The Arts

Since we are a girl’s summer camp we cater to activities that girls love! If you are interested in art, drama, dance, culinary art, or anything in between Camp Skyline has something for you!

Arts & Crafts

In Arts & Crafts you can paint almost any wood project you can imagine. We have animals, bird houses, wind twisters, letters, trays, and many more!


One of our most popular activities is cooking. Learn how to make pizza, French toast, ice cream and more and then eat your own creation!


Paint with acrylics, practice on paper, and finally create your own artwork on canvas! Artists learn different brush strokes, how to mix their own paint, and then venture out on campus to paint landscapes of camp!


During this class, girls create their own bowls, tiles and much more.

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Performing Arts

Our performing arts activities are based on progression. Campers learn new skills everyday and build towards a final performance in front of the entire camp!

Musical Theater

Musical Theater does an entire production and everyone has a part! Past productions have included Annie Jr. and The Jungle Book.

Flag & Baton

Flag & Baton is actually two activities in one — campers learn how to spin flags and twirl batons.

Rock the Runway

Rock the Runway is a great place to have some girl time! In this activity campers paint nails, do hair, and give facials! At the end of each session campers do a fashion show for the entire camp.


Campers learn techniques and a routine. We teach many different types of dance from ballet to hip-hop.


Learn cheers, chants, stunts, jumps, and dances in Skyline’s cheerleading class.


In Gymnastics you can do forward rolls, round offs, handstands, back handsprings and more. There is even an advanced class for those who can do a back handspring on their own.

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