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The Skyliner - An Alumnae Newsletter

I am so excited to introduce our first edition of The Skyliner, a biannual newsletter for camp’s alumnae. Take a moment today to enjoy hearing from our contributing authors, Marian LaRusse Phillips, Frances Estes Lindsey, and Mary Gray, and to hear more about our past summer on the mountain. If you are an alumna that did not receive The Skyliner yesterday, please reach out to me at so we can add you to our list! Enjoy! The Skyliner Vol. 1 Ed. 1

The Skyline Foundation Club Competition

Tomorrow will begin our first club competition for summer 2015! Who will win? Mounties? Rangers? Troopers? What about the Nightriders? Our newest club competition will be hosted by the Skyline Foundation Facebook page. Each day for the remainder of the week, our clubs will compete to have the most “likes” for the Skyline Foundation. Each club has an assigned day and the club who gains the most “likes” for the Skyline Foundation Facebook will win! The winning clubs will earn points for the point cup in 2015. All Skyline family members are invited to participate- campers, siblings, parents, cousins, alumnae, and beyond! Share the Skyline Foundation page and invite friends to “like” the page as well to increase your club’s chance of winning. Tomorrow, we will start with the Troopers, Thursday will be the Rangers, Friday will be the Mounties and Saturday will be the Nightriders (even though the Nightriders can not compete for the point cup, we still want to see your camp spirit!).

Showetime and one final good-bye........

Hellooooo Parents and welcome back to the very last camp blog for 2014!! Can you believe it?? I can’t believe its time to wrap up camp for the last time. You know what that means don’t ya??? Only 30 more days till the kick off of college football season!!!! (I know there’s a LOT of y’all out there ready for that- self included!) Its been a great session and I can’t tell ya how many times I heard a counselor or one of the admin say how much they LOVE this 4th session group of campers!! Everyone’s had a blast just enjoying themselves as they all work in the classes. To tell ya the truth, it hasn’t been much like work at all!! Its easy to stay excited about camp when its this much fun to have all the campers here. We sure are gonna miss everyone when ya’ll come to get ‘em!!

Well we wrapped up the camp activities today in grand fashion as all the campers spent their last day of classes by enjoying the activities, the weather and each other. The canoeing class had their annual “Splashout” where they get in teams and then try to swamp each others canoe by pouring water in ‘em and at the same time, on everyone else! You can see from the pics all the campers had a great time drowning each others canoes. Im not sure what had more water in them, the canoes or the campers??

From there I headed up to arts and crafts and pottery and you won’t believe what those girls have done this session! The arts and crafts projects were great and then I looked at some of the pottery projects…WOW!! I couldn’t believe that these girls made some of those things while they were here. Some of ‘em have such detail I couldn’t believe it. I cant wait for you guys to see ‘em.

As all the girls went throughout the day you could hear ‘em asking each other what they were doin’ in Showtime tonight. Theres good reason for that. It was one of the greatest showetimes we’ve had at camp. It all started with the circus class showing they are the masters of mid air manipulation with all the aerial acrobatics they performed. While they were performing, I was able to get some great shots of your campers so be sure to check out those pics, you’ll sure be proud of ‘em when you see what they’re doing! After the circus display, we headed into the gym and were entertained by our “age out campers” as they were our host and they didn’t disappoint. They came all dressed like every Disney princess you’ve ever seen. We were treated to some of the best dancing, cheerleading, runway modeling and gymnastics we’ve had they session. I was snapping the pics as fast as I could but that still wasn’t fast enough to catch all the excitement that was going on while they were performing. Make sure you see everything they did ‘cause you don’t want to miss it!

Now tomorrow, after breakfast (at a little later time…..more sleep!!!) and cabin clean up, we’ll have our Grand Championship Horse show where the top 6 riders from the session will compete for the tittle of Grand as well as club points for whichever club they’re in! All the campers will be there to watch and cheer on the winner and then of course get to watch the tradition of dunking the winner in the horse trough! We’ll be there to get everything for ya and have it posted as soon as they’re done.

After our picnic lunch, we’ll head to the gym to finally get to see the drama classes performance of Peter Pan!! I’ve been able to catch a few glimpses of them practicing and I tell ya, I can’t wait to see the final show. We’ll have the camera there too so you guys can see it in bits and pieces. It’s sure to be a great performance! My money is on Peter Pan to beat that dastardly Captain Hook….anyone wanna take the bet?

That’ll bring us to the banquet and this is where it all starts to hit home. As the campers enter the dinning hall dressed in their club colors and sitting with their clubs. We’ll enjoy dinner and then a slide show where the campers will get to see SOME of the pictures you guys have been scanning over for the last two weeks. Its a great time and brings back lots of memories as they get a quick glimpse of all the moments that made this session so great. After all the awards and presentations, we’ll come to the moment that every camper has been waiting on, Honor Campers and Counselors and even more importantly, the winners of the club cups!! This is where we’ll find out who wins the Horse show cup, the points cup (thats what all those competitions have been for), and the most prized possession of any club at camp….the Eloise H Temple Spirit cup thats awarded top the club that demonstrates the spirit of our founder, Eloise H Temple. When they announce that the air is fence with anticipation, the campers are holding hands hoping that will help Sally call their club name as the winner, and when she does…….walls and windows shake from all the screaming!!

