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Are you 13-16 years old this next summer?

Are you a hard worker who enjoys being a part of a team to serve others?

Are you interested in coming to camp for half price?!

Are you interested in being a bearer of the famed cookie brownies that makes the Skyline dining hall go wild?

If you said YES to any of these questions then you need to check out all the details and download an application on our website under the “Apply” tab. Submitting an application enters you in a random drawing for the chance to be an ACIT for the summer of 2016. Check it out! Applications are due by Monday, November 9.

Questions or concerns? Email .

2015 Memory Book Contest

Today starts our 2015 Memory Book Cover Contest!

After each summer, a Memory Book is created for all of our campers and staff that consists of photos and memories from each session. We challenge both campers and counselors to submit creative artwork to be considered for this years front or back cover!

If you choose to participate, here are a few things to know:

1. Create a front cover design, a back cover design, or both! Two artists could potentially be chosen.

2. Use a VERTICAL 8.5×11 sheet of paper or similar size if creating on a computer.
(**if your idea wraps around from cover to cover please create it landscape (horizontally). Remember that you do not want to design it with your title and focal ideas in the center because it will then land on the spine of the book.)

3. Include “Camp Skyline Ranch” & “Summer 2015” in design.

4. Submissions are due Wednesday, OCTOBER 30TH.

When finished, submit to Sarah Kate:
Camp Skyline Ranch
Atten: Sarah Kate Donnelly
P.O Box 287
Mentone, Alabama 35984

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Sarah Kate at Skyline at 1-800/448-9279.

Looking forward to seeing some creative ideas!

2014 Winner – Anna Naguszewski

2014 Winner – Ella Walker

age out final walk.....we'll miss you!!!!

A very special group of young ladies, can’t wait to have them as counselors…..

Honor Campers 4th session 2015

Showtime and one final good bye for 2015.....Thanks Y'all

Hellooooooo parents for the last time this summer!! What a day we’ve had up here topday with all the campers enjoying their last full day of classes and getting everything they can do, done during the activities. You can see from the pics this afternoon, the canoeing class had a busy day. The first class of the morning took a trip down to Desoto falls and actually took their breakfast with ‘em and had a picnic breakfast. You can see from all the pics, they had a great time enjoying the views and the company of their class mates. It looked like a smooth day out on the river and what a way to start the day with that view. It was a little different this afternoon when the later canoeing class got to have “Splash out” where they get buckets and sponges and do everything they can to try and sink the other campers canoes. You can see in one picture they were all able to balance on a submersed canoe and at the count of 3, they all jumped off different directions to make a great picture. See if you can find it yourself!

One of the great things about taking the pictures this week at camp is all the stories I see as I walk around camp with the camera. There’s one of those today I just gotta tell you about. As I was walking out of the dining hall this moring, I saw some of our age out campers (campers who are in their last year of being a camper at camp) talking about their “bucket list” before they aged out of camp. Well…… the only thing left on their bucket list was catching a squirrel while at camp before they aged out. Don’t ya just love their list!!! trust me folks, the is so much better than any app they could download and send time playing!! So…. later in the day, as I walked out of the bottom of the office, I looked out through the trees and saw a box carefully propped up over some oranges and peanut butter, braced on a “Y” snapped stick with a 50 foot string tied to it and running up the hill to a group of campers carefully and quietly sitting there holding the string just waiting for mr. Squirrel to investigate the goods in the “trap zone”. More impressively is the fact that just feet behind those campers were another group of campers who sat their quietly just watching and waiting for the “hunter/ gatherer” group to spring the trap if mr. Squirrel ever showed up. They reminded me of a golf crowd just waiting for the leader of a tournament to show up and make a birdie put to win a tournament to a thunderous round of applause. Except this time, they were waiting for their fellow campers to cross that final task off their bucket list. At last report this afternoon, Mr. Squirrel was still free and the list was still incomplete, but its a great thing to follow. I gotta tell ya, this thing called “outside” is a great social network for kids to join and get to meet people and show them neat things……know what I mean???

Well, tomorrow we’ll have our Grand Championship and our Drama and Matinee’s presentation of Alice in Wonderland and I’m looking forward to seeing both and the good news for all you guys at home is you’ll get to see them too. We’ll have the camera there and get the packing day pics to ya just as fast as we can so be sure to check back tomorrow and see who won the Grand Championship at the horse barn.

