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Skyline Sisters to start off 3rd Session!

Opening Day 3rd session AND the start of Shark Week!!.....Pretty cool

Hellooooo Parents!!
and welcome to the camp news for 3rd session 2015!! We know everyone was excited about today finally getting here, its been marked on everyones calendars for a long time. I mean, come on… who isn’t excited about today being the big day, you know, the start to Shark Week on Discovery channel!! Ok, I’m kidding, we all know it was the start to 3rd session and other than a little rain at the very beginning of the day, it was a perfect start to the 3rd session, AKA Christmas in July! I gotta hand it to all you parents that parked in and around Hut Row and the Lodge this morning, once everyone got in the rhythm of dropping the trunks and then moving on, the volume of traffic actually moved pretty easy. Were glad everyone got in and out ok and without getting too wet, the nice thing was that the early rain actually did a great job of keeping the temps pretty cool all day long!

Once everyone did leave (and we know which ones of yall took your time!), all the campers got busy playing some get to know you games with their new cabin mates so they can learn everyones name and what their new friends are like. Then they took a tour of the camp (we don’t want the little darlings gettin’ lost tomorrow) and then signed up for classes for the rest of the session. After all that we came in for a great lunch followed by going back outside for Skyline sisters and club picking. Skyline sisters can best be described as a big sis / little sis thing where each younger camper gets their very own older camper so they have someone they can go to if they have any questions or just want to play. The campers really like the Skyline sisters and you’d be surprised how many Skyline sisters grow up to be great friends long after their camping days are over.

Now about that activity sign up, you guys at home should be getting a post card from your camper in the next few days with their complete schedule and which club they’re in. Make sure you get the club correct. For all you first time camp parents, this is pretty important, Im not saying wars have been started over calling your camper by the wrong club, but there have been several family feuds over it!

After all the action during the day, tonight we played “Cabin Fun Night” where each cabin got to pick what they wanted to do and then played together tonight. That way, everyone was still able to get to know more of their cabin mates. As you can see from all the pics and today’s videos, there was plenty of dancing, shaving cream wars, blind make up make overs, and even Riverside had a Luau down at the river and enjoyed playting in the river as the sun was going down. As all this was going on, each cabin had a turn at the campfire to enjoy a S’more and get a sweet treat to welcome them to camp! At the end of everything tonight, we had one big campfire so everyone was together but after tonight, the ladies from Summerplace and Riverside will have their own campfire across the river.

Tomorrow will be the start of all the activities and everyone will be learning all the dos and don’ts of the activities they signed up for and then it’ll be straight into the fun and excitement of their classes as we get started. We’ll be there too getting all sorts of pics and video clips for you guys at home to be able to keep up with everything thats happening here at camp. One word of warning though if this is your first year, be sure to pace yourself or you’ll find yourself looking through every single picture for your camper or even the back of their head, ear, elbow, the right color shoe, etc… Some of yawl may be laughing about this if you havent’ experienced it yet, but the rest of you that have been here before are nodding your head, thinking “ Yep, that was me the first year!!” Its ok, just remember to pace yourself as the session goes on so you’ll be able to be there at the end of the session still looking through all the pics.

Tomorrow night we’ll have a Camper Favorite, called Sock Wars, where we’ll split the camp into 3 sections and each club will get a section to hide their flag and then defend as we ring the bell and all the campers head out to the other club’s section trying to get their flag, but watch out!! Each camper is armed with a stuffed sock (or maybe 15-20 of them) and if a camper gets tagged by a sock thats been thrown from a camper in another club, they’ll have to report to the scorers table before they can get back in the game. Think of it as one wild time with about 1000 stuffed socks flying through the air as they play a 3D game of capture the flag. Once you can get that image, you’re all set, except for all the yelling and cheering…..kinda brings that 4th dimension into it the pictures just can’t!

Well, its been one heck of an exciting day to kick off 3rd session and by now, all the campers are fast asleep in their beds dreaming of all the excitement they have planned for tomorrow. You guys go on and enjoy all the pics, and don’t forget about the 60 seconds from Skyline video that goes up every night on Youtube, Facebook, and even right here in the blog, theres plenty of places where you can check in to see what alls happening at camp.

Well, folks, 
I’m about as worn out as I think I’ve ever been to start off 3rd session, so I
m gonna post this news letter and then head off to bed and get some shut eye for myself, No need to let the camper have all the fun of sleeping tonight! You guys enjoy the pics, take your time and we’ll see ya back here tomorrow night.

thanks and have a great day, I’m off to get some rest or catch the end of Shark Week on Discovery channel….I can’t decide.
See ya tomorrow,
60 Seconds from Skyline:

Honor Campers 2nd session 2015!!

way to go girls!! Also, Troopers win Horse show and Point cup, Mounties take Spirit cup!!


