Hi everyone, it’s Alexis! I’ll be filling y’all in on what happened around camp today! Sadly, our activites are slowly coming to an end! Today we only had first second and third activity periods and then the rest of the day was OH SO exciting! But, I’m getting a little too ahead of myself so let’s start with activities! Eden, Aly and I joined mountain biking as they went to The Brow! It was a cooler morning on the mountain which made it even more enjoyable! The Brow is about 2 miles from camp, so it’s super rewarding for the campers to be able to enjoy the view from the top of the mountain! My second period photography class is doing awesome! Yesterday, I had them choose one picture that they wanted us to print off for them! Some of them had so many favorites that they had a difficult time picking between them all! But don’t worry, all of their photos will be uploaded to Waldo so you can print as may as you like once they are home! In the LT class, Adam was teaching the girls how to jumpstart a car and change a tire! The Home Science activity was in the dining hall today having a tea party and learning table manners! I just wanted to participate with them because of all of the fun they were having! Ropes was up and at it this morning! I’m still amazed at how effortless they make it look! Over at circus, they were doing all the fun tricks like Wonder Woman, Superman and the Iron Cross! They make it look so easy and some of them pick up on the tricks so quick!

Club points competition.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1

AWESOME NEWS!!!! The Rangers found the horseshoe!!! After five different clues from Mrs. Frances, all of the clubs were determined to find it! Sarah Davis Roe was the Ranger who found it!!!

After rest hour, we had Beli Deli and then THE OLYMPICS!!! The games were split by clubs and the were competing for club points in all kinds of games! At the beginning of the games, we had a camp wide race which included a sack race, three-legged race and lastly a race of speed! After this, we went into the grouped games which included Minute to win it, Gaga Ball, Scooter race, Extreme Rock Paper Scissors, Basketball shoot, Tower race, water balloon, rifelry, archery, mountain biking race, canoe race, and baton hand off! It certainly was an intense competition! I love seeing all of the girls get so into it and cheer on their teams, but it’s even more awesome to see the sportsmanship after the games were over and how each team congratulated the other with the “Good Job” cheer! One camper was trying so hard that she even lost her shoe!!!

After picnic dinner, we had the SWIM MEET!!!!!!!! Each club was split into their groups competing for club points! There were float relay races, beach ball relay race and medley races! We have some excellent swimmers here at Camp Skyline, I was so impressed! Everyone was being so supportive and I loved watching each club cheer on their member that was competing! Are you ready for the results?!

Troopers 1st

Rangers 2nd

Mounties 3rd