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Packing for Camp - the tricks of the trade

Tricks of packing is what you will see here today! From the youngest to the oldest, we will share tips on how to prepare your daughter for the best camp experience of her life!

Our first packing tip is for our youngest campers and came directly from former mini camp counselors! Compartmentalize outfits in gallon sized ziplock bags. We recommend this for girls aged 6-10 (though we have had Riverside girls that swear by it). It helps counselors distinguish clean clothes from dirty clothes and helps girls find independence in picking out what they want to wear. We also highly recommend sending multiple extra outfits and underwear(!) in the event they wear two or three outfits in a day.

Things to know:
- The more you label your camper’s belongings, the more likely it will come back home. That includes all towels, sheets, rain jackets, underwear, swimsuits, water bottles, shoes, and more. You’d be amazed at what our lost and found looks like at the end of the summer!
- Limit decorative pillows and stuffed animals, as they often end up on the floor.
- Bring pictures to hang with tape near your bunk.
- You can wear your normal outfit, a nice outfit, or a fun outfit for the dance. It’s nice to have options.
- Camp is not the best place to bring brand new shoes, try buying any shoes for camp 3-4 weeks ahead of time to break them in.
- Backless shoes such as flip flops are only allowed in the shower (and no where else).
- Sometimes we wear 2-3 outfits a day at camp!

Items last year’s counselors highly encourage packing:

For ALL campers
- shoe bag with clear pockets
- trunk (suitcases just don’t cut it)
- lots of sunscreen and bug spray
- jeans and one sweat shirt
- only shoes with backs are allowed (even for the dance! no flip flops)
- family addresses
- a red, blue, and green shirt for first year campers!
- tape

For younger campers:
- extra outfits
- extra underwear
- de-tangler spray
- pre stamped and pre addressed envelops

For older girls:
- water bottle (it is more likely for younger girls to lose theirs and we have plenty of water fountains!)
- rain jacket
- extra club spirit to share with new campers!

Lice! The Who, What, When, Where, and Why.

Today, we are going to debunk the pesky buggers that everyone knows of – lice! Lice are six legged parasites that survive off of blood, kind of like a mosquito.

Myth #1 we will de-bunk: Lice prefer clean hair/ dirty hair. We hear this one a lot, they actually have no preference at all! Lice have been found on an abundance of clean and dirty heads all around the world.

Myth #2: Lice can jump or fly. Lice are wingless and may leave you wondering, “well then why did I hear that story of the 1st grade class that all got them?” The number one way lice spread is head to head/ hair to hair direct contact. Note: This is not by hairbrush or hair ties! This often happens when your hair touches someone else’s and serves as a “bridge” for the lice.

Myth #3: Only children can get lice. False! Adults can also get lice, especially those working closely with a large population such as children. Just like teachers are more exposed to colds and flus, they are also more likely to be exposed to lice. Larger populations means a great reality of exposure.

Myth #4: Hair gel is a good deterrent for lice. Not necessarily. A few good deterrents include regular checking, combing wet hair with a lice comb, mint shampoo, and wearing your hair in a braid, pony tail, or bun. Loose hair is more likely to make contact with other hair.

Myth #5: Lice will never happen to my child or me. Let’s hope so but if it does, no biggie! Lice is one of the number one reasons cited for student absences and sales statistics of lice products indicate that there are over 12 million cases of head lice each year!

Myth #6: If infected, ALL of our items have to be washed. Lice can rarely survive for more than 24 hours off of a host. Remember, lice live on you, not in your home with you! If you isolate exposed clothing, bedding, brushes, etc. for 24 hours, the lice will die naturally.

Myth #7: If my daughter has lice at camp, she will be sent home. Here at Camp Skyline, we take care of the pesky buggers with our friends at Lice Solutions of Nashville. They will treat your daughter and she will jump right back into activities.

Myth #8: My daughter caught lice at camp! While this is possible, this is the reason we do a lice check for every counselor and camper upon arrival and also why we teamed up with Lice Solutions. We not only want our campers to have a great experience as a Skyline cutie, but we also want you to have a great experience bringing your camper home.

