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Being a camp counselor is the absolute best way you can spend your summer. There are many things that you will take away from being a camp counselor. The benefits of the job and also how you get to put those to practice will help you grow so much in just one summer.


Working at camp means accepting the important responsibility of caring for other people’s children. It means having a real sense of duty to make sure campers stay safe, both physically and emotionally. Counselors are trusted with ensuring that campers are happy and fully engaged in the camp atmosphere. As a counselor, your day is filled with moments where you teach girls new activities and provide a safe environment for them to do this in.

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As a counselor, you will always be putting others before yourself. As you pay attention caring for campers, teaching them, and leading them through life at camp, you’ll find yourself responding to their needs and working together as a team to complete this task.

Being a counselor is the best time to take a reality check from your typical life where everything tends to be about yourself at school and take time to care for others intentionally.

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Camp counselors are leaders. Along with their co-counselors, they guide the campers under their care. They serve as positive Christian role models helping girls make better decisions, providing motivation and suggestions for overcoming challenges in a safe environment. Counselors here at Skyline have the opportunity to lead others in activities and become better leaders by being guided by the Admin and Head Staff who encourage and walk alongside you. Through their caring attitude and enthusiasm, counselors literally “set the tone” for their campers, directly affecting their camp experience. As campers look up to them every day, being a counselor requires real leadership skills and steady confidence.

Future employers will love seeing camp counselor on your resume. They will know that you were able to manage a cabin of campers and can use all of these skills daily. Being a camp counselor will change your life forever!

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