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Miss Barbara’s first year at Skyline was 1957. She was a freshman at Auburn University and head of Waterfront. Since then Miss Barbara has been involved in camp in some way for the past 67 years. She considered Eloise Temple, Skyline Founder, a friend and mentor. Today Miss Barabara serves on the Skyline Foundation board. She was one of the foundation’s founders in 2003 and served as President for several years. Miss Barbara is one of a Kind and LOVES camp! Please read more about her devotion to Skyline…

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What makes Skyline special to you?

The friendships are what make Skyline special to me. The ones I started 67 years ago are still my friends today. We formed deep bonds. In 2003 we had our first reunion and picked right up where we left off. Being a counselor ended up being the most rewarding job!

What is your favorite camp memory?

My favorite memories of camp are around the campfire singing songs and listening to the counselor’s devotions. Another favorite memory is riding in the back of cattle trucks to and from places off-campus. No seatbelts and just being jostled around. You certainly can’t do that today!

What life skills did you learn at camp?

The life skills I learned were self-confidence, leadership, and teamwork. My years at Skyline confirmed my wanting to be a teacher. I was a teacher for 6 years, a school counselor for 3 years, and an Assistant Principal and Administrator for 22 years.

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How has Skyline’s mission statement, “Enriching young girls in God, relationships and self”, impacted your life?

Back in the day Skyline didn’t have a mission statement however if we had it would have impacted my life by feeling close to God in the outdoors. Just seeing his creation!

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In conclusion, I must say that Miss Barbara is a special lady who still comes to visit us in the office several times a year. At Christmas, she is known for her homemade Chex mix that she brings to all the office staff. In the summer you can find her at a table on every closing day with her close, camp friend Patsy Jackson where you can donate to the Foundation. They also help pass out Foundation patches to girls on Awards Day. Campers receive these patches if they donate their spending money to the foundation to help provide scholarships to girls who cannot financially afford camp.

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