The Cabins

Our Cabins provide a warm and comfortable atmosphere where girls feel at home.

Our Camper Cabins

After founding the camp, Eloise built Hut Row several cabins at a time. Cabins were placed in a circle around the campfire ring and lovingly named after a family member or some feature of the surrounding mountains. Each summer, returning campers would move to a new cabin, a tradition which continues today.

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Although the facilities have been updated, our Hut Row cabins still circle the campfire and provide a warm, comfortable home for our youngest campers. There are six cabins in Hut Row: Bevshack, Brookwood, Driftwood, Joywood, Bar-H, and Beetlebum. The oldest campers who remain on the Hut Row side of the river live in Sylward Lodge, which houses five cabins: EdMae, Dewey’s Den, Rosey Den, Hillbillies, and Totem Hall. Girls in the Lodge eagerly anticipate Crossing the River, an exciting rite-of-passage every young camper looks forward to.

“I love the size of the camp, I love how the staff gets to know all the girls so well. I love that my girls are together and know each other’s friends. I love how easy the Gluten free plan was this summer. I also love the Christian influence, as the older girls teach the younger ones. Such mentoring happens naturally at Skyline.”


Each of our Hut Row and Lodge cabins holds three to four counselors living with and looking after 10 – 16 campers. Skyline’s counselor-to-camper ratio is always 1:5 in every cabin.