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Dance time 4th session 2014

Welcome back parents! today was a wonderful way to end the week with blue skies and a cool breeze throughout the day. As you probably saw in the photo of the day, some of our campers took advantage of the great day and took a peaceful canoe trip down Little River. I wish I was the one that took that picture, but our camp mom, Francis actually hopped in one of the kayaks and went with our canoe class to see what they did. I just gave her a camera and said to get whatever shots she could get and you can tell she enjoyed the trip as much as they did!

It was great to get out today and get some pics of the girls at circus and ropes course this afternoon, it was one after another shouting at me to get their picture as they flew through the course like they were walking on air. It’s hard to believe that only a week ago, most of ‘em were struggling to just go up some of the elements. Its amazing what they’ve learned in such a short time.

I got to hand it to the campers today, usually on dance day, theres a bunch of ‘em not wanting to get too involved at the end of the day (something about messin’ up their hair or getting to sweaty) but today they could have cared less as they were completely focused on reaching the top of the tower or making that perfect leap from the top of the zip line. It was really cool to see ‘em just want to have fun (Maybe that Cyndi Laupner song was right – remember it from the 80’s….you know, the REAL music!!) Anyway, they were all about their classes today and taking advantage of the cool temps and clear skies.

Before the boys from Camp Laney arrived we were treated to a great performance from our mini campers as they got out and showed the whole camp the dance routine they’ve been working on this past week. All the campers cheered ‘em on and even gave them a standin’ “O” when they finished. You should hav seen the smiles on those mini campers faces when everyone was cheering for them. Since they had done such a wonderful job on their dance, we let all th mini campers head off to the dining hall to enjoy a movie tonight while the rest of camp was at the dance. Don’t think they missed any of the dancing though as when they walked in the dinning hall, everyone of ‘em had their pillow and some even had their blanket as they settled in to get comfortable and have their own private viewin’. Only bad part os were sure gonna miss those guys when they head home tomorrow. Now for some of you first time camp parents out there, let me warn ya, your campers are gonna be happy to see ya in the mornin’ but don’t get your feeling’s hurt if they’re not happy about leaving!! Thats the truth!! So long Minis’ y’all have a great rest of the summer and we’ll see ya next year!! By the way parents, don’t worry about saving any of the pictures you’ve seen this week. when you pick up your mini camper tomorrow morning, each one of them will have a DVD with EVERY picture we’ve taken on it for you to take home!! (yes, 2 week parents, we’ll have one for ya’ll too!!)

Even though the campers were full speed ahead on their classes all day, it didn’t stop ‘em from looking dang near perfect tonight for the boys from Camp Laney when they arrived. All the campers started yellin’ like crazy when the buses with the boys got near. And when ‘Old Yeller (the school bus) pulled through the gate, our campers cranked it up another notch to a decible level that I didn’t know existed!! I felt sorry for the camp dogs just having to hear such a noise!!

When the guys got off the buses, they were treated to a human tunnel to lead ‘em out to the tennis courts where the dance was. you can see from the pics it didn’t take long for everyone to get movin’!! They danced to every song we played and all the campers from both camps had a blast all through the night.At the end of the night, it was time for the guys to go back home, I’m sure with pockets filled with notes containing email and instagram accounts. Not real sure how many of those had the real address, but thats a different story all together. know what I mean??

Tomorrow we’ll have another full day of classes (just in case the campers have any energy left) and we’ll end the day with , at this time of the summer, EVERYONE’S favorite activity, movie night. This is where all the campers will come to dinner dressed in their PJ’s and right after dinner, we’ll head back outside to watch a movie together on a giant inflatable screen! Of course, what would a movie be with out popcorn, so we’ll have a bag of fresh popped popcorn for every camper to sit back and settle down while they’re enjoin the movie. Based on past results, I’d say about half of our camp will NOT make it though the whole movie before the sandman comes to visit (now thats from a REAL oldie song!). Its a great night for all the campers to get their legs back under ‘em and get ready for the last week (after all the action this week, they’ll need the rest to make it through next week…..or that could just be me). Anyway, we’ll be there to get some shots at the beginning of the movie, they don’t likt it too much when I try to take pictures during the movie…go figure? )

Well, its been a great day with fun times at the dance tonight, but to be honest with ya parents, I’m about pooped!! I think I’m gonna leave it with y’all and head off to bed as I as I make all the DVD’s for the mini campers that are leaving tomorrow. Ya’ll have a great night and as a treat, Francis will be back tomorrow to bring ya all the highlights!!

Y’all have a good one, ‘cause like a slow kid in dodgeball……….I’mmmm outta here!!


60 seconds from Skyline:

Sponge Battle!! 4th 2014

A Wet and Wild helloooo to ya parents!!! it hasn’t been raining, as a matter of fact, it was a beautiful day up here, its just that with tonights activity, Sponge Battle, we had one heck of a wild time in the water!! If you haven’t already seen the pics, you don’t want to miss out on that!! Caroline is finishing the video as I type so that should be up in just a few minutes (long before I get finished……remember that blog from the first night about my typin’ skills??). Anyway, I’ll get more info to ya about tonight in a little while, so just keep readin’, but for now, lets start off at the beginnin’…..

Like I said it was a beautiful day up here with a cool breeze blown all day long. All the campers are real lying enjoying each class and the one thing we all love about 4th session is that everyone is so laid back. It makes the whole day fun for everyone!! Now even though its been another long day (don’t worry, I didn’t have to make another trip to Chattanooga!) the campers and I are full of energy. Their’s is from all the excitement of the classes today and the fun game of sponge battle tonight…..mine is from the Red Bull and the case of Moon pies in my office (to each his own!!). Anyway, everyone is bouncing a lll around camp and you can see smiles from ear to ear on all the campers. There defiantly were big smiles today out at the circus class where those girls were doin’ some amazing tricks on the trapeze and the Mexican Cloud swing. Even the girls that were workin’ on their ground acts were knockin’ it outta the ball park with their new abilities of ‘plate spinning’….just wait till they get home and want to show ya !!!!!! (with your plates!!)

