Camp Friendships

Skyline friendships last a lifetime!

There’s always something fun to do at camp, but the constant hustle of activity isn’t what makes camp memorable. It’s who you do things with. Girls pick their daily activities and it’s frequently when they are pursuing an interest that they meet someone new who shares their interest… and a new friendship begins. Friendships span from summer to summer, deepening through the years.

Girls at Camp Skyline are unplugged.

For two weeks or more, their cell phones, laptops and tablets are put away. As a result, they learn to look people in the eye, communicate effectively, and make lasting connections. They experience joy, laughter, sadness, hurt, excitement, and peace — real emotions shared with real people, who feel like they’ve known each other for their entire lives.

“Kate is timid and it takes her a little while to find her niche. That said, her first summer was tremendous and I have never heard her speak as enthusiastically about anything as she has – and continues to – talk about Skyline.”


Life After Camp

When camp ends and campers plug back in, modern communication and technology allows real friends to carry on real friendships in spite of distance and busy schedules. Such communication during the off-season leads to many visits between camp friends outside of Skyline. We’ve even seen many campers become roommates in college (or after college), bridesmaids in each other’s weddings, and send their own daughters back to Skyline as cabin mates.