And then it hits……the realization that camp is almost finished. Their days of enjoying each other at camp are down to the last one. Their new best friends, like them, will soon be heading somewhere called home. The smiles and joyous occasions turn quickly to wide eyes filled with tears as they hug everyone they can in their last moments together. Not only the campers, but this time, its also the counselors as they realize their co-workers / friends / sisters / as well as their campers will all be soon heading away from their summer home where they’ve just completed the toughest job they’ll ever love and the campers that love them too. It’s a moving moment as you see real tears from these campers and you realize just what camp and these last two weeks has actually meant to them.

At the conclusion of the banquet, all the campers will head to their club meeting places for one last time and then everyone will go down to the river for River Vespers. This is where our counselor choir will canoe down stream singing the camp song and then we’ll have the cabin wishes and then those same age out campers who entertained at Showtime will step up to the microphone and read their age out speech saying what camp has meant to them. If your camper is an age out this year, you really owe it to yourself to ask her about her speech. These girls have been working on them for months and some of them even have them memorized but that doesn’t help when they start talking about it and you can hear the crack in their voice, the sniff of a tear before they speak the next word, and they talk from the heart about the friendships they’ve made while here at their summer home. nIts then you realize its not about what they learned in circus, made in arts and crafts, or even how well they shot in archery. Its about what they’ve forged over their time here and the memories they’ve made that will be with ‘em for a lifetime….

Folks, I’m not real sure how to even wrap up this blog, but its that time so I guess I better give it a try…Its been an honor and a pleasure to get to have your prized possession with us at camp and to be able to grow with them over these last few weeks. I can’t wait to see all ya’ll at closing day and be able to see the look on your faces when realize just how much they’ve grown and learned while they were here. Thanks again to all of you who have been ‘playing along at home’ with us on the internet (its been fun ain’t it?) and I know you’ll be as happy as I am to not be on the computer as much as we all have been during camp!!. Y’all have a safe trip up here Friday, and please be sure to say HI when you stop by, (I’ll be the one that will look as tired as those of you that have been staying up reading all these blogs). We’ll have a DVD for ya with every picture you’ve seen as well as all the VMA videos on it so you’ll have everything on it.

So for the last time in 2014……..Thanks again, and have a safe trip,
God Bless

60 Seconds from Skyline:

VMA's 2014

Hello parents from the Hollywood of the Mountain!!! Yep, tonight was the much awaited VMA’s (Video Music Awards) fro each cabin and I gotta tell ya, this was the best year I’ve ever seen across the board with all the videos! And of course what would a movie award ceremony be without a ton of A list stars to show up for the presentations? Well, I’m here to tell ya we had more stars than the Milky Way in our gym tonight (you think those girls enjoy playing dress up?). We had everyone from Miss Skyline, the whole gang from Scooby Doo (my fav!), someone wearing a blue body suit (I still don’t know who that was!!), Olivia Newton John and John Travolta from Grease, Superman and Mr. Incredible and many more!! Just browse through the pics to see all the stars that stopped by. As we went through the awards, you could hear the girls in the crowd gasp and whisper as they announced the nominees fro each category and they heard their cabin called. And when they announced the winners, you would have thought they were gonna blow the roof off the gym those girls were yelling so loud! It was a great night and you could easily tell all the campers (and counselors!) were excited to finally see the finished project they’ve been working on all week long. It was amazing to see these videos and wonder just how in the world the girls had time to learn their parts and put it all together in their “free time”. I think there was more competition in the making of their videos than there is to get to the front of the beli deli line! One of the best times tonight was a video that was done by our counselors who had the mini campers that left last week. The counselors did a video about how they missed the mini’s and had a bunch of shots of them moping around empty activities looking for their minis and then even trying to “camper nap” another camper from their cabin just so they could have a camper again (it didn’t take long for that cabins counselor to come out and take her camper back!!) much to the chagrin of the mini counselors. Of course the whole thing was done to the tune of “missing you”. Some of the videos were the songs Country Roads- Summerplace-(sang by two of our counselors!), Lipgloss, I Wish, and many more. We even had a song from Saturday Night Fever featuring our very own “Pickle” as John Travolta (you gotta see that one!) All the cabins won an award from some category, but at the end of the night the video of the year went to……..Beetlebum for their video of “Hard knock life” from Annie!! We’ll try to get all the videos on the picture DVD so you guys can see them for yourselves when you pick up your camper. You don’t want to miss them, they’re unbelievable!!