I didn’t have to walk far to see the next set of campers clownin’ around (no pun intended) at the V swing. They were more than happy to make some great faces as they went off the swing! If you look carefully enough, you’ll see I was able to catch the EXACT moment one of the campers was walking across the aerial log and started to lose her balance. If they say a picture is worth a thousand words, then her expression is worth about 100 grand!!! She may have not been smiling, but the rest of the campers around there sure had a big smile and a laugh!!

The funny thing is, its like that in every class. Everywhere I go, they’re just having a good ol’ time enjoyin’ the activities and each other, and heres the best part. There isn’t an iphone or ipad around anywhere!!! Remember when kids were able to have fun without those dad gum things!!! Well, these girls are learnin’ it its not just OK to be unplugged, its downright awesome!!

Funny thing happened today. I guess a lot of the campers spend their pre camp time reading the blogs from the previous sessions, ‘cause they called me today about a rat snake down by the rifle range (girls with guns….and they call ME about a snake??). Now this happened once before last session (different location, different snake?) and when I got that one, I tried to keep him hidden from the campers but they all saw him and came to me and wanted to pet him and decided to name him Mr. Bojangles!! (honestly). Now today, thank goodness, I was busy and Mr. Pickle decided to take care of the situation for me. He tried the same technique of taking the snake off to the woods, but before he could get there, some campers saw him with it and immediately wanted to pet him and one said “Hey! Lets name him Mr Bojangles like the one from last session!!” They all agreed and continued to want to pet Mr. Bojangles!!! (who are these girls?) Now Mr. Bojangles didn’t seem to mind but before it got outta hand (the situation, not the snake…don’t be silly!) we decided it would be best to send him on his way across the street so he could find a happy home over there, much to the disappointment of the campers. Sorry girls….but it was time for Mr. Bojangles to hit the road!!!!

Now tonight after dinner all the campers got into their bathing suits and went over to the sports field where we played Sponge Battle! I explained it last night and it pretty extensive, so if you’re not sure how to play, just read last nights blog (you ought to be readin’ it every night anyway!! just for fun!!). As soon as they counted down to start the game, all the girls ran all over the field to grab the sponges and water balloons trying to get water back in their container without getting hit by a water balloon or wet sponge thrown from a camper in another club. And just to make sure there was enough water to go around, the Mentone Fire Department decided to show up and help out with a little thing called the water cannon as they sprayed water on every inch of the field and every camper that was on it!!! Talk about having fun ‘playin’ in the rain!!!’. If you haven’t seen any of the videos yet be sure to check out this one, ‘cause you ain’t gonna believe how much fun those girls were havin’ and how much water was comin’ down on that field. When you look at the video, you can even catch a shot of when they got the water a little too close to my toy,…um… I mean business tool, of a flying camera. Just keep lookin’ at the video and you’ll see what the definition of ‘get outta Dodge’ looks like when they shoot a stream of water at my camera!! It was a great night and when you look at all the pics, it wont take long to see from their faces all the campers had a blast!! As a matter of fact, as everyone was coming off the field, one of the counselors turned to Sally and said “I’m jealous, why didn’t we ever have this game when I was a camper? This was FUN to play!!!” Yes, their ‘job’ description is to run around a field throwing water balloons or wet sponges at each other while the fire department sprays everyone down with a huge water hose……You thinkin’ it may be time for a career change??? We’ll start taking new counselor applications next fall!! (just kidding….I already know all you moms want Francis’s job!)

Well after all the excitement of the water and sponges and slip and slide and fire department (oh the list can go on forever and ever!) the final results of the competition were………Troopers 3rd, Rangers 2nd, and the Mighty Mounties 1st!!!! Way to go girls!!

Now tomorrow we’ll busy again in the classes and having more fun than the law should allow but we won’t let that stop us up here! it’ll be back to arts and crafts, gymnastics (did you see the picture of the day?? Thats what a back handspring looks like from the gym mat! Love the wrinkles on the forehead….she was working hard on that one!!). and I’m sure camp will be abuzz about the evening activity. Thats right folks, its dance night!! We’ll have the guys from Camp Laney over here to enjoy some good old fashioned dance time. Ok, maybe it wont be ‘old fashioned’ they keep playing songs from someone called “One Direction and Saleena Gomez…so much for the good music of the 80’s- they incorrectly call that music “oldies” now- these are the same girls that wanted to pet the snake…..don’t trust their judgement!!. Anyway, we’ll be right there in the middle of it all (and above it all) getting you the pics and videos so you can see who your camper is dancin’ with!! We’ll bring it to ya just as fact as we can when everyone is finished shakin’ and groovin’ (do they still do that).

Well its been a long day (they ALL are by now- I’m sure they’re gettin’ pretty long to all of you if you stay up to read this every night!) so I’m gonna head out and try to go to sleep. Theres no more Red Bull and only a few more boxes of Moon Pies left but maybe I’ll save them for the morning! You guys enjoy the pics and the video and I’ll be back here tomorrow night with all the action from the day and the dance.

Oh yea, one more thing, were having a little competition with another camp about facebook likes so be sure to click the “like” button on our facebook page and share that sucker with all your friends so they can see the pics and updates about your camper too (they can click ‘like’ too!!).

Weather on the mountain: Its cool, its dark, I should be in bed!! Supposed to be sunny skies tomorrow and that will make for a great Friday leading up to a cool clear dance night under the stars out on the tennis courts!!