Helloooo parents,
first and foremost, let me congratulate you guys on making it the whole session online with us every night while your camper is here at camp. Your campers are so proud of you and just to prove it, heres a true story from out in camp today (honest…the names will be changed to protect the parents, but you’ll know who you are!!) I had a couple of campers come up to me and ask if their mom has called to check on them (these were Riversiders…not Hut Rowers). When I told them their parents had NOT called or texted me, they were amazed. One even said her mom was at the beach this week and had given her the wrong address to send her letters to and when I said her mom hadn’t called either, she made the comment, “This has been a big growing experience for (let’s just call her)…”Beth”, she’s done so well!!” So ….. you can’t get a better compliment than one from your own daughters and you guys are gettin’ ‘em! They know you’ve been forced to strain your eyes day after day with very little sleep just looking at every picture trying to find them. And how you have to analyze every frame of the 60 seconds of Skyline video to see if they’re in the background. And all this work while they are here playing on the blob, riding the zip line, mountain biking all over the mountain, making new friends….they know you’ve struggled and they are SO proud of the progress you guys have made these past 2 weeks.

Well, today was the last day of classes and all the campers enjoyed getting in their last rides down the zip line and on the circus or their favorite horse. We did have a slight interruption this afternoon with a cool shower from mother nature, but it quit soon enough that we were able to continue on with Showtime and then our big firework display tonight!

Speaking of Showtime, I gotta tell ya parents, those campers put on one heck of a show and I was especially impressed with the girls in flag and baton class, they opened the show with a great routine that was full of energy and some great displays that I was surprised they learned in just 2 weeks! Way to go girls! The rest of the show didn’t disappoint either, those girls were outstanding (kinda like a farmer in his field, you know……out……standing, get it? hey, its late and I’m outta Red Bull for the session, thats funny!!!).

Tomorrow we’ll wake the campers to the sounds of “The British are coming” as our horse staff rides through camp, waking everyone up with the very first American warning. After breakfast, we’ll have the Grand Championship horse show for club points and we’ll be there getting all the pics for ya so you guys will know who the grand champion before dinner! After lunch, we’ll have our drama matinee of Alice in Wonderland and then we’ll have our Happy birthday America 4th of July Parade through camp where each cabin will have their own float and get to display their pride in the USA!.

After all the celebrating and the awards banquet, we’ll get ready for our end of session banquet where the campers will start to realize that its almost time for everything to be over, time for all their new friends to head back to some strange place called “home” and time to start looking forward to next year. This is never more evident then at the end of the banquet when they sing the camp song for the last time and all the awards are handed out. This is when there won’t be a dry eye in the place anywhere. If I could find a way to get the whole thing sponsored by Kleenex, I could retire. It really is a moving time when you see just how much these campers meant to each other and what camp meant to them.

We’ll wrap up the day with river vespers with cabin wishes and each camper thats aging out will get to speak on what camp has meant to them. Now you can forget that these girls are only 15-16 years old, cause when you hear them speak from the heart and talk about how important their friends from camp are to them, its one of the most impressive speeches you’ve ever heard. And its a LOT better than any political speech you’ll ever hear. These are from the heart and honest.

Well, folks, its about time for me to hit the hey and get some shut eye myself, Its been an honor to have your most prized possession (and computer expert) here at camp with us for the last 2 weeks. We hope you guys have enjoyed their time here at camp almost as much as they have. Please be careful on your way up here and in case I don’t get to tell ya when you’re here, Have a safe and happy 4th of July celebration.

So for the last time 2nd session 2015, thanks again and for Erika, Caroline, Hampton and myself, thanks for playing along these last two weeks at home and we’ll see ya first thing Friday morning. Take care and God Bless

60 seconds from Skyline:

Speed Challenge!

Hey there, parents! Erika here giving you today’s exciting update for day 10 here at camp! (Can’t even believe that it’s already day 10..!) The weather was decently cooperative today with only one quick morning thunderstorm, but with that it brought some nice cool breeze and much-needed cloud cover. I spent the first part of my morning over at rifelry watching the girls perfect their targets and prepare for the tournament tomorrow during rest hour. It’s great seeing how far these girls have come at activities such as archery and riflery since just a week and a half ago. I then hopped around between ropes, circus, and tower and was amazed by all our courageous campers trying new things every day!

During first Beli Deli, I was looking around and amazed to find multiple sets of “twins” walking around. Turns out the Riverside girls decided that today would be “Twin Tuesday”, where many of them dressed like a counselor. There’s a photo on the AM album of all the counselors and their “twins”…check it out! Shortly after beli deli, we got hit by a little pop-up storm, but campers were happy to have a fun dance party and game time in the gym until lunch!

