Camp Skyline provides the perfect location for a get-away, educational program, or retreat.

Located in Mentone, Alabama, on top of beautiful Lookout Mountain, we are 15 minutes from Fort Payne, AL, 2 hours northwest of Atlanta, 2 hours northeast of Birmingham, and 45 minutes southwest of Chattanooga.

Our facilities include ample meeting spaces equipped with projectors and sound systems. We have a large field for sports groups or games. Our open air gymnasium includes a stage.

Winterized cabins provide comfortable and secure accommodations for up to 280 participants during winter and spring. All cabins are equipped with showers and restrooms.

Pickle’s Palace

This building includes 2 cabins which accommodates up to 18 people each. Pickle’s Palace also provides a large space for meetings and a small kitchen facility.

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Pickle's Palace exterior

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Pickle's Palace exterior

Img 6712.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1

Pickle's Palace meeting room

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Pickle's Palace portch

Hut Row

Six cabins centrally located around a campfire. Each cabin holds 18-20 people. The entire Hut Row area can accommodate 108 people. Each cabin has its own bathrooms and showers inside.

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Hut Row exterior

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Hut Row interior

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Hut Row interior

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Hut Row interior


This building has 23 individual rooms and holds up to 102 people. Each room holds 4 to 6 people and includes a bathroom. Riverside has its own kitchen and dining facility that is also used as a meeting area as well as a large lobby. Theres also a campfire area right in front of Riverside with benches.

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Riverside exterior

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Riverside dining area

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Riverside Lobby

Img 7426.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1

Riverside room

Img 7427.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1

Riverside room

The Lodge

One large building that contains 5 cabins. Each cabin holds up to 18 people and there are 2 bathrooms and showers inside each one. The Lodge can accommodate 90 people. The lodge also has its own kitchen facility.

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Lodge exterior

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Lodge room

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Lodge room

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Lodge lobby

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Lodge lobby

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Lodge lobby

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Lodge lobby

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Lodge porch