Y’all have a good one, click ‘like’ and get some rest, you’re almost half way there with only one week to go, theres still lots of pics so don’t burn that candle at both ends (unless you have Red Bull and Moon Pies that is!!)

have a good one,

60 Seconds from Skyline:

Get Skyline back!! 4th 2014

Hello to ya’ll parents! I hope you guys enjoyed getting to read Francis’s blog last night as much as I did! Its always fun to read what someone else got to see in camp that day. well, today was my day to be back in camp and be your eyes and ears for all the happenin’s around here. It was another great day up here ta camp as all the campers are in full go mode for their activities. You can see in todays pics they were busy at horseback and arts and crafts as well as dance for our mini campers. I can’t wait to see their dance when they get it finished! I’ll be sure to get some pics so you guys playing along at home can see it too!

This afternoon the campers were all about the ropes course and circus, flying through the air with the greatest of ease. I’m plannin’ on spending more time out there tomorrow with the camera to bring ya more of those shots so if your camper is in those classes, be sure to check back tomorrow to see the action.

Now tonight those campers burned any energy they had left (how do they still have any) when we played a game that all the campers love called “Get Skyline Back”. the game starts out with a bang when during a quiet normal dinner, some Laney boy counselors (not really, they were our counselors dressed as the Laney guys) busted in and would you believe, those boy counselors grabbed our club leaders, the club flags, and even their club boxes!! Not to worry though, since your campers were already dressed in their club colors (coincidence maybe), it didn’t tai ‘em long to organize in their clubs and for a SAR (search and Rescue) mission. All the campers had to do was get 4 campers around the legs of the counselors to get their leaders and their good back to ‘em. There was this one little problem though, all the counselors were armed with stuffed socks (again with the socks??) and if a camper was hit by a stuffed sock, well then,, all they had to do was report to the scorers table and they were back in the game. The club to get their leaders and goods back with the fewest number of hits was the winner! I gotta tell ya folks, this girls went all out to rescue their leaders as they formed all sorts of attack angles to get after those nasty counselors! and I’m happy to report that after several major skirmishes and several hundred socks launched through the air, the campers all overcame the counselors defenses and were able to rescue their leaders. Those campers showed all kinds of heart and character as they gave it their all coming in wave after wave to get their leaders back. You can see form all the pics the determination they had in getting to those counselors! At the end of the night, the final results were………(you hear that drum roll in your head again?)…………..Mounties 3rd, Rangers 2nd, and the Terrific Troopers in 1st place!!!!! Way to go girls!!

No tomorrow we’ll be back in the activities and Callie and I will be out there trying to get ya all the shots (just what you needed…. more time on the computer!) so be sure to check back in throughout the day and we’ll keep posting the pics.

Tomorrow night were gonna have what has become one of the favorite night time activities of all the campers. SPONGE BATTLE!! This is where each club will get an area of the sports field and they’ll have 3 water containers in their area they’ll be trig to get as much water in as possible. While at the same time, they’ll be trying to get to the other clubs areas and get water out of their containers. Sounds pretty easy right?? well…….. We’ll have about 200 sponges and water balloons out there for them to use at water transport tools and if you get tagged by a wet sponge or water balloon while trying to get water to your clubs container, you have to drop and freeze until someone in your club comes by and touches you to get you back in the game (with 250 girls running around throwing sponges and water balloons, it won’t take long at all till someone comes by and ‘free’s’ you). Oh yea, jet for kicks, we’ll have a giant slip and slide out in the middle just for some fun if you need to take a break from the water tossin’. Now THAT sounds like fun right???? Well…… theres more! (Its starting to sound like a commercial….) Just to add to the chaos (like we need any help with that!), Mentone’s own volunteer fire department will be on sight with their tanker truck and big nozzle truck to make sure theres plenty of water to go around for everyone. Its about the craziest thing you’ve ever seen when they crank up the hoses and start spraying the whole field. You definitely don’t want to miss out on the pics from this!! and believe it or not, we’ll even have the cameras out there to catch the action (ok, not the big camera, but we’ll get you the shots, trust me! we’ll even break out some of the new toys to get you some great views, you’ll see!!)

Weather on the mountain: it was a great day up here, we did have some thunder roll through early this afternoon, but not much rain and as soon as it was quiet agin, everyone was back out in their activities. Hopefully the weather will keep up and we’ll have plenty of sun N fun to go around tomorrow! Its cooled off now and its about just perfect to let your body recharge with some much needed sleep.

Well, its been a long day (you have no idea how long its been for me!) and I’m about to head off to get some VERY much needed sleep. Before I go, I do want to thank Francis for filling in for me last night, I was a little busy heading to Chattanooga and for the first time, early (very early!!) this morning…. (I can’t believe I’m about to say this)…becoming a Granddad!!!

Y’all have a great night, I’m heading off to bed (I’m starting to feel my age!!!!!!)

Have a good one, we’ll leave the lights on for ya!
(granddad) LJ

60 Seconds from Skyline:

Sock Wars 4th session 2014

Howdy parents and welcome back to camp news from 4th session 2014! Although Mother Nature apparently didn’t read last nights blog (when I said maybe today it wouldn’t rain), the rain we did get today wasn’t a total washout. As a matter of fact, it was only rain and no lightening so it didn’t stop the campers from having fun at all!! You can see in this mornings pics, we did have a few classes that held their activity in the gym, but it didn’t take long till the rain stopped and everyone was right back outside enjoying their new friends and activities. Of course classes like gymnastics weren’t bothered by the weather at all, did you sees some of those pictures of the girls from this mornin’? they were amazing, and its only the first day! I can’t wait to check back with ‘em later in the session and see what they’re doin’ then. And whats a little wet ground gonna do to mounting biking class?? Nothing I tell ya! Those girls went across the fields and bumps and of course they just had to go through a few puddles just for fun.

