Riding & Equestrian Program

Horseback riding has been a tradition at Camp Skyline Ranch since 1947.

Throughout the years, the camp has built a reputation for one of the finest riding programs in the South.

Both experienced riders and girls who’ve never been on a horse before love the Skyline horses! We offer one-hour riding classes for every age group. Campers who sign up for horseback riding are in the saddle every day, with instruction in the ring and on the trail. Beginner, intermediate and advanced classes available, developing skills such as walk, trot, and canter.

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Riding Facilities & Instructors

Skyline has three large oval riding rings where English riding is taught. Through the camp property, beautiful trails wind through acres of woods and streams. Whether in the ring or on the trail, thorough and careful instruction in the fundamentals of horsemanship allows each girl to enjoy riding with assurance. Our riding instructors are well-trained and certified by the Certified Horsemanship Association or Christian Camp Horsemanship International (CCHI). Instructors lead and follow all trail rides.

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A long time tradition of the horseback riding program is the Camp Skyline Horse Show. In this event, each girl competes with other riders of her own age and ability to display her progress in horsemanship. The top riders from the Horse Show are chosen to compete in the Grand Championship.

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The Equestrian Program

Separate from the typical one-hour horseback riding option, Skyline’s Equestrian Program provides additional riding opportunities for girls who love horses or want to improve. Participating campers spend more time in the saddle, concentrating on riding and horsemanship for three out of six periods each day. The camper chooses other camp activities to fill their remaining activity periods.

Equestrian program participants will be provided with individualized instruction with lessons being based on the rider’s ability. Campers will have an opportunity to work on improving their riding skills and may work up to advanced skills such as jumping. Participants will also ride in the Equestrian Horse Show and may even be chosen to compete in Skyline’s Grand Championship.

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Equestrian Program campers must sign up for this program before their session begins. Please log on to your Skyline account to sign up or email us for the paper version.

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