What is a Skyline Hero?

*A Skyline Hero is a Skyline Alumnae that has the same values as the camp’s mission statement, enriching young girls in God, Relationships and Self.

*Has been in the work force/profession a minimum of 3 years.

*Is willing to pour into a college age young lady by talking with, praying with and guiding her in her school and professional endeavors.

How will this happen?

Counselors that want to be a part of this program will sign up during orientation. Skyline admin will pair a Counselor and Hero. Since this is a new program, you may have a Counselor(s) that is not in your field of study. Skyline admin will give Hero information to Counselor, and Counselor information to Hero. Counselors will be responsible to contact Hero.

When will this happen?

Our first summer was 2023 and we will continue to add heroes to each yearly orientation.

Where will this happen?

We believe many conversations will be over the phone, text, email, social media. We understand that all of you are very busy and want to make this simple.

We would love for Heroes to come to camp, if possible, at some point during the summer and say hello during a staff meeting. This could also be done by zoom. Of course this is not a mandatory thing because we know all of you are very busy!