Special Programs

Sock Wars, Dance Night, and events unique to each session provide extracurricular fun at Camp Skyline!

As the day winds down, campers enjoy many different evening programs. The event changes every night and some of our favorites include:

Cabin Fun Night

On the first night of each session, campers get to know one another by doing fun activities with their cabin mates. The most popular include shaving cream fights, tie dying, spa nights and – of course – S’MORES!

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Sock War

One of the most popular nights here at Skyline, Sock War is a three way battle of capture the flag using sawdust-filled socks and loads of intense action!

Dance Night

Excitement reigns when the boys from Camp Laney come over for a dance on our tennis courts!

Banquet Night

“Oh, I can’t believe it is the last night of camp already!”

We wrap up every session with a tradition that has been around since 1947. This special banquet recognizes our campers and the amazing job they have done in their activities. Trophies are awarded to the club winning the most points, the Horse Show cup, and the coveted Eloise H. Temple Spirit Cup.

Session Events

1st Session: Skyline Sing

Skyline Sing is a special activity for 1st Session campers. This activity is similar to step, dance, or lip sync competitions you might have seen at various universities. Each cabin comes up with a theme and creates their own mash up of different songs that incorporate that same theme. During the final week of camp, the girls get to showcase their mashup, dance, and costumes they have been working on during the session! 3rd place, 2nd place, & 1st place are awarded ribbons and this is an activity the girls get really pumped for!

2nd Session: 4th of July

Happy Birthday America! What better way to celebrate the 4th than with a packed day of red, white, and blue extravaganza? Wake up to the horses marching through camp, a special flag raising ceremony, 4th of July incorporated activities, giant cakes, picnics, popcorn, a patriotic parade and amazing fireworks!

3rd Session: Christmas in July

Merry Christmas, Camp Skyline! During the Christmas session, campers can enjoy playing Secret Santa, having Christmas Eve, and waking up to Christmas Day camp style with presents, stockings, Christmas Carnival, and even Santa, himself, riding through camp on a horse! ‘Tis the season…for Christmas in July!

4th Session: Skyline Video Music Awards

Skyline rolls out the red carpet and welcomes the stars to Lookout Mountain! Campers create and star in their cabins’ very own music videos while the staff assemble a panel of judges to select the winner.