After everyone got back outside the circus, ropes and horseback classes were full steam ahead as they all didn’t take long to get into the swing of things (circus, ropes…’swing’ of things? get it). Our cooking class was hard at it making some chocolate covered oreos or at least soothing that looked like that. By the time they were finished, it was more like “chocolate covered campers”, but of course that might have not been an accident?? Especially if I was makin’ ‘em!!. We didn’t get any pictures of the chorus and drama class yet, but I’m happy to report to ya that there are 27 girls signed up for this sessions matinee! Thats great, They’ll be performing what my wife describes as my autobiography, the boy who refused to grow up and loved to fly……Peter Pan!! Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with that, do y’all?? (any pilots out there I KNOW will agree with me!!) We’ll be checking back in with them later in the session as they get all their lines down and start working on their performance.

This afternoon, the sun was in and out, a short little shower again, but nothing that derailed the plans. All the campers were busy in the pool, back on the ropes, rifelry, archery, and all the activities. After watching ‘em play all day, theres no way I would have thought they’d have the energy for tonights competition but I was wrong! (I thought I was wrong once before, but I was mistaken!!).

Tonight we played a camper favorite called Sock Wars. This is where each club will hide their flag in an area of camp and when we ring the bell, they’ll all head out to try and find each others flag. But there is a catch, (ain’t there always) All the girls are armed with stuffed socks (don’t worry moms, we supplied ‘em, they didn’t use all their socks for the game) and if you were hit by a sock that was thrown from another club, then you had to report to the scorers table before you could get back in the game. needless to say, once they rang the bell to start, the air was filled with socks, flying everywhere. Some of them actually were on target and went in the direction the girls were trying to throw. Some of them……um….no! Would you believe that even though I was clearly marked with a camera around my neck and at least a good foot or two taller than the campers, there were more socks than I wish to remember that came whizzin’ by my head!! Nothing like trying to get one camper in focus looking through the lens when you get earholed by a sock outta nowhere! I mean some of these girls aim was just bad…….or was it wait a minute!!!! There maybe a conspiracy theory here!!!!!!

After a full night of throwing and ducking from (or in my case, catching in the ear), socks, the final result were……drum roll please………(I wonder how man of y’all are actually making a drum sound right now?), ..Mounties 3rd, Troopers 2nd, and the Rockin’ Rangers 1st!!!!!!! Way to go girls.

Before I forget, since tonight was a club competition, all the campers were wearing their club colors. So this would be a perfect time to see which club your camper is in if you don’t know. I mean, you’re gonna be scannin’ every picture for their face, elbow, tennis shoe, back of the head, bracelet, etc… anyway, tryin’ to find ‘em. You might as well go ahead and pay a little more attention and see which club they’re in while you’re there. Know what I mean?

Tomorrow will be full speed ahead with all the activities and there will be LOTS more pictures of all the action so be sure to check back often. For those of you that are new, or just haven’t figured it out yet, we’ll take pics in the morning and I’ll post them during our lunch, then we’ll take the afternoon pics and I’ll post them during our dinner. Then of course, its the nighttime pictures and I’ll post them as soon as were finished. And last but not least, its the camp blog (if you’re wondering why its last, just read last nights blog…it has a LOT to do with not taking keyboarding!!).

Tomorrow night, we’ll have our talent night here at camp and folks, let me tell ya. Those so called “reality shows” ain’t got nothing on our campers when it comes to talent. Our girls have the voice, talent, skill, and everything else needed to be a star on the stage and we’ll be bringing it to ya just as fast as its happening so you can see how your little darling did in front of all the campers!! Don’t worry, we applied early and were able to get our press pass so we’ll be down front getting all the good shots. I think “Entertainment Tonight” didn’t get their request in early enough so they’ll be trying to film from the back row!! Be sure to chasm back and see how everyone did, its always a great show!!

Well, its been a busy day here despite the weather and if those campers are half as tired as I am, then they’re pooped!! (considering the age difference, I’d venture to say they’re not as tired as I am??) but I can tell ya this, when I came over to the office tonight to finish the blog, it WAS awfully quiet out there in camp. Except for the girls in Summerplace and Riverside, they were still sitting out by the campfire singing and laughing, but they’re a different breed all together. I have no idea how they keep going, and going, and going….

Weather on the mountain: like I said, Mother Nature must not read my blogs, or she just doesn’t care, cause she let it rain today. Not too much though and actually it kept the temps pretty cool all day long. Its in the low 70s now as everyone is catching some zzzzz’s. Looks like more of the same all week long. Hopefully it will work out where Mother Nature can get her shower in during rest hour or while everyone is asleep, thats not too much to ask for is it??

Y’all have a great night, I’m goin’ to bed. Those of ya’ll that don’t know which club your camper is in can get back to that high intensity scan for your campers body parts in all the pics. Just dont stay up too late, the session is young and you and I arent’ anymore!!!!!!

Have a good one,

60 Seconds from Skyline- Day 2

Opening day 4th 2014

Hellooooo Parents and welcome to opening day blog for session 4!!!! I’ll be your eyes and ears of camp for the next two weeks and we’ll be bringin’ ya all the news that you can stand. Now for some of you first time camp parents out there, I have to warn ya. You’re gonna be finding yourself spending way tot much time on your computer and completely messin’ up what used to be your schedule while your camper is here with us. Just wait and you’ll see, pretty sdoon you’ll be stayin’ up late every night just to see what I have to say about what everyone did at camp that day. Personally, I just don’t get it, I never thought anyone would be spending any time reading something I wrote. Anyway, it’ll happen so sit right back and enjoy the news. By the way, I never took keyboarding in high school (BIG mistake!!) and I’m huntin’ and peckin’ as fast as I I can so just bare with me while I try to get these blogs out to ya as fast as I can. For those if y’all that want to scan ‘em for typos, you better run to Staples and reorder some more red pens, by this tuime of the summer, the whole keypad looks a little fuzzy to me every night!! Well, thats enough from me, now on with the news!!!

