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Theme Video Release!

Make Your Mark OFFICIAL THEME VIDEO RELEASE is here!! Hope you are as excited as we are for the summer to get here all ready. Can’t wait for y’all to be back on the mountain because we have lots of memories to make!

59 days and counting…

Use this link to watch:

#tbt Themes of Old

Who can name these summer themes from Skyline past? Extra bonus points if you can identify the year too! ‪#‎tbt‬ ‪#‎themeweek‬

Remember the Make Your Mark theme video release is tomorrow! Like below if you’re excited!

Past Summer Themes


Our #womancrushwednesday this week is the Noble Woman in Proverbs 31!

#makeyourmark #themeweek

Proverbs 31

Make Your Mark

Curious to know the title of our summer theme?

Wait no more! It’s “MAKE YOUR MARK”!

“Make Your Mark” will illustrate how we can impact, change, or mark the world as a follower of Christ. Ways we can make and invisible God, visible in all aspects of our lives.

We will discuss how Christ calls to make a difference in the world through things like love, service, friendship, prayer, forgiveness, our example, and more.

What you do makes a difference. Everyday. So what kind of difference will YOU make?

P.S. Get excited for the THEME VIDEO RELEASE on FRIDAY! Here is a teaser snap shot of our Camp Mom, Mrs. Lindsey, and her family who are in it!

Theme Video

It's 2015 THEME WEEK y'all!

Part of our mission at Skyline is to enrich our campers in the joy and importance of developing a close walk with God. Each summer, we work hard to create a theme to help us leave the mountain understanding more of God’s love for us and how we can live a life aligned with Him.

So, get excited for daily posts, this week, revealing sneak peeks about our theme for this summer and the things God is preparing our hearts to learn!!

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:8-10

Theme Week 2015

4th Session Nurses 2015

Last but not least, we have our 4th Session nurses! One of who is brand new to the crew this summer! We think these ladies would put together one fun VMA, don’t you think?

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Shari Busby

Shari Busby, RN
-Years at Skyline: 4
-Skyline Connection: My daughter Caroline is a camper.
-Favorite Skyline meal: Snickerdoodles!
-Favorite part about being a camp nurse: Skyline is a wonderful retreat from everyday life. Seeing the girls let loose and have fun makes my day. I love being a part of the nurse staff each summer!
**Fun Fact: Shari helps the admin by bringing some fellow nurses to help with the check in process on opening day to make sure it runs smoothly for everyone. So we can all thank her helping us get settled in asap!

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Amy Dempsey

Amy Dempsey, RN
Years at Skyline: First year!
Skyline Connection: My oldest daughter, Cade, was a mini camper for the first time last summer and will return for 2 weeks this summer. My middle daughter, Callie, will come as a first time mini camper.
Favorite Skyline meal: I’m betting Skyline has some awesome chicken fingers. My sweet tooth daughter said the desserts are the best!
Favorite part about being a camp nurse: I’m looking most forward to getting to know and taking care of the Skyline family and secretly excited about “going to camp”!
**Fun Fact: Amy is a labor and delivery nurse!

2nd Session Nurses 2015!

Here are a few more nurses who will be at camp for 2nd Session! Give these ladies likes too!!

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Alison Davis

Alison Davis, Assistant Professor of Nursing at William Carey University/PhD
Years with Skyline: 3 years
-Skyline Connection: Alison’s two daughters are campers at Skyline!
-Favorite Skyline meal: Rice Crispy Treat!
-Favorite part about being a camp nurse: I really enjoy interacting with all the campers and helping them no matter how big or small the issue. The talent show is my favorite nighttime activity
so much talent at Skyline. Oh, and of course, pass my favorite dessert- rice crispy treats!!
**Fun Fact: Allison is from Metairie, Louisiana!

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Tanya Naguszewski

Tanya Naguszewski, Assistant Professor of Nursing at Berry College
-Years with Skyline: 3
-Skyline Connection: Tanya’s two daughters are campers at Skyline.
-Favorite Skyline meal: Chocolate Eclair
-Favorite part about being a camp nurse: Gives me an opportunity to be a part of camp over the summer. I really enjoy the campers and watching them grow each summer!
**Fun Fact: Tanya is from Rome, Georgia!

3rd Session Nurses 2015

These nurses are ready for Christmas and July and will be here for 3rd Session this summer! Likes, likes, likes for them!!