Now thats everything from tonight, as Paul Harvey would say….here’s……”the rest of the story” about today. Now I’m not sure who ordered the weather we’ve been having this week, but I owe ya one! Its been perfect all week and today when everyone woke up to temps around the mid 50’s and tomorrow its supposed to be even lower in the low 50’s!! Are we really in July?? All the campers are taking full advantage of the great weather and bouncin’ around camp like they’ve got a little pep in their step. It doesn’t take long once the classes start before they’re all going full speed and flying through the air, or putting the finishin’ touches on their arts and crafts projects. Its hard to believe that its only a few days away from you guys being up here and getting to see them for yourselves!!

Tomorrow night well have our Showtime at Skyline where all the campers will get to show off everything they’ve been working on these last two weeks in front of the whole camp. We’ll start off with our circus class and from there head into the gym to see dance, gymnastics, flag and baton, glee, cheerleading and more!! We’ll be there to get all the pics of ‘em so you guys can see it too!

I can’t believe that tomorrow is the last day of classes and all the campers will be zipppin’, flippin’ and blobbin’ for the last time. I’ll tell ya this, I bet they’ll be going as fast as they can to get as many turns as they can! Its really great to get to walk around now and see campers do things on horseback, on the ropes course, circus and even in tennis class, that they were struggling with when they got here. They’ve learned so much while their here and to think that some of them might have been scared to try these things at first and now they don’t even give it a second thought is impressive. Thats especially true out at the circus as every time I walk by, there are campers yelling at me to watch them do tricks they swore they’d never do at the beginning of the session!! Who says learning stops during the summer, I’d even argue that it increases 10 fold when you give ‘em a classroom like this! I can’t wait till you guys get here and see your camper so you can see the change in them too!! It won’t take long, trust me, you’ll notice a difference!.

Well, after a full day of activities and an unforgettable night of music videos and star studded presenters, its a wonder that I’m even able to stay awake for the blog tonight, but I think thats about to come to an end. I’m gonna let you guys head on and get back to scanning all the pipes and videos for your camper and I’m about to go home and start scanning the back of my eyelids for leaks!!

Y’all have a great night, we’ll be back here tomorrow night for one last blog of 2014 (can you believe the summer is almost over???? It seems like it just started last week). You guys have a good one, i’m gonna pull the toothpicks outta my eyelids to help keep them open, and start counting sheep. I bet i don’t even get to the number threeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzz.


60 seconds from Skyline:

Speed challenge 4th 2014

A tired hellooo to ya parents! What a busy day we’ve had up here today. The weather was cool and dang near perfect for all the campers to run from one activity to another and thats exactly what they did. We started the day off by sending our campers that signed up for the Ocoee rafting trip out of camp and they got to spend the day riding the white waters of the Ocoee river. They were all smiles and yawns when they got back, but they did have enough energy to play in Speed challenge tonight (I don’t know how…. ). Now for the campers that stayed here in camp, that meant there weren’t as many people in each class so there was more time to get extra tries in all their classes. They definitely took advantage of the extra time as I didn’t see a camper sitting all day long. They were busy playing beach volleyball, the zip line, circus, and everything else you can imagine. I did happen to catch a few campers down at the water slide this morning having fun going on the slide again, and again, and again.

This afternoon wasn’t any different as they all enjoyed their classes from bell to bell. To tell ya the truth, I saw so many things happening, its hard to remember everything. You’ll have to look at all the pics and see what all happened for yourselves. That should take up a few more hours!!

One thing exciting that did happen this morning is the Mounties found the golden horseshoe!! There’s been a golden (not really gold, just painted that color in case you were thinking otherwise) Horseshoe thats been hidden in camp all session long ans the campers get clues at meal time as to where that sucker is. They caan look for it during their free time and the club that finds it wins a lot of points towards the point cup thats awarded at the banquet at the end of the session. Congrats to the Mounties for sniffing that thing out and bringing home the points to their club!! I know Mounties all across the US are proud of the ones here now for finding the horseshoe! (just watch on facebook and see how many alumnae post a comment about them finding it!)

Now tonight we had one of the wildest times I’ve ever seen here at camp in all my years. We had Speed Challenge where all the campers competed for club points in all sorts of wild relays and when you look at the pictures, you’ll see for yourself that it was one crazy time out there. The last event of the competition is always tug o war and would you believe that after three rounds of round robin tugging, we still had a tie in the tug o war!! Coincidentally, we also had a BUNCH of worn out camper laying on the ground completely exhausted. I am willing to bet my pay check that it was a quick and quiet night once they had lights out in the cabins tonight!! (I know it will be when I get home!)

I have to appologize about the pics and blog being late tonight, it was either the amount of pics we were trying to load or the internet hates me and was not playing well with others (I think it was that one!) what usually take about 20 minutes to load pics took about an hour and half for some reason tonight. No worries though, we stuck with it till everything finally went online.

Tomorrow will be another fun day of classes and from what I hear from Jim Cantore, its supposed to be a cooler day than today and even cooler Wednesday!! At last report its supposed to be in the upper 50s tomorrow morning and in the mid 50s Wednesay (I may just not make it out of bed that day!!)