The week before you head to camp, go ahead and check your daughter’s head! Lice have lived on humans for thousands of years and will continue to bug us for years to come. Feel free to also check out our partner Lice Solutions, at

Preparing for Camp! Let the countdown begin!

This week, we are going to bring you the do’s and do not’s of preparing for camp! From former parents, counselors, and alum, we plan to provide you with years of camping experience. Pull out your note pad, favorite pen, and get ready to jot some tips down!!!

One of the first places you will visit on opening day is our infirmary! Camp check-in goes smoothly if all medical forms are completed prior to camp. Also, make sure to have those medications ready for our nurses! No medications are allowed in the cabin but are instead individually distributed by our Nurses to our campers. Another important portion of our medical check in on opening day is our lice check! “Lice” is sometimes considered a scary word and tomorrow we are going to de-myth the bug for all of you!

Skyline Infirmary

Calling All Age Outs


The Leadership Training (LT) Program registration forms are due a week from tomorrow! Such a fun experience and you do not want to miss out. Make sure you print, fill out, and fax, email, or post mark the form by next FRIDAY, MAY 1st.
Forms are located on our website here:

If you have any questions, email

LT team building


Theme Video Release!

Make Your Mark OFFICIAL THEME VIDEO RELEASE is here!! Hope you are as excited as we are for the summer to get here all ready. Can’t wait for y’all to be back on the mountain because we have lots of memories to make!

59 days and counting…

Use this link to watch:

#tbt Themes of Old

Who can name these summer themes from Skyline past? Extra bonus points if you can identify the year too! ‪#‎tbt‬ ‪#‎themeweek‬

Remember the Make Your Mark theme video release is tomorrow! Like below if you’re excited!

Past Summer Themes


Our #womancrushwednesday this week is the Noble Woman in Proverbs 31!

#makeyourmark #themeweek

Proverbs 31

Make Your Mark

Curious to know the title of our summer theme?

Wait no more! It’s “MAKE YOUR MARK”!

“Make Your Mark” will illustrate how we can impact, change, or mark the world as a follower of Christ. Ways we can make and invisible God, visible in all aspects of our lives.

We will discuss how Christ calls to make a difference in the world through things like love, service, friendship, prayer, forgiveness, our example, and more.

What you do makes a difference. Everyday. So what kind of difference will YOU make?

P.S. Get excited for the THEME VIDEO RELEASE on FRIDAY! Here is a teaser snap shot of our Camp Mom, Mrs. Lindsey, and her family who are in it!

Theme Video

It's 2015 THEME WEEK y'all!

Part of our mission at Skyline is to enrich our campers in the joy and importance of developing a close walk with God. Each summer, we work hard to create a theme to help us leave the mountain understanding more of God’s love for us and how we can live a life aligned with Him.

So, get excited for daily posts, this week, revealing sneak peeks about our theme for this summer and the things God is preparing our hearts to learn!!

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:8-10

Theme Week 2015

4th Session Nurses 2015

Last but not least, we have our 4th Session nurses! One of who is brand new to the crew this summer! We think these ladies would put together one fun VMA, don’t you think?

[1 of 2]

Shari Busby

Shari Busby, RN
-Years at Skyline: 4
-Skyline Connection: My daughter Caroline is a camper.
-Favorite Skyline meal: Snickerdoodles!
-Favorite part about being a camp nurse: Skyline is a wonderful retreat from everyday life. Seeing the girls let loose and have fun makes my day. I love being a part of the nurse staff each summer!
**Fun Fact: Shari helps the admin by bringing some fellow nurses to help with the check in process on opening day to make sure it runs smoothly for everyone. So we can all thank her helping us get settled in asap!

[2 of 2]

Amy Dempsey

Amy Dempsey, RN
Years at Skyline: First year!
Skyline Connection: My oldest daughter, Cade, was a mini camper for the first time last summer and will return for 2 weeks this summer. My middle daughter, Callie, will come as a first time mini camper.
Favorite Skyline meal: I’m betting Skyline has some awesome chicken fingers. My sweet tooth daughter said the desserts are the best!
Favorite part about being a camp nurse: I’m looking most forward to getting to know and taking care of the Skyline family and secretly excited about “going to camp”!
**Fun Fact: Amy is a labor and delivery nurse!

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