It is just 75 days until our summer begins! In honor of this, we are going to spend a day in camp together! I can’t wait to take you around with me today and show you all the fun we have here at camp!

It is first Wednesday, third day of activities!

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7:00 AM— Wake Up Bell

We wake up bright and early and get ready for the day! I asked my counselor to braid my hair so it will stay up all day, she does the prettiest braids! I put on some play clothes and grab my water bottle before leaving the cabin with my counselors and friends!

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7:15 AM — Morning Watch

This morning the Riverside Head Counselors are leading Morning Watch and they are so fun! They lead us in two fun and catchy camp songs and then give a devotion on being grateful! They give us a charge to look around camp today and thank God for his beautiful creations!

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7:25 AM — Flag Raising

Today it’s my cabin’s turn to rise and lower the flag! My counselor has chosen me to be one of the campers to put the flag on the pole! All the campers line up with their cabins and we all say the Pledge of Allegiance. Then they dismiss us by cabin for breakfast!

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7:30 AM — Breakfast

Today’s breakfast is french toast sticks!!! One of my favorites! We all stand by our seats until after we say grace and then we sit down and dig in! I got to sit between Ally and Mary so we laughed the whole time. I was sure to fill up my water bottle with ice water before leaving the Dining Hall because my counselor says it will be a very sunny day.

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8:00 AM — Cabin Clean-up

We head back to the cabin to clean up a little. We only need two more perfect cabin scores to get a free Beli Deli! My counselor has made a chore chart that makes cleaning up so quick and easy. My task today is to sweep the cabin, so after I make my bed and organize my clothes and shoes, I grab the broom and get it done!

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8:30 AM — Club/Staff Meetings

I am a Mountie and so is Ally! So we walk to the Dance Hall together for club meeting. Our Mountie song leader is Frances and she is teaching us all the fun chants and songs to sing after our club competitions. She makes it so fun and lets me and Ally start one of the songs because we are so loud!

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9:00 AM — 1st Activity

My first activity is Archery! I have never taken archery before but it is so fun! I’m not even close to getting a bullseye yet but I am getting closer! I hope I get one soon so I can sign my name on the bullseye bench!

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10:00 AM — Beli Deli

My cabin decides to play gaga ball during the first Beli Deli because it isn’t very hot yet! I’m still full from breakfast so I just grab a pack of sour straws and head over to the gaga pit. Our counselor is really good at gaga ball, but I got her out twice today! In the middle of our second game the Mountie’s found the horseshoe!!! We all heard the bell ringing and ran over. I was so excited to see it was the Mountie captain ringing the bell! We celebrated for a bit and I had to rush to my cabin to put on my swimsuit because I have fun-swim third period!

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10:30 AM — 2nd Activity

My second activity is pottery! It is a fun activity to have so I can rest after playing gaga ball and before going swimming. Today we are making magnets! I shape out a cute bow and tomorrow I am going to glaze it a light pink! I get covered in clay up to my elbows and all over my shirt so I have to clean up in the sink before heading to fun-swim!

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11:30 AM — 3rd Activity

Fun-swim time! Today we are going on the blob! I have been so excited for blob day! The hardest part is balancing to crawl out to the end of the blob and sitting there until someone jumps after you. But once they jump on the other end, you go FLYING into the river! It is SO fun!

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12:40 PM — Lunch

We all head over to the dining hall for lunch and I dry off real good so I don’t get the floor all wet. Today we are having sub sandwiches but I’m not the biggest fan of ham or turkey so I go grab a couple peanut butter and apple jelly sandwiches and I make a side salad while I’m up there! Camp has the best ranch dressing!

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1:15 PM — Rest Hour

We head back to our cabin for rest hour and I change back into my play clothes so I can sit on my bed. My counselor passes out mail and I have three letters today! One from my parents, one from my grandma, and one from my friend Bella! Bella goes to a different camp than I do, so we write to each other to tell all our fun stories. I spend the first few minutes of rest hour writing letters back to them all and then I decide to take a nap to rest up for tonight’s big club competition.

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2:30 PM — 4th Activity

My counselor wakes us all up with plenty of time to walk over to our fourth activity of the day. My activity is circus. I have never taken circus before but it has always looked so fun so I thought I would try it. I was so scared at first but I got over it quickly! Once you swing just once or twice then you realize there’s nothing to be afraid of! I make sure to reapply sunscreen while I’m out there cause there is not a cloud in the sky today!

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3:30 PM — Beli Deli

For the second beli deli I was too hot from circus to play gaga ball again, so I chose to rest and sit with a book from the hut row book-nook. I read The Giving Tree! It was a really good book so I made sure to put it back in the book-nook for another camper to enjoy. A strawberry-mango frio was all I needed to cool off and get ready for our fifth activity!

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4:00 PM — 5th Activity

My fifth activity is horseback! I love being around the horses and getting to ride some of them. Most of my friends have a favorite horse but I just can’t choose. Today we are going on a trail ride! I was nervous at first but it was actually the perfect day to ride in the shade of the trees!

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5:00 PM — 6th Activity

My sixth activity is painting! I like having painting as my sixth activity so that I can cool down after horseback. Today we got to bring something of our own to paint so I chose to paint my Crazy-Creek! I paint my name nice and big in yellow and then surround it with flowers. It is so cute and I for sure won’t lose it now!

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6:00 PM — Shower/Free Time

I decide to go ahead and shower before dinner so I can sing and dance in the “dog-patch party” that’s when a bunch of us hut-row campers go to the dog patch to shower and we all sing and dance while waiting for our shower stall! Sometimes I even sing and dance in my shower stall, even though no one can see me. It is so fun!

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6:30 PM — Flag Lowering

It is still my cabin’s turn to lower the flag so everyone gathers around while some of my cabin mates lower the flag and fold it with my counselors. Since I am not helping this time, I line up with the rest of my cabin mates to say the Pledge of Allegiance. Then are dismissed cabin by cabin to dinner!

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6:40 PM — Dinner

We get to dinner and stand by our seats until we all say grace and then we sit down. We are having chicken surprise!!! It is a really good chicken casserole served with rice! It is one of my favorite camp meals. And to make it even better we are having brookies for dessert!!! Brookies are brownie-cookies, gooey cookies shaped like a brownie and oh so chocolatey. They are the most delicious things ever!

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7:15 PM — Evening Program

Tonight’s evening program is Get Skyline Back! All our counselors dress up as Camp Laney boys and come into the dining hall to KIDNAP our club captains!!! It is our job to save our club captains before the Laney boys take over all of camp! I have played capture the flag at school before and it is kind of like that but bigger! The club that captures all the Laney boys the fastest gets the most points! The Mounties got second place in Monday’s Sock War so we want to try really hard for first place today.

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8:30 PM — Campfire

Tonight’s campfire is being taught by the Bevshack counselors! We all sing a few campfire songs together and then we all sit and they ask a few campers what they were thankful for today. They asked me and I told them I thanked God for my strawberry-mango frio that cooled me down after Circus! Then they tell us the story of Paul and why we should be thankful to God! We then sing taps together and head to the cabin to get ready for bed.