One of the best things about 4th session is the VMA’s (video music awards) that we do tomorrow night. Its really fun to see all the campers and counselors working during their ‘spare time’ to get all the girls together and working on their video. Tomorrow night we’ll have the awards where all the campers and counselors will dress up in who knows what to come to the grand premier of all the videos and see who wins what award. Of course we’ll have the golden globes sitting on the tables at dinner just to get everyone in the mood for the activity later that night. And what award program would be complete without interviewing the “stars” as they walk down the red carpet to enter the gym and get interview by one of our host of the show!! Its about the best version of ‘dress up’ you could ever imagine. We’ll be there to get all the results for you and see the campers reaction when we announce which cabin wins each award.

Well, its been a long day and with the delay in the pics, I’m gonna cut this one short and head off to bed and get ready for the big night tomorrow. You guys have a good one and enjoy the pics. You’re almost there, only a few more days to go until you won’t have to look on the computer 5-10 times a day (some of y’all are laughing, some of y’all are wondering how we know how many times you really check the computer!!)

Y’all have a good one, I’m falling asleep……..

60 seconds from Skyline:

Carnival 4th 2014

Happy Sunday to ya parents!! Hope you guys had as good of a weekend as we did up here, but I highly doubt it! All the campers and counselors (and everyone else!!) truly enjoyed a little extra sleep this morning as we let everyone get a little extra snooze time before we all headed to breakfast of home made donuts and fruit, bacon, eggs and everything else that sounds too good to be true. After breakfast, it was back to the cabins for clean up and to get ready for Sunday school and church service. Our speaker was a youth director from Chattanooga that talked to everyone about everything God is and how he can handle all our problems much better than we can handle them.

After lunch it was time for a little rest hour before the biggest carnival on the mountain as we had all sorts of giant inflatable water slides, face painting, sno cones, hula hoopin’ contest, lawn bowling and tons more activities for all the girls to play in throughout the day. Of course we had the karaoke machine out too so everyone got to take their turn with the mic. There were lots stations too so be sure to check out the pics from carnival so you can see everything they did today.

Now after a full day of carnival all the campers were ready for counselor hunt tonight where all our counselors drew up in their best camp and do their best to hide from all the campers. We took all the campers to the other side of the river to give the counselors time to hide (against your campers…they need all the help they can get). It didn’t seem to help them though ‘cause once they rang that bell and it was time for the campers to start lookin’ they turned over every rock and leaf out there (literally). Now the best part about counselor hint is when the campers find a counselor they get to take that counselor back to the gym and see how many club points they’re worth. On top of that, they get to take the counselor home with them after camp!!! Just kidding parents, I wanted to see how many of y’all are still awake? Although alomxt all of the counselors were found, there were still a few that managed (somehow) to stay hidden from the continuous onslaught of the campers eyes. At the end of the night, the final results were……….Troopers 3rd, Rangers 2nd, and the Mighty Mounties in 1st place!!! Way to go girls, y’all earned a lot of club points tonight!

Its hard to believe that tomorrow we start our second week of the session and the last full week of camp all together! Time has flown by this session, it seems like only yesterday that we were just gettin’ to know each other on the blog! All the campers will be back in action in their activities and we’ll be right there gettin’ all the pics. Some of the campers tomorrow will take their out of camp trip to challenge the white waters of the Ocoee River up in Tennessee. I won’t get to go on that trip, but we’ll have pics from there and get them up to ya just as soon as they get back!

Tomorrow night you might think we’d slow things down a bit for everyone to get they legs back under them, but nope! We’re gonna pull our boots up by the boot straps and crank it up another notch as we have our sped challenge. This is where we’ll head back over to the sports field and have the wildest set of relays you’ve ever seen. they’ll include everything like shaving cream, hula hoops, push ups, wet sponges and lots more! All the campers love it and if you thought sponge battle looked crazy, just wait till you see tomorrow nights pics. its about the wildest time you’ve ever seen.

Its been a busy day and to tell ya the truth, I think i may have spent a little too much energy at the carnival ‘cause its really hard to type right now. I know if you guys have been keepin’ up with all the pics every night you’ve got to be was tired as I am. Ya’ll better get some rest too, ‘cause we’ve still got another week to go and were not takin’ our foot off the gas till the end of the session!!Ya’ll have a good night, I’m about to call it a night….

Weather on the mountain: a perfect day with a good breeze all day, they’re (who ever ‘they’ are) calling for some rain tonight, but its supposed to stop around 6 in the morning and then be another great day. I hope they’re right, there still plenty of fun to be had up here on the mountain!!!

Ya’ll have a good one!


60 seconds from Skyline:

Movie night!!!!

