Camp Skyline, located on the banks of Little River, offers one of the best natural swimming areas in the South. We have two different activities on our waterfront: Fun Swim and Canoeing.

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In canoeing, campers learn to paddle, steer their canoes, and cooperate with their partner. Once they learn the basic skills, campers get to canoe down river.

Waterfront Safety

A “buddy” system is used for waterfront entry and swimming management. Life jackets are required for river swimming and in canoes. Every waterfront activity at Skyline is under the close supervision of qualified lifeguards and canoeing instructors trained in the American Red Cross Aquatics Program.

Fun Swim

Fun Swim is one of our most popular activities. Our waterfront offers several different elements. Girls can try out the waterslide, fly high on the Blob, play on the lily pads, or just swim in the river. We also have a salt-water pool.