Skyline offers classes for those campers who love sports or are interested in learning them.


One of the original activities at Skyline, campers are still learning forehands, backhands, serves, and volleys. Whether you are a beginner or advanced we have skilled counselors who can help you improve your game.

Mountain Biking

Go off campus on local trails lead by trained staff. This activity adventures all the way to the Georgia state line!


In this activity campers play a different sport everyday! From capture the flag to softball, campers learn the basics of well known sports and some new ones too!

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Learn the basics of one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S.!


Specifically for our older campers, Skyline’s fitness class has girls breaking a sweat and having fun all at the same time. Campers enjoy water aerobics, circuit training, Skyline’s nature trail and more!


Enjoy learning how to pass, set, and serve. We have both indoor and outdoor beach volleyball courts.

Ultimate Frisbee

Growing in popularity across the South, this high energy game is regularly enjoyed by Summerplace and Riverside campers.

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Each sport activity is staffed by a qualified and specialy trained camp counselor to ensure girls learn the ins and outs of their activities in a helpful and safe mannor.