After lunch and a much-needed rest hour, it was time for afternoon classes. I checked out arts and crafts and pottery, where girls are finishing up all their beautiful works of art. I watched some AWESOME gymnastics performances in the gym, and I taste-tested some delicious Coca-Cola cake in our Cooking II class. Parents..make sure you get your girls to demonstrate some of the recipes they learned when they get home! They even made recipe books so they have NO excuses! :) I rounded out my afternoon over at circus, where I was convinced to go up on the Mexican Cloud Swing. I mean, if I’m going to take photos all day of girls doing this, I need to know what it’s actually like, right?! I thought so too. I was convinced to try the “Superman” trick…which was SO fun. The girls were all cheering me on and I’m so glad they convinced me!

After dinner, it was time for the next club competition of the week…SPEED CHALLENGE! As Larry explained in last night’s blog, it’s basically 11 consecutive relay races all back to back between our 3 clubs. It’s extremely exciting to watch, and as the photographer, I get to be right smack dab in the middle of the action. My favorite part is seeing all the girls cheer for each other and work together to accomplish the tasks as fast as possible. Our counselors even get super spirited as they cheer on the clubs that they are helping. Every speed challenge night is ended with a tug-o-war between all the clubs and then between the winning club and the Nightriders (I got to participate this time!). It makes for an exciting end to an even more exciting night. Tonight the end score was Rangers 3rd, Mounties 2nd, Troopers 1st! Way to hustle, ladies!

Tomorrow is another full day, with our DeSoto canoe trip happening in the early morning, the last day of activities, riflery and archery tournaments during rest hour, and Showtime at night! Showtime will feature performances from all of our classes that have been preparing all session to show what they’ve learned. AND, since this session’s theme is 4th of July, will conclude with an exciting fireworks show to celebrate! Sounds like a whole lotta fun to me. I can’t wait!

Well, that has to be all for tonight. Between going up on circus today and participating in the tug-of-war for the Nightriders, I think I’m going to sleep well tonight. I hope y’all are hanging in there—only a few more days until closing day! Enjoy the rest of the week and have a great night. Until next time!


60 Seconds of Skyline

Hangin' Around!

Sponge Battle

Happy Monday to ya parents!! its been a great day up here on the mountain as we all enjoyed a much cooler day today than the previous week. The temps were just right to start the second week of camp off with plenty of energy and pep as all the campers were bouncing around from class to class. You can see form some of the pics today our equestrian program girls were showing their stuff out in the equestrian ring working on their jumping and while they were doing that the rest of camp was busy on the ropes course, playing sports and enjoying the pool! There was something for everyone and don’t forget about the ones that went out of camp on the Ocoee white water rating trip. I’ll have their pics up early tomorrow morning!
Tonight was one cool activity, as we loaded up the sponges and water balloons and even brought in the Mentone Fire Department to help out with some of their water toys. All the girls spread out on the sports field and each club had an area to defend with wet sponges and balloons. when they blew the whistle, all the campers took off trying to dump water in the pother clubs bucket that was guarded by campers with more water balloons. Top it all off with water being blasted onto the field from the firetruck and you have yourself one heck of a fun time. I
m not sure who enjoyed it more, the campers or the firemen who got to spray the campers with the water hoses?

Tomorrow will be another great day up here as the weather should stay fine for camp, theres a slight chance for rain, but hopefully it will pass us up or maybe, just maybe, if we are lucky….rain on us just during rest hour and we can sit back and sleep to the sounds of the raindrops hitting the tin roofs (I can hear it already….can’t you) Anyway, were not gonna slow things down one bit tomorrow night as we have one of the wildest, wackiest, weirdest, wonderful games of the session. Thats right, tomorrow night, were gonna play Speed Challenge!!!!! Now for those of yawl that haven’t ever had the honor of playing speed challenge (and if you haven’t you’re really missing out!!), this is where the campers will get into their clubs (and of course, they’ll be all decked out in their club colors from head to toe!) and we’ll head back over to the sports field (it should be dry by then from tonights action on it!) and each of the clubs will go to an assigned area around a huge circle on the field. In the middle of the circle, there will be another circle with all sorts of supplies in it. When they say “GO!” the girls will start the first of 11 continuous races from their area on the outside circle, in to the inside circle, do whatever task they are assigned, then then back to their group on the outside circle. Once the first group gets back to the outside circle, the second group will head to the inside to do the 2nd task thats assigned to them and they’ll do this till all 11 talks are finished. What task could they be doing you ask? (I’m glad you did) anything from covering one another with shaving cream, group push ups, surround your group with toilet paper, over under relay with a wet sponge, and all sorts of crazy relays. Would you believe……. this is just for the girls of Riverside. Once they finish their 11 races, then well do the same thing with the girls of Summerplace in their own relay, then the girls in pickles palace, the lodge and finally, the young campers in Hut Row will take their turn at their 11 sets of crazy races! Needless to say, once they all are finished, everyone is completely wiped out from all the cheering and racinging that went on.

