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There are twelve camps near the Little River: eight in the general Mentone area and four on the mountain just across the Georgia line. Every April several of the camp owners and directors gather together to pray for the upcoming summer. Each camp prays together on Lookout Mountain and this year we thought it might be nice to share our “Blessing for the Camps” with our camp families. Please pray with us the following prayer…

Dear Lord, You are amazing and great, Lord. We thank You for the ministry of our camps, and the opportunity it gives children, ages 6 to 106, to encounter You in an awesome way. We pray our campers develop new skills, make new friends, and have the opportunity to take healthy risks. And we especially pray they grow closer to you.

We pray for our counselors as they love these campers in a way that shines Christ Jesus. We pray for the Holy Spirit to lead their conversations. Open the hearts of each camper and counselor as he or she learns more about how wonderful You are, Lord, and that they appreciate Your creation by enjoying the outdoors.

We pray for the safety of ALL our staff including our office staff who work so diligently to prepare us for our camp families, our maintenance staff who work hard to keep our camps looking nice and working properly, and all our extended families who help out in multiple ways.

We pray for the physical and mental health of our campers and staff. And Lord, please give our admin the strength to endure whatever is thrown our way. Give us the words to comfort the homesick campers and counselors. And give us the words to work through any emotional or behavioral issues that arise.

We pray for the safety of all our camps. We know Lord that you are in control and that you will be with all of us on campus and off. Please protect each one of us as we go through the weeks of summer camp.

Thank You, Lord, for Your mercy and grace. Thank You, Lord, for allowing us to witness the power of Your love as it changes lives. Help us to remember that everything we do is done solely to bring You honor and glory.

In Jesus’ precious and holy name, we pray, Amen.

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