You guys did a great job this morning with getting through check in, in what has to be record time!! It didn’t take long for all the campers to get into their cabin and secure those bunks they wanted. It was finished so quickly that we even had time for several of ya’ll to make it to the parent technology meeting (for some of ya’ll thats a MUST while your family computer expert is here with us for the session!).

After everyone got checked in and had all their gear stowed in their cabins and y’all finally left (some of y’all took a LOT longer than others to leave!!!), all the campers played some “get to know ya” games with their new cabinmates so they could get to know each other from the start. After the games, they all went up to the gym and signed up for their classes. Now don’t worry, you’re gonna get a card in the mail on a few days (or longer) with your campers schedule on it and which club they’re in. Before you guys run out and set up a tent at the mailbox waiting on that card, let me warn ya. If you think I type slow, well, the Mentone post office ain’t got anything on me, I look like a 300 word per minute typer compared to how quickly they deliver the mail. So it may be a little longer that you want before you get that card, but it is coming, its just not in a hurry if ya know what I mean.

After lunch, all the campers got their Skyline sister, its kinda like a Big Sis- Little-Sis thing so every camper has a new friend from day one! Once they found out who their Skyline sister was, they learned the Skyline sister dance together and this will be very important later this week when we have our dance!! Once all that was finished all the new campers got to go to T shirt corral to get their club uniform and their club shorts so they’d all have the right color on. Speakin’ of club colors, you guys may want to write this down, when you find out which club your camper is in, you’ll want to make sure you know the color their wearing. If your camper is a Mountie, then they’ll be in red, if their a Ranger, they’ll be in blue, and if your new camper is a Trooper, then of course, they’ll be wearin’ green. Now once these girls are in a club, they’re in it for life!! We have a bunch of ladies that have a reunion here and some of them are in their 70’s and those ladies still wear their club colors to this day!! It’ll happen! One thing you don’t wanna do is call them by the wrong club name or color, I’m not sayin’ it will start a war, but some family feuds have begun by callin’ your camper by the wrong club name. You don’t want ‘em not spending the holidays with you just because you made a club name mistake.

Now tonight we decided to let each cabin pick what they wanted to do together so they could continue to get to know each other a little better. The ladies in Riverside decided to pay a game called mat ball where its like kickball but the bases are about 12 feet wide and you can have as many people on a base as you want. if if sounds like heardin’ cats, well, you got the idea. All I know is they enjoyed running and kickin’ and playin’ all night long. The ladies at Summerplace had one of the most energetic games of a scavenger hunt I’ve ever seen. The best part was when one of the items on the list was a live bug and the campers had no problem grabbin’ one and bringin’ it o their counselor who wasn’t quite as excited as the campers were about catchin’ a live bug! Its a great pic if you can find it! Gotta love the mind set of the campers!!

Now the younger campers on the other side of the river had all sorts of fun with shaving cream wars and a giant water slide. Some of the campers decided to have their very own spa night and make over while other played some games in the gym and even others got into some serious tie dyeing down in arts and crafts.

Now tomorrow will be the first day of classes and all the campers will be busy learnin’ all the dos and don’t in their activities. It wont take long as everyone will get busy having fun and playing. We’ll be right there with ‘em and catchin’ all the shots for ya. so be sure to check back during the day to see all the action.

Tomorrow night well kick it off with a bang as we have the camper favorite “Sock Wars” where well split the campers up by their clubs and let each club defend an area of camp and hide their flag there. When we ring the bell, all the campers will head out to the other areas of camp and do their best to capture the other clubs flag. But watch out!!! Each camper will be armed with several stuffed socks to defend their flag and if a camper is hit with a stuffed sock thats thrown by a camper in another club, they’ll have to report back to the scorers table before they can get in the game. There will be hundreds of socks flying through the air as they make their moves to capture the other clubs flag.

Well, thats enough for the first day, I don’t want to wear you guys out on day one so I’m gonna leave it with ya and head of to bed (like the rest of the campers!) and get a good nights sleep before the big day tomorrow. You guys should do the same, the session is early and theres gonna be lots of late nights ahead for ya keepin’ up with all the pics and videos.

Weather on the mountain: although Mother Nature teased us with the threat of rain this mornin’, she never did any harm as the skies stayed cloudy and the temps stays pretty cool. It should be a great night to get some sleep with the cooler temp. Hopefully tomorrow will be more of the cool temps and no rain.

Y’all have a great night, I’m about to lay it down for awhile!!

60 Seconds from Skyline day 1:

Showtime 3rd session 2014

Helloooooo Parents and welcome to the last blog for 3rd session 2014. Can you guys believe this will be the last blog of the session? It seems like just yesterday that we were just getting to know each other during our nightly chats. You guys have done a great job keeping up with us every night and I know you guys have to be as tired as I am after the session. One thing is for sure, if your campers arent tired, then they’re doing a great job of faking it! They’re still running around with more energy than a five year old after drinking a mountain dew! I just don’t see how they do it??

They’ve been using that energy going to every activity and in-between. Today all the campers spent the day enjoying their last day of classes or perfecting their routines in circus, dance, gymnastics, flag and baton, and glee in preparation for tonights activity of Showtime! This is where they got to strut their stuff in front of the whole camp as they performed in front of everyone. Now tonight was a special Showtime as all of our LT’s (leadership training for our campers aging out of camp- its their last year) got together and performed the duties of being the emcees for the show and I gotta tell you folks, they were funny as all get out acting like a bunch of 70 year old youngins’!! The funny thing is that we do have a bunch of alumnae who come back to camp once a year and y’all aint gonna believe this, but they act the exact same way when they’re here too!! I wanted to tell the LTs tonight that 50 years from now, they’re gonna be acting the same way they were tonight. Still singing their club songs and trying to do the club cheers to the best of their ability. Even the body motions that go along with those cheers! I don’t think they realized they were just foreshadowing the future and just how accurate they really were. Be sure to check out their pics from the Showtime picture folder so you can see our soon to be “alumnae”!!