Whew…..that about does it for tomorrow night and to tell ya the truth, it about does to for tonight as well. I left my dad gum reading glasses over at the house so I’m not really sure tonights newsletter actually says. But if I did hit the right keys on this small keyboard, you should have gotten one heck of a description about some crazy races, if there are some outta place words in their or just some misspelled words, well… I promise ya I didn’t see ‘em!

Even though its not 4 July yet or even July for that mater, were still celebrating America’s birthday and you can hear the campers busting out some patriotic songs all throughout the day. Today during lunch, they had a great rendition of the Star Spangled Banner right in the middle of lunch. Of course, once they started that song, everything came to a standstill till they were finished (yea…they stood and staid still for the song and everyone else should too!!!). Its great to see your campers still have the respect the flag and country deserve. I almost hate it for them when they leave camp and go back to the real world and TV/internet, know what I mean??

You guys have a great night, turn off the TV and enjoy the pics and video from camp today and be proud of your campers! I am…..
Have a great night and God Bless America,

60 seconds from Skyline:

Horse N Around

Sunday Up on the Mountain!

A cool and happy Sunday to ya parents!! Today was by far the most beautiful day we’ve had up here on the mountain with a cool breeze and temps in the low 80s all day, not to mention there was practically no humidity up here too, it all made for a super day where everyone was recharged and enjoying the activities for this Sunday. It all started with a late sleep in and everyone enjoyed a little extra shuteye, followed by some delicious donuts for breakfast. After church and lunch everyone headed out for today’s carnival where there were all sorts of games in the gym, a sno cone machine, giant inflatable slides and even a dunk tank. Throw in a lot of sunshine and a beautiful day and you have one heck of a fun day. In the gym, there was face painting, karaoke, hola hoopin’ contest, friendship bracelet making, and all sorts of fun stations.

Now after all that, everyone went back to their cabins and got ready for dinner and counselor hunt. After a great picnic on the grounds, all the campers, who were dressed from head to toe in all their club colors got ready for Counselor Hunt where they’ll team up with other girls in their club and venture out across camp in search for counselors who are hidden all around camp. I’m happy to tell ya parents, your campers didn’t leave any leaf unturned as they searched low and high for all the counselors in hopes of bringing one back to the gym and finding out they might be worth a lot of club points! We can now tell ya, that after almost, (yes we had 1 or 2 that were able to escape and evade the campers efforts), all the counselors were found, the results for tonights activity were…….. (ya hear that little drum roll in your head??) Mounties 3rd, Rangers 2nd, Troopers 1st!!! Way to go girls!!

Todays perfect weather will be a great start to the next week as tomorrow we’ll be right back in all the fun classes and we even have one group thats heading out of camp for their white water rafting trip down the Ocoee River up in Tennessee. We’ll have pics from there as soon as they get back so you guys playing along at home won’t miss out on any of that action either! Now while some campers and counselors will get to enjoy the cold waters of the Ocoee, Erika and I will be back here at camp shooting campers (with the camera of course!!, they’re not even in season right now!) so you guys will get plenty of pics tomorrow from here at Skyline and the Ocoee.

Tomorrow night will be one of the craziest activities of the whole session as we get everyone painted up in their club colors again and head to the sports field where will have hundreds of wet sponges and water balloons as we have sponge battle and folks, all I can tell ya is each club will be defending one area of the field and their will be wet sponges and water balloons flying all around as the campers try to get buckets in the other clubs area full of water. Did I forget to mention we’ll have a visit from our very own Mentone Fire department, as they bring the big water cannon and decide to test out their hoses and water cannons all across the field at the same time as the campers are playing the game!! It makes for one heck of a crazy time that the campers enjoy and water coming in from literally every direction. You don’t want to miss any of these pics and videos, so be sure to check back tomorrow. There may even be a surprise video that you guys will hopefully enjoy, make sure you check it all out!!.

Well, thats about all for tonight, the campers are all tucked in their beds and getting another great night sleep in the cool air and looking forward to starting a great second week to this session. Yogis don’t stay up too late, checking all the pics, I know you still are scanning every picture looking for your campers shoe, back of head, elbow, etc… (I’m kinda kidding, but some of yawl know its true!!)

Have a great night and we’ll be here tomorrow with you guys again<

60 Seconds of Skyline

Face Paint Fun

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