Camp Prepares You for Life

There’s no preparation for college like summer camp

Camp is a unique because it prepares girls for many aspects of life, especially since it trains young girls to be leaders.

Young campers discover leadership qualities they didn’t know they had, while older campers grow into their responsibilities as club leaders, LTs, and just being the older girls around campus.

“I grew up on Lookout Mountain and although I now live in Washington D.C. it was very important to me that my daughters spend time on the mountain. I love that they feel as connected to that place as I do and enjoy lifelong friends from Alabama and all over the South. My oldest daughter calls it her happy place.

We live a fast paced “big city” lifestyle and my children have had many opportunities, but camp slows them down, unplugs them from the internet and creates space where they can grow and develop, just being girls.”


Being a camper helps girls prepare for the adjustments required upon entering college. Skyline girls are independent, adjust faster to new life changes, and work out roommate and friend issues with tools that they have learned at camp. Many even make camp connections during their time in college. By sending their daughters to camp, parents learn to let go as well.