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Tonight was the infamous VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS!!! We rolled out the red carpet for all our girls to walk, and a few Laney brothers… We had famous people from all over! We had Adam Sandler, Bananas, The Top Gun Cast, MMs, Sharks, Mean Girls, and of course 10 Barbies and 15 TAYLOR SWIFTS!!! All kinds of barbies and Taylors, they were everywhere! In our VMAs, Cabins get to create a music video to the song of their choice and they are judges bt a team of our Admin.

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We had awards of all kinds! We had best throwback, best choice of song, best costumes, best choreography, and of course… FIRST PLACE!!! In first runner up was BEVSHACK! And first place…. SUMMERPLACE!! Summerplace made a music video to none other than Barbie’s Welcome to the Dreamhouse! It was very beautiful and VERY pink!!!

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Today our CSR (caving, survival, and repelling) class took an off campus trip to Tumbling Rock Cave! It is a two hour trip to the Christmas Tree rock, where they stop for lunch! The big highlight of the trip is getting to the underground dtream where they make their way up-stream to the waterfall and then swim out of the other end! They spend their whole day underground! And if you thought they would stop there, you are wrong! They are off to Georgia tomorrow for another caving trip! They are such impressive girls.

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The girls took their rest yesterday and came back stronger today! Our daily activities were so much fun today. Riflery shot dye filled ballons over a white bandana! How creative! Fitness class took to the pool for water arobics and they have a professional yoga instructor coming tomorrow! It is only two days until our Show Time night, so dance, gymnastics, cheer, and musical theater are working so hard to perfect their skills and performances. It is unbelievable how talented these young women are!