First Time Campers

A buzz of excitement fills the air as first time campers roll into camp.

We Want to Make Your Daughter’s Summer Amazing!

Skyline girls are warm and welcoming from the first moment your daughter arrives at camp. Our staff go out of their way to help new campers settle in — both in the cabin and throughout the day.

We keep an eye out for girls who might not be finding it easy to make friends. All it takes is a little love and your daughter will be on her way to a good first session! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to speak with a director.

Opening Day

When you first arrive at Skyline be prepared for a busy and exciting day!

  1. All campers will first check-in at the office which will open at 8:00 A.M CST. Here you will finalize paperwork and accounts.
  2. To make check-in easier, please remit final balances and submit forms prior to your arrival — including trip money, camper spending, and health forms.
  3. After you check in, you will meet with the nurses about special needs or medications. A nurse will perform the health screening, collect any medications (including non-prescription), and discuss any necessary health situations.
  4. The nurses will then send you on to get your cabin assignment from one of the directors.
  5. Once your daughter knows her cabin, you are welcome to help her move in, claim her bunk, and meet her counselors and cabin mates.
  6. At 9:30 there is a first time parent meeting in the dining hall with the directors of camp.
  7. Around 9:30 campers meet in their cabins. At this point, your daughter will have said goodbye to you and will be busy making new friends.
  8. Later on in the day, campers will be assigned to a club (if not already in one) and will register for their activities.

“The fact that my girls talk about camp and fun memories all year long keep us coming back every year. Last February, my ten-year-old started asking when we could start packing.

The counselors are outstanding, impressive young ladies who truly care about the campers. They keep in touch and exemplify excellent character traits. They are just real.”



It is natural for children to experience some degree of homesickness when they first arrive at camp. The majority of them quickly adjust to camp life and begin to make new friends. Some children take a little longer to adjust and you may receive one or two homesick letters. By the time you receive these letters the homesickness has probably already passed.

If a camper is not adjusting, the camp mom and counselors will work with the child to help in the adjustment process. If we are not successful, we will call you to discuss the best course of action to take.

Before camp begins please do not promise to come and get your child if homesickness occurs. This type of statement defeats us before we have a chance to work out the problem. Here are some helpful hints:

  • Let your daughter know that it is a normal feeling and the best cure is to get busy enjoying the activities at camp.
  • Make your farewells brief. Do not linger and say long, sad goodbyes.
  • Write cheerful and positive letters everyday. This is really helpful!
  • Recognize that you, as a parent, might be feeling “homesick” for your child and this is also normal.