About Skyline

Camp Skyline is a residential, summer camp in northern Alabama for girls between the ages of 6 and 16. We offer four 2-week sessions and three 1-week mini-sessions each summer.

Our Mission

Camp Skyline is a private girls’ camp founded on the banks of Little River and on the principles of Christian Leadership. Our strong camp spirit fosters lifelong friendships built upon cherished memories and fellowship with God. We are a Christian camp and seek to do everything for the glory of God and the encouragement of our campers.

“I know for two weeks each summer, my daughter will be amongst the finest people I have ever met, surrounded by strong Christian values. She will be doing activities I could never provide at home. She will be away from electronic devices which distract her from so many things.”

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In order to enrich young girls in God, relationships, and self, we teach campers to:

  • Enjoy a close walk with God, submitting to His will for their lives and serving Him in all that they do.
  • Build strong, healthy relationships by respecting one another and peaceably settling conflicts.
  • Climb, swing, play, swim, paddle, shoot, ride, perform, and create their way to greater confidence.
  • Give selflessly, speak truthfully, and cherish a good character.

Girls at camp live in close contact with new people. They get into disagreements and resolve them. They feel a little scared facing something new and then enjoy the keen thrill of triumph after overcoming it. In short, they live fully and leave camp better prepared for school and friends at home, as well as college and careers that follow.

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Meet Sally & Larry

Your Girls Matter to Us

Parents send their children to camp because its strong influence can improve the lives of their children. As parents and the owners of Camp Skyline, we accept this trust with a deep sense of responsibility.

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We live camp everyday for the sake of your girls. We believe they matter and that they have everything to offer for a better world. Such remarkable young women require deep spiritual nourishment which we endeavor to provide through our camp’s strong Christian atmosphere. To that end, we consistently seek Christian staff members and counselors to set the best example possible and create a wholesome camp environment where impressionable world-changers can thrive.

At Skyline, we strive to provide your daughter with personal attention and guidance. Her identity as an individual will blossom as she lives with and does her part for the group as a whole. We would love to be a part of your family.

Thank You,
Sally & Larry Johnson