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At Camp Skyline we hire women who all have the same goal: Enriching Young Girls in God, Relationships, & Self.

We are a christian camp for girls, and all of our counselors are christian girls! We hire the best role models for campers, counselors that will encourage campers in their faith and confidence!

We check all our counselor’s social media accounts and do thorough reference checks to ensure that our counselors have good character and are the same at camp as they are at home, living transparent lives. We have hired counselors from over 20 states with diverse backgrounds, hobbies, and skills!

No matter how qualified our staff members are, all are required to attend a one week overnight camp counselor orientation. At orientation all counselors, old and new, learn the history of Camp Skyline and how to be a great counselor! They all get CPR certified, learn emergency procedures, hear from child psychologists, learn the summer devotion/curriculum, are trained in their activities, and more! It is also a time for counselors to get to know each other and build strong relationships before campers arrive!

Our morning watch and campfire devotions are all staff led! Our counselors learn the summer theme and devotions and have the opportunity to sign up to teach it to the kids! Counselors work with our summer Chaplain to ensure the material is taught well and in a way that the campers will best understand it!

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Our Head Counselors are all women who have at least one year experience on Camp Skyline staff and have demonstrated strong leadership skills working with campers and within their activities. They serve as a mentor and leader to all the Junior and Senior Counselors for the full summer. They come a few days early to orientation to receive additional training and education.

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Our Senior Counselors are women going into their freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior year of college! Many were campers for years, and some are first time skyline girls! Senior Counselors also serve in activities and make up our Activity Heads. When interviewed, they are asked multiple questions about their leadership skills and their personal walk with Christ.

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Our Junior Counselors are high school students going into their senior year. They are young in their leadership skills but come to camp to grow those skills and add new ones! They stay in cabins with campers and Senior Counselors who show them what being a good counselor looks like. They are also thoroughly interviewed to ensure they are mature and godly influences!

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