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It had been 21 years since I was a skyline staff member. The summers I had worked at camp had always been my favorite, especially working the ropes course and teaching soccer. Living in North Carolina, it’s not that easy getting to camp and I had only been back a couple of times when Camp Skyline had an alumni gathering. Deep down I had wondered what it would be like to return to my favorite place during the summer. As a mom of 3, I thought my summer skyline days were over. Being a first grade teacher with my summers off, and with my youngest child no longer being a baby, I now had both the flexibility and the independence to allow me to return. So when I got a call in April that would allow me to return to camp during the summer as a Skyline Encourager, I did not hesitate. I had the wonderful job of getting to be an encouragement to the counselors as well as the campers. Camp is a place where campers and staff can get away from the business of the world. You get to decompress from social media and all the weight of carrying the world’s problems and just be present with those around you. A key piece of that is reconnecting with God, and immersing yourself in his creation. It was a privilege to be an encourager this summer. My day consisted of supporting the staff and admin with whatever was needed. I wore many hats, so to speak, which allowed me to see multiple aspects of camp. The ability to float from place to place allowed me the freedom to help where I was needed. Some of my favorites were helping in the beli deli to make sure campers and staff got their sweet treat, tagging along with CSR(driving the campers to go repelling), assisting in night time activities and supporting the mini-camper counselors with their activities. I helped campers who were feeling overwhelmed from the day at camp and needed that extra encouragement. I was able to pour into campers and staff and cheer them on. The best part was seeing the girls transform from being nervous on day 1 of camp, to confident campers creating friendships and memories. This to me is why camp is so valuable for young girls because it creates a confidence in them that can only be learned first hand.

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