues to – talk about Skyline.”


“Skyline provides an unconditional, Christ-like atmosphere where Hope feels included without being pressured to conform to a clique.”


”Skyline’s traditions are a big draw for us. It makes my daughter feel at “home” knowing what to expect each year. It is part of her now and she refers back to camp all year long.”


“I love the size of the camp, I love how the staff gets to know all the girls so well. I love that my girls are together and know each other’s friends. I love how easy the Gluten free plan was this summer. I also love the Christian influence, as the older girls teach the younger ones. Such mentoring happens naturally at Skyline.”


“My daughter can be herself — there is zero peer pressure.”


“I grew up on Lookout Mountain and although I now live in Washington D.C. it was very important to me that my daughters spend time on the mountain. I love that they feel as connected to that place as I do and enjoy lifelong friends from Alabama and all over the South. My oldest daughter calls it her happy place.

We live a fast paced “big city” lifestyle and my children have had many opportunities, but camp slows them down, unplugs them from the internet and creates space where they can grow and develop, just being girls.”


“When Virginia was 7, we tried the 1 week mini-camp and only received one letter the whole week: “Having fun – DON’T miss you.” When we picked her up she BEGGED to stay longer.”


“Lydia’s seventh grade year of school, was an incredibly hard year. She seemed to be trying to fail the seventh grade. She was angry. She was sullen. She seemed to hate us. By the end of the school year, I was looking at alternative school situations for Lydia for eighth grade.

Lydia spent eight weeks at Camp Skyline that year. She enjoyed every moment and wrote home frequently. We even saw pictures of her smiling — something we hadn’t seen much.

After camp, Lydia was a different child. She was happy. She was obedient. She was helpful. I literally cried tears of joy at having my daughter back. Before school started, we asked if she wanted to return to Skyline next summer and she wholeheartedly said,“YES!” We told she would have to earn her summer at Skyline by maintaining all As and Bs every 9 weeks.

As I am sure you can guess, she did it.”


“I’m not sure why my mom chose Skyline for me, because I didn’t know a single person there. But on the way to camp, I met two girls at the train station and never looked back! I made new friends every year and will never forget my years at Skyline. I’m 62 now, but I can still say that those summers were the happiest times of my life.

I loved the fact that it was a camp just for girls. My friends who went to co-ed church camps thought I was crazy, but they didn’t know what they were missing. No competition for boys attention — every girl needs to experience that.

I loved the activities, the campfires, the rainy day free-times in our cabins, and writing letters home about all the adventures we were having. But my favorite thing was singing all the time — after meals, at club meetings, at campfires.”

SusanFormer Camper & Counselor

“Isabella had the chance to go out of the country one summer and she quickly asked, “But what about camp?” Summer equals Skyline in my family.

Skyline has spoiled Isabella. She recently attended two overnight Colorado camps for “outdoor ed” and a church youth group weekend. When I asked if she would like to go back she quickly answered, “NO! They aren’t near as good as Skyline!”