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Morning Watch is a special time led by our awesome counselors. Each morning we begin this day with a devotion that is centered around our overall theme. The theme is divided among the 2 weeks at camp and that is what the counselors draw from to create a devotional. Several songs are sung followed by a brief devotion and prayer all before breakfast. It’s a great way to start the day and it’s completed at campfire by digging a little deeper into the theme at the end of the day. We even incorporate Morning Watch into our Mother-Daughter Weekends.

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Camper Louise said it perfectly in a recent video clip…”Before breakfast, you go to this place where there will be these two counselors that would read from the Bible and sing songs, and then at campfire that night after our nighttime activities we would learn about God and talk about the same topic.”.

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I have interviewed many alumnae and all of them have something to say about how Morning Watch has impacted their life in some way. Marian LaRussa Phillips said, “ The Holy Spirit was “set” in me unknowingly. Morning Watch was such a great way to start each day at camp. So as I grew up, and still to this day, I begin each morning with a devotion. When I went through chemo, due to breast cancer, I sang camp songs I remembered Polly singing around the campfire. It became an important part of my recovery and faith in Jesus knowing all would be ok.”

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