Tomorrow night is one of the most moving nights of the summer as all the campers come into the banquet and start to realize there camp session is almost finished as we go through the awards and then announce which club on the Horse cup, the point cup, the everyones most prized trophy, the Eloise H Temple Spirit cup. We’ll let you know as soon as they announce the winners. And then, it all begins. When just minutes before the girls thought winning one of the cups was the most important thing of the night and all of a sudden the thought of their friends going back to someplace called “home” and leaving the safe and fun compounds of camp start to send impulses to the eyes that make them mysteriously start to water and tears stream down their cheeks as they hug all the friends they can before they have to say the words “good bye”.

As if thats not enough, then all the campers will head down to the river for River vespers and one of the most special times of the camp when the age out campers give their speech about what camp has meant to them. Its one of the most amazing things you’ll ever hear to listen to what these young ladies have to say about what they’ve learned at camp over the years and how they hope to impact others in the future. If you have an age out camper, you really ought to ask them to read their age out speech to you, I promise ya, you ‘ll be impressed at what a great camper you’ve raised.

Well folks, I’m about as tired as I can be after 10 straight weeks of camp, but I gotta tell ya, its been our pleaser and honor to have your daughters here at camp with us for the last two weeks and to get to watch them grow over this time and I do hope you guys at home have been able to see them grow through the pics and videos each day and night. I know you’ll be able to see a difference when you come pick ‘em up. So thank you again for letting us grow with your camper and please be safe on your trip back to camp Friday morning. We’ll have a DVD with all the pictures you’ve seen these past two weeks ready for ya when you get here and we look forward to seeing ya out front of the office sometime Friday.

So for Caroline, Erika, Hampton and myself, Its been great fun to get to bring you all the pics and videos these past two weeks as well as the whole summer and we hope you guys have enjoyed all the work we put into letting you peek into your campers time here at Skyline.

Be careful on your way back, take care, and God Bless…..we’ll see ya Friday morning,

60 seconds from Skyline:

Our Age Outs for 4th session!!

Were gonna miss them but can’t wait to see them as counselors!!!


Howdy ho parents!! what a great night we’ve had up here with all the stars that came out for tonights presentation of the VMA’s (Video Music Awards). You can see from all the pictures that our campers had all sorts of costumes and decorations (no wonder those trunks were so heavy on opening day!!). I couldn’t believe all the costumes that showed up when we rolled out the red carpet and started interviewing the campers as they entered the gym. If you start to go through all the pictures of what the campers dressed as, as well as having the counselors jump into character full force, you’ll be amazed too at who all we had here tonight. To start it all off, our best emcees were non other than the Jonas Brothers and you can see all the campers were excited to have them on stage. Not to be out done, there was Crocodile Dundee and his sheila, Sue, some ketchup and mustard, someone dressed as me and my puppy “Piper” (they even had Piper not mind me to make it as real as possible), the cast of Greys Anatomy, a couple of tourist from Sweden (with their translator), and you can’t forget our admin who looked just like the cast from the movie “Holes”. Be sure to check out their pictures and you can see for yourself. It was a great time. After all the excitement the final award of the night for video of the year went to…………….Deweys Den with a great remake mix of “I want Candy” and “Les Mis”. We’ll try to get the videos on the DVD for ya to see at the end of the session.

There were all sorts of awards throughout the night and after each category winner was announced, we showed their cabin video on the big screen for everyone to see and then the whole group of campers from that cabin got to come up and get their trophy from our guest celebrity presenters. After busy week of putting all the videos together, I gotta hand it to our counselors that did all the planning, filming and editing themselves in all their “free time: this week along with all their other cabin duties. Everything ended up great and the campers enjoyed dressing up, sitting back, and watching all the fruits of their labors during the past week.

Well, can you believe tomorrow will be the last day of classes? It just doesn’t seem right that the weeks have flown by this fast, but they have. I know I’ve enjoyed getting out to get back in the picture taking this week and seeing all the fun smiles on the campers faces when they do something they didn’t think they could do. Just today, I was shootin’ some campers (you know….with the camera of course!) out at the Pamper pole and I had 2 campers climb up to the top of the pole, an then say they couldn’t jump for the trap and was just gonna slide off the pole. I may have told a little fib, when I told them I had climbed up there to get pictures of campers jumping for the trapeze and they didn’t have the option of not trying to grab the trapeze. Against their initial wishes, they “agreed” to go ahead and jump for the trap, and would you believe it, they actually caught it and hung on. The look on their faces was priceless and it was great to see them accomplish something they thought they couldn’t do just a few minutes earlier. If you haven’t looked through this afternoons pics, you‘ll want to see these campers with that look of “I can’t believe I did it!!!” on their faces. It was worth every climb up the tree to get their pic. If thats not enough for ya, you can keep on checkin’ pics and see some of the campers down at the waterslide with that same look on their face.

