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Theme Week 2016

Raise your hand if you’ve anxiously been awaiting the announcement of this summers theme!? Well the week has come! Stayed tuned this week for clues as to what it might be.

Our themes have been an important aspect of our summer experience.
They provide us a chance to explore our relationship with Christ in a focused way together.

What have you loved or appreciated most about our summer themes each year? Tell us below!



sign up now for md

Limited spots available for Mother Daughter Weekend! Sign up now to secure a spot for the weekend of April 23-24

What Can I Do At Mother Daughter

activities md

We offer a wide variety of activities for our Mother Daughter Weekend.
Activities include:
Archery, Arts and Crafts, Horseback Riding, Zipline, V-swing, Level 1 Ropes, Level 2 Ropes, Tower, Pamper Pole, Circus, Riferly, Canoeing, Dance, & Gymnastics.
Additional activities open all day at your convenience. Sign up now online or call 1-800-448-9279.

What is Mother Daughter?

archery shot

Wondering what Mother Daughter weekend is, well it’s a fun filled weekend with your daughter.Come see what Camp Skyline’s all about by participating in camp activities, staying in camp cabins, and get a taste of home cooked meals. Plus when you leave you will take home a free t-shirt and a DVD with all the pictures form the weekend. This is a great option if your interested in camp for your daughter this Summer!

Mother Daughter Weekend Coming Up!!

MD 2016

What better way to spend a weekend then at Camp Skyline with your daughter. Our Mother Daughter weekend will be here very soon. Visit our website on the apply page or call camp 1-800-448-9279 for more information.

The Infamous Nightrider Song

Happy Friyay! Send out the week and welcome the weekend by getting this stuck in your head smile emoticon ‪#‎nightriders‬

“Nightrider spirit our club is finest
For years we’ve been here now we’re the highest.
First we were campers, JC’s, counselors
We are on top now hail Nightriders.
Hail Nightriders. (x2)
I’d rather be a Nightrider than a multi multi millionaire.
I’d rather be a Nightrider than sit in the President’s chair.
I’m just as happy as I could be
If you don’t believe just look and see
I’d rather be a Nightrider than a multi multi multi multi multi multi multi multi multi multi millionaire.
Sleepy in the mornin’, tired at noon time, feelin fine about nine
(at night!)
We’re the Nightrider cuties that work at Camp Skyline.
Teaching activities all day long and feelin fine about nine
(at night!)
We’re the Nightrider cuties that wear the black and white.
Nightrider fuunnnn is anytiiiiimmeee while you are here or disappear.
So don’t you fret fret fret or get upset set set.
We live in a camp full of fun.
Sleepy in the mornin’, tired at noon time, feelin fine about nine (at night!)
We’re the Nightrider cuties that work at Camp Skyline.

Nightrider with campers at banquet.

A Nightrider's #tbt

We are featuring several past and present Nightrider’s on our Skyline Instagram account today! Check out our profile and read what our counselors love(d) most about being on staff at Skyline. Like this one below from Nightrider alum, Sarah Clark!

Sarah Clark and Harlie Waldon

“It’s hard for me to isolate just one lesson I learned as a counselor, because when I look back, I see so many patterns of growth. I was on staff at Skyline for 8 summers, and absolutely loved it! And of course, that was possible because of the community at camp; for me it really does all come down to the relationships. I’m worried that it sounds a bit cliché to repeat camp’s mission statement of “Enriching young girls in God, relationships, and self”, but it’s such a succinct way to describe the influence that camp had on my life. These same areas where we want our campers to grow, I also was growing in as a counselor. Each summer I grew in my relationship with God, as I spent time with Him and His Word, and was challenged and encouraged by fellow believers. I developed wonderful friendships! Too many to name here, and too many stories to tell, though I still treasure them all! And, I think like a lot of people, camp was a place where I felt safe and supported enough to take risks and try new things, and I saw a lot of personal growth from that. At camp, I felt like I thrived. And now it’s neat to be able to look back and see the narrative of all those summers, how they led me to where I am today, and how life at camp prepared me for life away from it.” @sclarksclark

#nightriders #ourclubisfinest

Things Nightrider's Love

These are a few of their favorite things.

Things Nightriders love.

wing stop // the brow // chaco tans // chattanooga // bob ditter // weird walmart tshirts // campfires // honeymoon bakery treats // secret santa // cheese balls // friendship bracelets // letters // dressing like Laney boys // Rare Bog // PB m&ms // camo

What Do Nightriders Do?

Nightriders cheering.

So what exactly do the Nightriders do? Here are a few, fun facts about Nightriders.

- Nightriders are responsible for identifying which club has the most camp spirit in each session and then votes for that club to be awarded the coveted Eloise H. Temple Spirit Cup.

- Nightriders nominate and vote distinguished campers and fellow staff to be recognized as Honor Camper and Honor Counselor at the end of each session.

- Nightriders would “rather be a Nightrider than a multi, multi, multi, multi, multi, multi, multi, multi, multi, multimillionaire.”

- Nightriders are valuable finds for our clubs in our camp wide game, similar to hide-and-go-seek, called Counselor Hunt. Nightriders hide and hope to not be found by a Mountie, Ranger, or Trooper.

-Nightriders have been seen “all dressed in black tryin’ to get to heaven in a pink Cadillac.”

- A Nightrider occasionally crashes the Grand Championship Horse Show and competes along side our top riders.

- If Tug of War were an Olympic Sport, Nightriders would win Gold.

Want to be a Nightrider? Be on the lookout each fall when the Skyline Staff Application is released on our website.

Nightrider Week

Nightriders at Banquet.

So, over the past few weeks, we’ve learned and celebrated the three clubs that our campers are a part of; the Mounties, Rangers, and Troopers. But, what about the counselors? Are they also in one of those clubs?

Good question. No, they are not. So, this week we are going to celebrate the club with more spirit than all the rest; THE NIGHTRIDERS!

Each summer, counselors who make it through our rigorous staff application process are inducted to the Nightrider club, commonly recognized as the finest club of all. You can spot these “little angels all dressed in black” by their love for standing and singing on chairs, their fondness of peanut butter M&M’s and cheese balls, their enthusiasm with group dances, and their satisfaction in just being themselves. It is an honor to carry the title!

Stay tuned for more about the Nightriders this week!
#nightriders #ourclubisfinest

Nightriders at Counselor Hunt.

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