Hello Parents!
It’s been a great day up on the mountain and I’m hearing the weather next week will be unbelievable with lows in the 50s and highs in the 70s.  So those Cozy Camper sweatshirts and Riverside long sleeve t-shirts will be put to good use.  It will be a great way to end the summer.  Maybe your girls will feel tempted to finish their summer reading.  ;)
This was a sad day at camp because the sweet mini campers left.  They were sung a goodbye song as they exited breakfast and headed to their cabins for their parents to pick them up.  Several of these girls were ready to stay another week and literally hid in the cabin.  I remember my girls, after the two weeks, sending letters home asking to stay another session.  We actually have a camper that has been here all 4 sessions. But lunch was much quieter and I can tell you that the mini camper counselors are very lonely.  We miss you minis!
So off to activities I go…Quidditch was my first stop today across the river.  This is a great game for the true Harry Potter lovers.  I was on the Slytherin team as a Beater and actually got to hit the Chasers on the Gryffindor team with a Bludger to keep them from scoring a goal with a Quaffle.  The hardest part about the game is staying on a broomstick the whole time.   Then at the same time there was a Snitch that was hiding from the Seekers.  If you didn’t follow a thing I said, it’s ok.  I actually had to get a camper to spell these words out and a counselor to explain the game to me.  I basically just ran around on a broom throwing a ball and laughing. 
Now I was hot and working up a sweat so my next activity was the pool.  The best part about being “camp mom” is I get to choose my activities daily using your children as an excuse to have fun and cool off.  So I went to the pool where a game of  Star was being played by some while other just had their feet in the pool visiting.  Perfect!  I need to visit with all the campers so I sat on down next to some Riverside girls and just visited.  It’s always get tickled when I get to know someone who turns out to be from my hometown (Birmingham) and I know their mom and dad and go to church with them as well.  You must know that they have the nicest manners and indulge me in conversation.  Love it!
Ok I’m starving by now and thank goodness its lunchtime!  Lunch is my favorite meal with today being no exception.  Bar-b-q sandwiches, baked beans, pineapple and chips were on the menu but I turned it into a bar-b-q salad.  (I’m really not looking forward to going home and having to grocery shop and cook 3 meals.)  And I can’t go without cheese cake for desert.  Yum!  It’s a good thing I walk around all day and play games with the kids.  So the girls sing camp songs, I gave out a horseshoe clue and then its off to rest for an hour.  Shew!
For afternoon activities, I stopped into Advanced Gymnastics.  Wow!  These girls are amazing.  They can all do a back handspring, most can do a back handspring tuck, and a few can do a layout.  Each girl is focused on getting better at what she can do as they put together a routine for show time.  And a cool thing happened to me there when a camper came to me and said her parents went to college with me and her dad was in my wedding.  It’s such a small world! (Buzz)
The next activity I got to check out was Pottery.  Your girls are doing a great job creating mugs, necklaces and other creations.  Today everything was placed in the kiln so that next week they can paint them and have them ready to take home.  You will be very impressed.  They are as good as any of the pottery booths I saw at July Fest in Mentone last weekend.  So in the meantime the girls were painting the wall and leaving their mark for years of campers to enjoy.
After Pottery I was off to Musical Theater.  Now this is the largest group of campers to take this activity yet. Almost 30 girls are acting out Peter Pan.  Their voices are incredible with talent that is amazing.  It gives me chills to hear them sing.  My favorite song is Hana Mana Ganda when the girls say with so much conviction “A girl no doubt did first”.  They will perform a matinee for us on the last day of camp.  It’s really neat to see how much they can put together and learn in such a short time.  There is another activity at camp called Set Design and they make the backdrop and uniform for the play.  Incredible talent all the way around!
Our day ended with a nice, relaxing movie after dinner.  All the campers were together in their PJs with their pillow and blanket while they ate popcorn and enjoyed each other’s company on the tennis court.  As always a gathering by the campfire to end a beautiful day on the mountain with music and God’s Word was last on the list.  God is ____________.  You fill in the blank or ask your camper when you pick her up.  You will be amazed at what she will say.  
God Bless!
60 Seconds from Skyline:

Dance time 4th session 2014

Welcome back parents! today was a wonderful way to end the week with blue skies and a cool breeze throughout the day. As you probably saw in the photo of the day, some of our campers took advantage of the great day and took a peaceful canoe trip down Little River. I wish I was the one that took that picture, but our camp mom, Francis actually hopped in one of the kayaks and went with our canoe class to see what they did. I just gave her a camera and said to get whatever shots she could get and you can tell she enjoyed the trip as much as they did!

It was great to get out today and get some pics of the girls at circus and ropes course this afternoon, it was one after another shouting at me to get their picture as they flew through the course like they were walking on air. It’s hard to believe that only a week ago, most of ‘em were struggling to just go up some of the elements. Its amazing what they’ve learned in such a short time.

I got to hand it to the campers today, usually on dance day, theres a bunch of ‘em not wanting to get too involved at the end of the day (something about messin’ up their hair or getting to sweaty) but today they could have cared less as they were completely focused on reaching the top of the tower or making that perfect leap from the top of the zip line. It was really cool to see ‘em just want to have fun (Maybe that Cyndi Laupner song was right – remember it from the 80’s….you know, the REAL music!!) Anyway, they were all about their classes today and taking advantage of the cool temps and clear skies.