Well, its been a long warm day and after a full night of activities and then the excitement from the video music awards, I’m beat and needing some sleep. I’m sure you guys that have been playing along at home these past two weeks are pretty tired too. I’m gonna get some rest and get ready for tomorrow nights activity Showtime, where all the campers will get to strut their stuff in front of the rest of the camp showing what all they’ve learned these past two weeks and we’ll be there too get all the pics for you at home. So enjoy tonights video and pictures and we’ll be back one more time tomorrow for this years final blog from the mountain.

You guys have greta night and we’ll see ya tomorrow,
60 Seconds from Skyline:

Think we're having fun yet???

Speed Challenge champs!!!

Speed Challenge and getting ready for the VMA's!!!

Helloooooo parents!!

whew, what a day and night we’ve had up here on the mountain. We just finished with tonights activity Speed challenge and I gotta tell ya, those campers of yours went all out in their spirit and decorations as they had the dining hall all decorated up before dinner and then came in to dinner all dressed up for the Speed Challenge and when it was time to head over to our sports field and get the relays started, they didn’t hold anything back as they were cheering and yelling all night long. Be sure to check out tonight’s 60 seconds video and see for yourself!! I would have had the pictures up sooner, but I was more sweaty than the campers after running around all night trying to get pictures form each group of campers during their relays. There was shaving cream, hola hoops, wet sponges, group pushups, some piggy back relays (the best to watch!!) and more and every group of girls gave it their all in every race they ran. After everything was finished and all the relays done, the final results were…….Rangers 3rd, Mounties 2nd, and Troopers 1st!!! If you want to have a great laugh, be sure to check out the pics from tonight and I mean give ‘em a good look. There’s a lot of great facial expressions and especially of some girls in the back ground!! You won’t be disappointed!!

The rest of the day was full of campers enjoying their second week of camp, but I gotta tell ya, one of the funniest moments of the day was when we were standing out side the office and all of a sudden, heard a really young camper, bellow at the top of her lungs Miley Psyhco, ……. I mean Cyrus’s song Wrecking Ball as she ran and jumped on the big rope swing right next to the office and swung through the air. Maybe you had to be there?? Maybe its been a long hot summer?? Either way, it was a funny moment that everyone who saw it live rolled on the ground laughing! To be honest, it sounded a lot better than the real song…..

Tomorrow will be another beautiful day up here as the temps will be in the middle to upper 80s again, and not too hot….. but just right for some fun times in the water front. Its hard to believe that tomorrow will be the next to last day of classes. Man, time sure does fly when you’re having fun like we are up here!!

Our group that went on the out of camp trip to the Ocoee river had a cool time (get it?? that water’s cold but it feels great on summers like this one!) and I’m happy to report that they’re all back and enjoyed the trip tremendously. We do have some pics from the trip and I’ll get them up first thing in the morning for you guys to see.

Well, all session long, each of your campers cabins have been working on their cabin’s VMA (thats video Music Award) and tomorrow night will all dress up in our best camp dress cloths and roll out the red carpet at the gym as we walk the carpet to be interviewed as each camper enters the gym and we have a super night of entertainment and we learn which cabins will win each award and everyone will get to see their finished product of their Cabin Music video for the first time. Its a fun time and everyone enjoys putting on the glitz for the night and showing Hollywood how its really done with some real stars….Our campers!!!! We’ll ne there to catch all the campers, um…I mean stars as they enter the gym and show what their wearing to the biggest awards ceremony this side of the Mississippi. You don’t want to miss it!!

Well, its been a busy day and night and I’m ready to hit the hay and get ready for tomorrow’s bright lights of VMA, and I can’t wait to see what each cabin did for their video. I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as I do!!

Take care and have a great night, you guys have almost made through the whole session. Your campers are so proud of you for making it this far on your own!!

See ya tomorrow,

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