Showtime started off with a great performance from our circus class and then headed into the gym for the rest of the show. Once we got inside, we were treated to some fine dancing and flag and baton routines along with some outstanding gymnastics demonstrations. Those girls were flippin’ and flyin’ all over the place. I think my back is gonna be sore tomorrow just from watching ‘em. After I thought all the classes had done, I was surprised to hear we got to have a first ever performance from our fitness class and true to form, they were decked out all in their (as they put it) tacky 80’s gear. Personally I didn’t see anything too tacky about it at all, as a matter of fact, I got to take a little trip down memory lane when I saw what they were wearing. (although I don’t remember it looking quite THAT 80ish!!!) Anyway, it didn’t take the rest of camp very long at all before they jumped in and joined the fitness class in doing some sort of Richard Simmons dance (I DON’T remember any of that during MY 80’s).

Tomorrow will be a big day here at camp as we’ll have our Grand Championship Horse show tomorrow and we’ll be there to bring ya all the results just as soon as they happen. The winner of the Grand Championship will have the inside track to win the Horse Cup at tomorrow nights banquet. After the Grand, we’ll head to the gym for our chorus and drama show of Peter Pan. They’ve been doing a great job all session long when I’ve stopped in to see ‘em. I can’t wait to see the final performance. we’ll be there too getting pics so you guys can see how well they do too!

After the big day, we’ll wrap up the session with our banquet, or as I call it cryfest 2014. It might as well be sponsored by kleenex, cause after the banquet is finished and the cup winners have been announced, all the campers will join together to sing the Skyline alma matter one last time for this session. Once they’re finished with that, the campers realize the session is almost over, the tears will be flowing. It really is a touching moment when you get to see what each of theses girls have meant to each other and how special Skyline is to each and every one of them.

To wrap up the night, everyone will head down to the river for river vespers and each of our age outs will get to read a speech they’ve prepared talking about what camp has meant to them. Now its not just another speech, I asked one of the age outs earlier this session about their speech and they said most of them had it written even before they came to camp and if thats not enough, almost everyone of them have the whole thing memorized! They even started reciting their speech to me when I asked. Just try to get them to do that with a term paper for school!

Yep, it was a great day up here from and the campers made the most of their day from morning watch this morning till Campfire tonight at the end the day. Just like they’ve been doing the whole session long, they never missed an opportunity to meet someone new, learn something new, or appreciate something or someone they’ve known for awhile. Its been a real pleasure to get to have your most valued possession here at camp the past two weeks and we do appreciate you letting us have them and getting to grow with them. We hope you guys have enjoyed keeping up with all the pics and blogs while they were here and I hope I haven’t taken up too much of your time reading all these blogs every night. Don’t worry, in just a few days, you’ll be able to get back to your regular schedule (although I’m willing to believe you’ll find yourself wanting to check back in and keep reading…some habits are hard to break!!).

This is the last blog for the session, but folks, its been a blast to get to play along with all y’all at home these past two weeks. All the campers will get a DVD with every picture you’ve been looking at on the computer so you’ll have a hard copy of any one you want. Y’all have a safe trip up here Friday and be sure to stop by the office when you get here to say hi. I’ll be easy to spot, I’ll be the one that looks just as tired as you are!!!

Thanks again for a great two weeks, have a safe trip up here and God bless.

for the last time this session,……….I’m outta here and heading to get some sleep!!!


60 seconds from Skyline:

speed Challenge 3rd session 2014

Well hello parents!!! Welcome back to the camp news we’re right smack dad in the middle of the second week for 3rd session. Can you believe it??? Man, does time fly when you’re having fun !!! It seems like it was only a day or two ago when we were just meeting here on the blog. Hopefully, by now all of y’all out there have gotten your card I was telling ya about with your campers schedule on it and their club. If not, well, theres plenty of pictures up that you can search through and see which club your camper is in. And by now theres been hundreds (actually thousands) of activity pictures for you guys to spend time looking through.

Speaking of clubs. if you haven’t seen the news yet on our facebook page, congratulations to the Rockin’ Rangers today for successfully finding the Golden Horseshoe that was hidden out in camp. You can see in the facebook picture those girls aren’t too happy about finding the horseshoe and ringin’ that bell!! I guess their smiles across their faces give it away. The Rangers get a big boost in club points for finding that horseshoe!! You can tell they’re all pretty excited, and when you look on face book, its really great to see former campers who are Rangers from all years past leaving great comments for their new club members.

Today was just another great day up here at camp with everyone bouncing from class to class and even when Mother Nature gave us a much needed shower this afternoon it didn’t slow down our campers or counselors. Most of the activities stayed in their place and went on without being bothered by the rain. Ropes and circus came into the gym and worked on some ground activities until a giant game of dodgeball broke out and it was every camper to the line as they played like their life depended on it. I tried to play a little bit with ‘em, but something about shoulders poppin’ and arms getting sore pretty quickly that forced me to retire early from the game. I guess it must have been the weather making my body feel that way, certainly couldn’t have been that ‘AGE’ disease I hear older people talking about…..

Anyway, the rain didn’t last long and as soon was it was finished, all the campers headed right back out to all their activities and got busy with more fun to be had and now with much cooler temperatures!! You can see in tonights video everyone went on about their business evan after the rain, from the girls at canoeing, tennis, and everything else.

Now tonight we took everyone over to the sports field and had the clubs compete for some major points in our very own “SPEED CHALLENGE”. This is where the campers compete in all sorts of wild relays that include everything from hula hoops, shaving cream, piggy back rides, and even tug o war! You could hear the campers yellin’ all across the mountain for their clubs and each other as the night went on. After all the craziness was finished the final results were ……… drum roll please…………. Mountie 3rd, Rangers 2nd, and the Terrific troopers in 1st place!!! way to go Troopers!!