Before the boys from Camp Laney arrived we were treated to a great performance from our mini campers as they got out and showed the whole camp the dance routine they’ve been working on this past week. All the campers cheered ‘em on and even gave them a standin’ “O” when they finished. You should hav seen the smiles on those mini campers faces when everyone was cheering for them. Since they had done such a wonderful job on their dance, we let all th mini campers head off to the dining hall to enjoy a movie tonight while the rest of camp was at the dance. Don’t think they missed any of the dancing though as when they walked in the dinning hall, everyone of ‘em had their pillow and some even had their blanket as they settled in to get comfortable and have their own private viewin’. Only bad part os were sure gonna miss those guys when they head home tomorrow. Now for some of you first time camp parents out there, let me warn ya, your campers are gonna be happy to see ya in the mornin’ but don’t get your feeling’s hurt if they’re not happy about leaving!! Thats the truth!! So long Minis’ y’all have a great rest of the summer and we’ll see ya next year!! By the way parents, don’t worry about saving any of the pictures you’ve seen this week. when you pick up your mini camper tomorrow morning, each one of them will have a DVD with EVERY picture we’ve taken on it for you to take home!! (yes, 2 week parents, we’ll have one for ya’ll too!!)

Even though the campers were full speed ahead on their classes all day, it didn’t stop ‘em from looking dang near perfect tonight for the boys from Camp Laney when they arrived. All the campers started yellin’ like crazy when the buses with the boys got near. And when ‘Old Yeller (the school bus) pulled through the gate, our campers cranked it up another notch to a decible level that I didn’t know existed!! I felt sorry for the camp dogs just having to hear such a noise!!

When the guys got off the buses, they were treated to a human tunnel to lead ‘em out to the tennis courts where the dance was. you can see from the pics it didn’t take long for everyone to get movin’!! They danced to every song we played and all the campers from both camps had a blast all through the night.At the end of the night, it was time for the guys to go back home, I’m sure with pockets filled with notes containing email and instagram accounts. Not real sure how many of those had the real address, but thats a different story all together. know what I mean??

Tomorrow we’ll have another full day of classes (just in case the campers have any energy left) and we’ll end the day with , at this time of the summer, EVERYONE’S favorite activity, movie night. This is where all the campers will come to dinner dressed in their PJ’s and right after dinner, we’ll head back outside to watch a movie together on a giant inflatable screen! Of course, what would a movie be with out popcorn, so we’ll have a bag of fresh popped popcorn for every camper to sit back and settle down while they’re enjoin the movie. Based on past results, I’d say about half of our camp will NOT make it though the whole movie before the sandman comes to visit (now thats from a REAL oldie song!). Its a great night for all the campers to get their legs back under ‘em and get ready for the last week (after all the action this week, they’ll need the rest to make it through next week…..or that could just be me). Anyway, we’ll be there to get some shots at the beginning of the movie, they don’t likt it too much when I try to take pictures during the movie…go figure? )

Well, its been a great day with fun times at the dance tonight, but to be honest with ya parents, I’m about pooped!! I think I’m gonna leave it with y’all and head off to bed as I as I make all the DVD’s for the mini campers that are leaving tomorrow. Ya’ll have a great night and as a treat, Francis will be back tomorrow to bring ya all the highlights!!

Y’all have a good one, ‘cause like a slow kid in dodgeball……….I’mmmm outta here!!


60 seconds from Skyline:

Sponge Battle!! 4th 2014

A Wet and Wild helloooo to ya parents!!! it hasn’t been raining, as a matter of fact, it was a beautiful day up here, its just that with tonights activity, Sponge Battle, we had one heck of a wild time in the water!! If you haven’t already seen the pics, you don’t want to miss out on that!! Caroline is finishing the video as I type so that should be up in just a few minutes (long before I get finished……remember that blog from the first night about my typin’ skills??). Anyway, I’ll get more info to ya about tonight in a little while, so just keep readin’, but for now, lets start off at the beginnin’…..

Like I said it was a beautiful day up here with a cool breeze blown all day long. All the campers are real lying enjoying each class and the one thing we all love about 4th session is that everyone is so laid back. It makes the whole day fun for everyone!! Now even though its been another long day (don’t worry, I didn’t have to make another trip to Chattanooga!) the campers and I are full of energy. Their’s is from all the excitement of the classes today and the fun game of sponge battle tonight…..mine is from the Red Bull and the case of Moon pies in my office (to each his own!!). Anyway, everyone is bouncing a lll around camp and you can see smiles from ear to ear on all the campers. There defiantly were big smiles today out at the circus class where those girls were doin’ some amazing tricks on the trapeze and the Mexican Cloud swing. Even the girls that were workin’ on their ground acts were knockin’ it outta the ball park with their new abilities of ‘plate spinning’….just wait till they get home and want to show ya !!!!!! (with your plates!!)

I didn’t have to walk far to see the next set of campers clownin’ around (no pun intended) at the V swing. They were more than happy to make some great faces as they went off the swing! If you look carefully enough, you’ll see I was able to catch the EXACT moment one of the campers was walking across the aerial log and started to lose her balance. If they say a picture is worth a thousand words, then her expression is worth about 100 grand!!! She may have not been smiling, but the rest of the campers around there sure had a big smile and a laugh!!

