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Camp Skyline has many different activities to add some creativity in your daily schedule. All of these activities involve a paint brush and an extra cool factor: all of the items made are items that can come home with you!

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts is a place where creativity can soar! Campers get to do something different every day or continue a project they were already working on. Many campers choose to paint a wooden object such as a bird house, a cross, or a mountain shaped shelf. Campers also get to work on a various art projects that go beyond your typical craft project. Anything from sand art to ornaments to wood-burning activties, this class is never boring! Campers get to sand their project so it becomes their own from start to finish. We love seeing all of the projects come to life as the session goes on. Once they finish, it stays on a table to dry so that they don’t need to take wet paint to their cabins.

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Head to “Back Porch” to express your inner Bob Ross. Painting class at Camp Skyline is a great peaceful activity to practice various mediums of painting such as acrylic & water color. Artists learn different brush strokes & how to mix their own paint. Every once in awhile, the class will actually venture outside during class to paint the scenery around them. Campers love getting to express themselves in their pieces. Gabi, one of our painting acitvity heads this summer, got all of campers that take the class to each paint a feather and they put them all together and made wings. Walking into painting class, you can find many sunsets, bible verses, flowers, and even sweet notes and paintings for family back home!

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Arts & Crafts’ next door neighbor is our Pottery class! Campers get a chance to make anything they want out of clay and sculpt, mold, and paint it! After it’s complete, our counselors set it in the kiln and it turns into a beautiful pottery creation! Many of our potters go home with soap dishes, spoon tests, jewerly holders, and even leaf-shaped bowls. Many campers enjoy pottery because of the peacefulness of sitting and working on their art. It’s really cool to see the before and after of a pottery project before it goes into the kiln.

Looking for a Summer Job?

Our Christian camp is a wonderful place for a young woman to work. Camp Skyline is the first job for many college students. Click here to learn about creative art jobs.

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