Its hard to believe that you guys have kept up with us almost all the way through camp (especially with your family computer expert here at camp these pst two weeks!!). Yep, tomorrow will be the last day of activities and all the campers will be getting in their last rides on the zip line, water slide, and of course their favorite horse! its really awesome to walk around camp and see all the new friendships that have developed over the past two weeks and all the things the campers are now brave enough to do when only two weeks ago they were scared to even try! I can’t wait for you guys to see the difference camp has made in your daughters life and how much they’ve changed since they’ve been here.

Speakin’ of end of the session, its important for you guys to know that tomorrow (Wednesday) will be the last day for you to send emails to your campers. We’ll print out the Wednesday emails at the regular time (9:00 Central time) and then again tomorrow afternoon at 6:00 PM central time to be delivered to the campers on Thursday. So if you want to get in your last minute “can’t wait to see ya’s”, and “well be there Friday morning” be sure to send them in before 6:00 Wednesday afternoon.

I’ll be back tomorrow night for one last blog to let you guys know everything thats going on Wednesday and Thursday so I’ll see ya one more time (so to speak).

Well after a great day of fun and playing in the rain, I’m gonna head off to bed and try to get some rest so I can keep up with all your campers on their last two days of camp. You uys enjoy the pics and I’ll see ya tomorrow night.

Weather on the mountain: like I said earlier, it was a good day and then we had some rain that brought much cooler temps (its in the low 60s right now and supposed to drop on down to the upper 50s tonight!! talk about some great sleepin’ weather!!). I’m sure the cooler temps will put a little pep in the step of the campers as they bounce from activity to activity. tomorrow. (I hope it works for me too!).

Y’all have a great night, I’m about to go grab a blanket and curl up for some serious snoring, um….I mean snoozing!!

take care,

60 seconds from Skyline:

Movie Night 3rd 2014

helloooo parents! and happy “day after Christmas” to ya. Contrary to the real “day after Christmas”, campers were NOT lined up early at T shirt corral this morning (thats good news for y’all!) looking for sales or to return presents!! Instead everyone was eager to get back to their classes and jump right back into the activities. On my (now daily) stop by the cooking class, I got to see the girls working on something they called “pizza puffs”, didn’t get to stick around long enough to try them but they did smell good. Also managed to get a unique shot of some campers looking in the freezer, check this morning’s pics and see if you can find it yourself, its a good pic. After that it was off to the ropes course and circus area to see some of how well those girls are doing with their tricks. There are some high flying campers out there with smiles from ear to ear. Needless to say, it makes it pretty easy to get shots when they’re all having so much fun.

I did get over to watch some of the girls playing lacrosse today and those girls “got game!” they were passing and catching that ball and rippin’ off some pretty good shots on goal too. and for those of yal wondering at home, no, I did not get in the goal and try to stop their shots, I may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but I’m smarter than that I tell ya.

The campers that went on the Ocoee rafting trip today are all back in camp and they’ve brought me the pics from their trip, I’ll have them up on line in just a few minutes for all you to see. If your camper went on this trip (and there’s a LOT of them that did!!) there are some great shots of the girls shooting the rapids so you’ll want to check out those pics too.

You can tell its been a long week when all the girls are excited about tonight being “Movie Night”. I think everyone (me included) is excited about a night time activity where we can just sit or lay down and have some down time to catch up on some rest. Of course what would a movie be without popcorn? So each and every camper got their own bag of freshly popped corn to enjoy the movie. And you should have heard the cheers when they announce that tonights feature was….Despicable Me 2! You can see from the pics, they were all ready enjoy the movie in their PJ’s, popcorn in one hand, a pillow in the other. I know by the time I left the showing, the popcorn was finished and it looked like almost all the pillows were being made good use of!!!!

The girls are gonna need their rest too, cause tomorrow night were gonna have our own version of field day (night) where we’ll take the clubs over to the field and have the craziest, wildest, messiest, funnest version of relays you’ve ever seen. Its called Speed challenge and the campers love playing and cheering each other during the games. We’ll be there in the middle of it (and possible overhead too??) getting you all the pics so you guys can try to understand a game that involves, running, hula hoops, shaving cream, toilet paper, 4 camper push ups, and more!! If you’re confused now, just wait till you see all the pics, then you’ll really be lost!!
Its fpor club points though and one thing is for certain, your campers will be going at it strong and loud as they compete for more points in all the chaos.

Tomorrow is also spirit day so theres bound to be plenty of red, green, and blue. all around camp and I guarantee you one thing, there’ll be no such thing as a quiet meal as all the campers will be singing club songs at each and every meal!!! You guys should try this with them when they get home!! You’ll love it!!

Well, its been a long day/week/ (insert whatever word you want here) so I]m gonna head off to bed and let y’all enjoy the epics and videos all by yourselves. Just be sure to turn off the lights when you heard to bed, cause I’ll already be like most of the campers at the ends of the movie….. fast asleep!!

y’all have a good one


Christmas morning

Merry Christmas in July to ya parents!! It’s truly been a great day up here at camp as we celebrated Christmas this morning with lots of the white stuff all around the camp as our campers were awaken by the horse staff riding through camp with Santa wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. From there is was to the gym for presents and then to breakfast.

After a great Sunday church service all the campers got ready for a fun filled time at the carnival. We had all sorts of games, face painting, karaoke, inflatable water toys, and even a dunk tank that felt just right for the campers to cool off in or to enjoy the splash when they dunked one of their club leaders.

After carnival this afternoon, we ended the day with counselor hunt where all the campers turned over every rock trying to find those counselors that were hiding. The campers looked everywhere and even in some of the trash cans trying to find those counselors.

Tomorrow everyone will be back it to their schedule and will be going full speed ahead as they start the second week of classes. We’ll be right there with them getting all the pics for ya.