The funny thing is, its like that in every class. Everywhere I go, they’re just having a good ol’ time enjoyin’ the activities and each other, and heres the best part. There isn’t an iphone or ipad around anywhere!!! Remember when kids were able to have fun without those dad gum things!!! Well, these girls are learnin’ it its not just OK to be unplugged, its downright awesome!!

Funny thing happened today. I guess a lot of the campers spend their pre camp time reading the blogs from the previous sessions, ‘cause they called me today about a rat snake down by the rifle range (girls with guns….and they call ME about a snake??). Now this happened once before last session (different location, different snake?) and when I got that one, I tried to keep him hidden from the campers but they all saw him and came to me and wanted to pet him and decided to name him Mr. Bojangles!! (honestly). Now today, thank goodness, I was busy and Mr. Pickle decided to take care of the situation for me. He tried the same technique of taking the snake off to the woods, but before he could get there, some campers saw him with it and immediately wanted to pet him and one said “Hey! Lets name him Mr Bojangles like the one from last session!!” They all agreed and continued to want to pet Mr. Bojangles!!! (who are these girls?) Now Mr. Bojangles didn’t seem to mind but before it got outta hand (the situation, not the snake…don’t be silly!) we decided it would be best to send him on his way across the street so he could find a happy home over there, much to the disappointment of the campers. Sorry girls….but it was time for Mr. Bojangles to hit the road!!!!

Now tonight after dinner all the campers got into their bathing suits and went over to the sports field where we played Sponge Battle! I explained it last night and it pretty extensive, so if you’re not sure how to play, just read last nights blog (you ought to be readin’ it every night anyway!! just for fun!!). As soon as they counted down to start the game, all the girls ran all over the field to grab the sponges and water balloons trying to get water back in their container without getting hit by a water balloon or wet sponge thrown from a camper in another club. And just to make sure there was enough water to go around, the Mentone Fire Department decided to show up and help out with a little thing called the water cannon as they sprayed water on every inch of the field and every camper that was on it!!! Talk about having fun ‘playin’ in the rain!!!’. If you haven’t seen any of the videos yet be sure to check out this one, ‘cause you ain’t gonna believe how much fun those girls were havin’ and how much water was comin’ down on that field. When you look at the video, you can even catch a shot of when they got the water a little too close to my toy,…um… I mean business tool, of a flying camera. Just keep lookin’ at the video and you’ll see what the definition of ‘get outta Dodge’ looks like when they shoot a stream of water at my camera!! It was a great night and when you look at all the pics, it wont take long to see from their faces all the campers had a blast!! As a matter of fact, as everyone was coming off the field, one of the counselors turned to Sally and said “I’m jealous, why didn’t we ever have this game when I was a camper? This was FUN to play!!!” Yes, their ‘job’ description is to run around a field throwing water balloons or wet sponges at each other while the fire department sprays everyone down with a huge water hose……You thinkin’ it may be time for a career change??? We’ll start taking new counselor applications next fall!! (just kidding….I already know all you moms want Francis’s job!)

Well after all the excitement of the water and sponges and slip and slide and fire department (oh the list can go on forever and ever!) the final results of the competition were………Troopers 3rd, Rangers 2nd, and the Mighty Mounties 1st!!!! Way to go girls!!

Now tomorrow we’ll busy again in the classes and having more fun than the law should allow but we won’t let that stop us up here! it’ll be back to arts and crafts, gymnastics (did you see the picture of the day?? Thats what a back handspring looks like from the gym mat! Love the wrinkles on the forehead….she was working hard on that one!!). and I’m sure camp will be abuzz about the evening activity. Thats right folks, its dance night!! We’ll have the guys from Camp Laney over here to enjoy some good old fashioned dance time. Ok, maybe it wont be ‘old fashioned’ they keep playing songs from someone called “One Direction and Saleena Gomez…so much for the good music of the 80’s- they incorrectly call that music “oldies” now- these are the same girls that wanted to pet the snake…..don’t trust their judgement!!. Anyway, we’ll be right there in the middle of it all (and above it all) getting you the pics and videos so you can see who your camper is dancin’ with!! We’ll bring it to ya just as fact as we can when everyone is finished shakin’ and groovin’ (do they still do that).

Well its been a long day (they ALL are by now- I’m sure they’re gettin’ pretty long to all of you if you stay up to read this every night!) so I’m gonna head out and try to go to sleep. Theres no more Red Bull and only a few more boxes of Moon Pies left but maybe I’ll save them for the morning! You guys enjoy the pics and the video and I’ll be back here tomorrow night with all the action from the day and the dance.

Oh yea, one more thing, were having a little competition with another camp about facebook likes so be sure to click the “like” button on our facebook page and share that sucker with all your friends so they can see the pics and updates about your camper too (they can click ‘like’ too!!).

Weather on the mountain: Its cool, its dark, I should be in bed!! Supposed to be sunny skies tomorrow and that will make for a great Friday leading up to a cool clear dance night under the stars out on the tennis courts!!