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Mary Ann Davis

Mary Ann Davis, R.N.
-This year will be my 6th year!
-My daughter, Izzy, comes to camp with her cousins, Olivia and Julia Kelly.
-My favorite food at camp is the fruit and veggies. I jest. My fav food at camp is, and will always be, the BACON.
-I love being a nurse at camp because, even though it’s 24/7 for 2 weeks, I just get a kick out of all the girls that come in for whatever ails them. They are always so polite with their “yes ma’am” and “thank you” it puts a smile on my face. We have big moments in the infirmary! We teach girls how to swallow pills and give their own shots! It’s awesome!
**Fun Fact: Mary Ann is from Colorado but currently braving this cold weather in Rhode Island!

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Joyce Vander Knijff

Joyce Vanderknijff, R.N.
-Years with Skyline: This will be my third.
-Skyline Connection: Joyce’s daughter is a camper at Skyline!
-Favorite Skyline meal: Chicken Fingers
-Favorite part about being a camp nurse: I love the different age groups of girls. They are different in so many ways and yet the same. Skyline is such a positive experience where girls can be themselves in a positive inclusive Christian environment.
**Fun Fact: Joyce originally is from Canada! She now lives in Colorado.

Orientation and 1st Session Nurses 2015

We are excited to introduce the Skyline Nurses that will be here this summer for our Staff Orientation and 1st Session! Click that like button for these ladies!!

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Staff Orientation Nurse

Mary Ellen Wall, NICU RN at Children’s of Alabama
-Years at Skyline: 15
-Favorite Skyline meal: Taco Salad
-Favorite part about being a camp nurse: I love getting to come back to camp and serve in a way that I never have before. “Camp nursing” is different from what I do on a normal workday and it’s refreshing to use my nursing skills in another way!

**Fun Fact: Melon was a camper, club leader, counselor, head counselor, and is now our Orientation nurse. Talk about experiencing all aspects of camp life!

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Cerrell Atkinson, Tuscaloosa School Nurse for 13 years
-Years at Skyline: 12
-Skyline connection: I have two daughters that have been a part of skyline as long as I have and they are now counselors at Skyline.
-Favorite Skyline meal: Hard to narrow this down to one meal… I like so many!
-Favorite part about being a camp nurse: Besides ALL the beautiful surroundings at camp… I love being the part of keeping the kids healthy so they can enjoy camp to the fullest. And of course I love to get out an participate myself!

**Fun Fact: Cerrell is going to be at camp ALL SUMMER again this year and we are so thankful for that. She brings lots of creative goodies to really get involved in camp!

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Mrs. Sandra, RN
-Years at Skyline: 10
-Skyline Connection: My granddaughter was a long time camper and counselor.
-Favorite Skyline meal:
-Favorite part about being a camp nurse: Oh my! Are you kidding? I LOVE being there, taking care of the girls! They are so precious and well behaved. And the staff is awesome! The whole atmosphere at Camp Skyline is influenced by the Christian values on which the camp was founded. It’s a beautiful safe place saturated with wholesome and competitive fun activities, which encourage self-confidence and respect for others. I am NOT looking forward to “aging out”!!

**Fun Fact: Mrs. Sandra will be at camp for both 1st and 4th Session! She also helps teach in the Bible Study class.

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Shavon Prather Lynch, Emergency/Trauma RN
-Years with Skyline: 4
-Favorite Skyline meal:
-Favorite part about being a camp nurse: I love the positive atmosphere at camp skyline. It is so refreshing to be surrounded by a staff who are Christ centered and campers of all ages who are seeking Christ. Skyline is truly a beautiful thing and I’m honored to be apart of it. I only wish my parents would have known about it when I was growing up!

**Fun Fact: Shavon and her husband, originally from Alabama, now live on the west coast in California and she travels across the country to be with us!

Nurse Week!

Who are those cool ladies who check us in when we come to camp? The one’s who sit on the porch at the end of every meal and give us the medications we may need? The one’s who patch up boo boo’s, ease tummy aches, and make sure we don’t skip a beat of fun while at camp?


This week we will be featuring the ladies who volunteer time out of their summer to come and nurture the campers and staff of Skyline. Be on the lookout each day this week to see who will be with us this summer!

Skyline Nurses at Speed Challenge

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