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When summer ends and all our campers have gone home, camp can feel pretty quiet! But not for long! In the off season, we have a variety of ways we keep campus alive. All kinds of schools and church groups host their overnight retreats at Camp Skyline and bring life to the dining hall and campfires. We also host our own overnight retreats like Recharge and Mother-Daughter weekend!

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Recharge is a weekend where all our summer counselors are invited to come back to camp for a weekend of reunion and fun! We eat yummy camp food, have campfires, speakers, and special classes like yoga, self defense, life skills, and cooking! It’s the perfect opportunity for Skyline counselors to be enriched in God, relationships and self!

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Mother-Daughter weekend is typically held twice a year, in the Spring and Fall. Our 2024 Spring dates are April 19-21 and Fall is TBA. Mother-Daughter weekend is a special time for mothers and daughters to come to camp together, eat camp food, stay in our cabins, and do all the fun activities like ropes, painting, horseback, and more!! Mothers and daughters do all the activities together so it’s the perfect time for campers to show their moms their favorite things about camp and for new campers and camp moms to experience camp for the first time together! Spring dates are full, so be on the lookout for Fall 2024!

The off season is also the perfect time for maintenance on camp facilities! As you may know, Summerplace was rebuilt a couple years ago, and now it’s time to rebuild the office! The construction crew has been hard at work to get the office complete in time for Summer! We are all so excited to have a new workspace to serve campers and counselors! The new office will house all our admin offices, media room, outback, and a storage room that doubles as a storm shelter!

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Our admin and office staff stay busy year around! Camp animals too!

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Bitsy loves her summer job of welcoming and playing with campers! But in the off season she lives with Frances, the Camp Mom! Bitsy keeps Frances, Cooper, and their own lab, Pearl, company! She loves hanging out with Frances but she dreams of the day campers return and she gets to go to camp again!

Piper plays a vital role in our maintenance staff and does what she loves year around. She follows Adam around during the day and protects camp at night!

And we have a new face this year! A new kitten! She’s a bit shy, but once she sees how much fun camp is she will warm up quickly!

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Our Admin do so much behind the scenes to prepare for the Summer! They attend camp shows to tell new campers and parents all about what Camp Skyline has to offer, go to colleges to recruit new counselors, interview counselors, plan for the summer ahead, and so much more! The admin have traveled a variety of places this year already and have some exciting ones coming up! Like New Orleans, UT Knoxville, UT Martin, and UGA!

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We have fun in the off-season but most all we do is to prepare for the real fun in the summer! When the cabins are full of campers, the dining hall is full of songs, and the Beli Deli line stretches to the gym steps. That’s when camp is most alive!