Y’all have a good one, click ‘like’ and get some rest, you’re almost half way there with only one week to go, theres still lots of pics so don’t burn that candle at both ends (unless you have Red Bull and Moon Pies that is!!)

have a good one,

60 Seconds from Skyline:

Get Skyline back!! 4th 2014

Hello to ya’ll parents! I hope you guys enjoyed getting to read Francis’s blog last night as much as I did! Its always fun to read what someone else got to see in camp that day. well, today was my day to be back in camp and be your eyes and ears for all the happenin’s around here. It was another great day up here ta camp as all the campers are in full go mode for their activities. You can see in todays pics they were busy at horseback and arts and crafts as well as dance for our mini campers. I can’t wait to see their dance when they get it finished! I’ll be sure to get some pics so you guys playing along at home can see it too!

This afternoon the campers were all about the ropes course and circus, flying through the air with the greatest of ease. I’m plannin’ on spending more time out there tomorrow with the camera to bring ya more of those shots so if your camper is in those classes, be sure to check back tomorrow to see the action.

Now tonight those campers burned any energy they had left (how do they still have any) when we played a game that all the campers love called “Get Skyline Back”. the game starts out with a bang when during a quiet normal dinner, some Laney boy counselors (not really, they were our counselors dressed as the Laney guys) busted in and would you believe, those boy counselors grabbed our club leaders, the club flags, and even their club boxes!! Not to worry though, since your campers were already dressed in their club colors (coincidence maybe), it didn’t tai ‘em long to organize in their clubs and for a SAR (search and Rescue) mission. All the campers had to do was get 4 campers around the legs of the counselors to get their leaders and their good back to ‘em. There was this one little problem though, all the counselors were armed with stuffed socks (again with the socks??) and if a camper was hit by a stuffed sock, well then,, all they had to do was report to the scorers table and they were back in the game. The club to get their leaders and goods back with the fewest number of hits was the winner! I gotta tell ya folks, this girls went all out to rescue their leaders as they formed all sorts of attack angles to get after those nasty counselors! and I’m happy to report that after several major skirmishes and several hundred socks launched through the air, the campers all overcame the counselors defenses and were able to rescue their leaders. Those campers showed all kinds of heart and character as they gave it their all coming in wave after wave to get their leaders back. You can see form all the pics the determination they had in getting to those counselors! At the end of the night, the final results were………(you hear that drum roll in your head again?)…………..Mounties 3rd, Rangers 2nd, and the Terrific Troopers in 1st place!!!!! Way to go girls!!

No tomorrow we’ll be back in the activities and Callie and I will be out there trying to get ya all the shots (just what you needed…. more time on the computer!) so be sure to check back in throughout the day and we’ll keep posting the pics.

Tomorrow night were gonna have what has become one of the favorite night time activities of all the campers. SPONGE BATTLE!! This is where each club will get an area of the sports field and they’ll have 3 water containers in their area they’ll be trig to get as much water in as possible. While at the same time, they’ll be trying to get to the other clubs areas and get water out of their containers. Sounds pretty easy right?? well…….. We’ll have about 200 sponges and water balloons out there for them to use at water transport tools and if you get tagged by a wet sponge or water balloon while trying to get water to your clubs container, you have to drop and freeze until someone in your club comes by and touches you to get you back in the game (with 250 girls running around throwing sponges and water balloons, it won’t take long at all till someone comes by and ‘free’s’ you). Oh yea, jet for kicks, we’ll have a giant slip and slide out in the middle just for some fun if you need to take a break from the water tossin’. Now THAT sounds like fun right???? Well…… theres more! (Its starting to sound like a commercial….) Just to add to the chaos (like we need any help with that!), Mentone’s own volunteer fire department will be on sight with their tanker truck and big nozzle truck to make sure theres plenty of water to go around for everyone. Its about the craziest thing you’ve ever seen when they crank up the hoses and start spraying the whole field. You definitely don’t want to miss out on the pics from this!! and believe it or not, we’ll even have the cameras out there to catch the action (ok, not the big camera, but we’ll get you the shots, trust me! we’ll even break out some of the new toys to get you some great views, you’ll see!!)

Weather on the mountain: it was a great day up here, we did have some thunder roll through early this afternoon, but not much rain and as soon as it was quiet agin, everyone was back out in their activities. Hopefully the weather will keep up and we’ll have plenty of sun N fun to go around tomorrow! Its cooled off now and its about just perfect to let your body recharge with some much needed sleep.

Well, its been a long day (you have no idea how long its been for me!) and I’m about to head off to get some VERY much needed sleep. Before I go, I do want to thank Francis for filling in for me last night, I was a little busy heading to Chattanooga and for the first time, early (very early!!) this morning…. (I can’t believe I’m about to say this)…becoming a Granddad!!!

Y’all have a great night, I’m heading off to bed (I’m starting to feel my age!!!!!!)

Have a good one, we’ll leave the lights on for ya!
(granddad) LJ

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