Tomorrow might well slow it down a little bit and let all the campers get their legs back under them as we enjoy movie night here under the stars as everyone brings their sleeping bag to the movie and it’s kinda like the old fashioned drive in, ‘cept this is a sleep in. All the campers will be stretched out on the tennis courts and I’ll be surprised if very many of them make it through the whole movie before they fall asleep. I know I wouldn’t make it.

Well it’s been a long day and I’ve got to get some shut eye. You guys have a great night and enjoy the rest of Christmas in July!!!

We’ll see ya here tomorrow night

60 seconds from Skyline:

Christmas Eve poem and dance time 2014

Happy Christmas (in July) Eve to ya parents!! Your campers have been making the most of the Christmas season around here with Christmas lights strung up around every cabin and chorus’s of yule tide being heard all around camp all day long! Besides all the excitement for Christmas day tomorrow, you can see from the pics and videos that the campers have been pretty dad gum busy with all the activities. We were able to get a few campers go down the water slide today with one of the cameras for some close up action all the way down the slide into the river, be sure to chaco out the video to see it. There was plenty of action all around camp as the girls in flag and baton were perfecting their routine and I’m gonna tell ya, they’ve gotten pretty good at it too!

I spent some of the day out at the pamper pole takin’ pics of the campers climbing all the way to the top of a 26 foot telephone pole and then standing on top and jumping off to catch the trapeze. Now its not quite as easy as I just made it sound, but with the support of their counselors and all the other campers around cheerin’ them on, everyone of them made it to the top and went for the trapeze.

After dinner, all the girls were excited to get to dance with the boys from Camp Laney and Lookout Mountain Camp as we all came together to enjoy a Christmas eve dance under the cool skies and bright stars and moon (have you seen the moon the last couple nights??) out on the tennis courts. It didn’t take long once old ‘yeller (the school buses) pulled in with all the boys, for the action to start happening. Our campers formed a human tunnel for all the guys to walk through as they got off the bus and took ‘em straight to the tennis courts for the dancin’ to begin. Be sure to check out all the pics and see if you can find your camper out there.

Now tomorrow is Christmas day here at Skyline and it’ll be a special day from the very beginning. We’ll start off the day with our counselors form the horse staff riding through camp early in the morning yelling “Merry Christmas!!!” to wake all the campers. From there well all go to the gym and get our Christmas presents for each and everyone of our campers and counselors and thats where everyone will find out who their secret Santa has been for the past week. After the festivities, we’ll all gather ‘round and hear Sarah Kate ready from the first Christmas story. After she’s finished, everyone will head to the dinning hall (still in their pJ’s!!) to enjoy a Christmas breakfast of fruit, bacon, biscuits, cereal, and …..oh yea!!! Those home made donuts again!!!!! (and at this point in the summer, about 3-4 large cups of coffee to help wake up!!!!…or that could just be me??)

After Sunday school and our church service in the gym, we;ll have our Christmas lunch (yea..more food…can you believe it??) and get ready for the biggest carnival the mountain has ever seen with all sorts of activities in the gym, a dunk tank, and large inflatable water toys to play on throughout the afternoon.

After dinner we’ll hold our counselor hunt where each camper will try to find the counselors that have hidden all around camp and bring them to the gym for club points. We’ll be there for everything and get the pictures to ya as soon as possible.

Weather on the mountain: like I mentioned a few days ago, my buddy Jim Cantore has said theres a cold front headed this way. More specifically, straight towards camp Skyline. Now they polar express isn’t your ordinary cold front. He said this one is so strong that theres a 100% chance that our campers will wake to a white Christmas morning tomorrow!! Can you believe it?? the campers getting to have a white Christmas here at camp?? I can’t wait to see if that forecast will come true or not (I bet it will!!) stick around and see for yourselves tomorrow morning!!

Well all the campers have gone off to bed in anticipation of Santa coming tonight and I sure as the world don’t want to be the one who’s not asleep (he knows when your sleeping…know what I mean??) and misses out on the fun, so I’;m gonna head that way and leave you guys up to read the rest of the blog and see the pics.

Every year at this time I do a Christmas poem and this year wouldn’t be the same if I left that out so here it goes.

Merry Christmas in July parents! God bless us, each and every one!


T’was the night before Christmas, and all ‘through the camp ,
Not a camper was stirring; just the glow of a street lamp
The campers were nestled and snug in their bunks
Their stockings all hung from the sides of their trunks

With Sally in her kerchief and me counting sheep,
had just settled down for some much needed sleep
When all across camp, we heard such a noise
It was Santa & Rudolf and the rest of the boys

The glow of the moon on the new fallen snow,
helped the old driver to see where to go.
To all of the cabins, they flew in a dash
I’d have taken their picture, but I didn’t have a flash.

First Bevshack and Brookwood, and then Dewey’s Den
Next Edmae and Joywood, just stopping now and then.
To Al’s Roost and Trah, he stopped at Pickle’s Palace,
knowing if he missed them, he’d be liable for malice.

To Driftwood, Bar-H, Beetlebum, and Totem Hall,
To Rosey Den and Hillbillies, he stopped at ‘em all.
To the infirmary he flew, to see our camp nurses
And left their presents, inside of their purses.

He had rosy cheeks, and a broad little face
I could see it real well, when he stopped at Summerplace
Then on to Riverside, he landed on the roof
Took his bag full of toys, and down the chimney in a POOF!!

To each of their rooms, he quietly crept,
and set out their toys while the Riversiders slept
he finally was finished, now back to his ride
Placed his finger by his nose, and like that!! he was outside

He hopped back in his sleigh and gave me a smile
For surly he’d known, I’d been there awhile
I heard him exclaim, as he flew above the pines
Merry Christmas in July, from everyone at Camp Skyline!!!

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