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Dr. Sarah Grace Linsey Renner started her days at Skyline as a mini camper at age 6. She is from Birmingham, AL and now lives in Charleston, SC with her husband and their dog. Sarah Grace was a soccer, Division 1 athlete at Wofford College and went on the get her doctorate at the Medical University of South Carolina in Occupational Therapy. Currently, Sarah Grace is working for Bloom Children’s Therapy as an OT. I must add that Sarah Grace is my daughter so is also a Grand Camper along with her sister, Libby. She is a 3rd generation camper as my mom also was a Mountie at Camp Skyline. Sarah Grace was a camper for 10 years and a counselor for 2 years. She even came back one summer and was our speaker at Sunday Church. I loved interviewing this girl…

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What makes Skyline special to you?

Skyline is special because it was the first place where I could really be myself. Skyline was non-judgemental. It allowed me to shine and where I saw the good in everyone.

What is your favorite camp memory?

My favorite camp memory was being Mountie Captain. I was a leader and a part of something bigger than just me. I loved making up songs, hiding the horseshoe, and singing club songs so loudly outside the dining hall. I specifically remember the camp’s theme being “ Grounded” that summer and I loved integrating it into our club meetings.

What life skills did you learn at camp?

So many life skills are learned at camp! As a camper, I developed leadership skills through being a club leader and a leader among my peers. As a counselor, it was the Bob Ditter training that I still use today in my practice such as,” Don’t pick up the rope.’

How has Skyline’s mission statement, “Enriching young girls in God, relationships and self”, impacted your life?

Skyline’s mission statement impacted my life as both a camper and counselor. I got comfy talking about God. Christ was always presented in a way we knew we could lean on Him and it was cool to be a Christian. Today I still can recall the lessons I learned at camp and I apply them in my work, with my family, and in my life in general.

As a Skyline Hero, what advice do you give college students interested in your field?

As a Skyline Hero in my field of occupational therapy, I would advise those interested to shadow as much as possible in all areas of OT. I love working in pediatric care and also enjoy geriatrics. There are so many different levels of expertise so it’s good to explore it all.

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Sarah Grace is a daughter,sister, wife, friend and child of God. To know her is to love her and her sweet spirit. I can say as her mom that her summers spent at Skyline brought her closer to God and gave her the confidence to be the OTD she is today. She is changing lives!

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