Marian LaRussa Phillips

Marian is from Birmingham, Alabama and married to Steve Phillips. They still live in Birmingham and have 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren. Marian attended Skyline as a camper for 8 years and was a counselor for 1 year. All 3 of her girls attended Skyline as well. She was a Mountie but interestingly not all of her girls were Mounties. I’m sure this was the object of discussion at many family dinners. Read below to learn more about our awesome alumnae, Marian.

What makes Skyline special to you?

The Holy Spirit was “set” in me unknowingly. Morning Watch was such a great way to start each day at camp. So as I grew up, and still to this day, I begin each morning with a devotion. When I went through chemo, due to breast cancer, I sang camp songs I remembered Polly singing around the campfire. It became an important part of my recovery and faith in Jesus knowing all would be ok.

What is your favorite camp memory?

I loved the last night of camp. Banquet Night and finding out who wins the cups was always so exciting. I also loved vespers with the counselors singing on the canoes as they paddled down Little River.

What life skills did you learn at camp?

Again Morning Watch was a daily devotional that started each day off right. I continued that morning devotion and it prepared me through the hardships in life we all go through.

How has Skyline’s mission statement, “Enriching young girls in God, relationships and self”, impacted your life?

It was something I have passed on to my children. All 3 of my girls went to skyline!