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We are so excited to be preparing for our upcoming Mother-Daughter weekend which will be April 19-21. This weekend will be filled with all of the fun camp activities and food which will give you a little taste of camp. This is such a great way to see if camp would be a good fit for your daughter, try out camp before she comes for the first time or just spend a weekend with your daughter.

The weekend begins Friday after checking in and this year check-in may look a little different due to our office construction. Once you check in you will be able to put your things in the cabin. We will put multiple families in a cabin together and people who have requested each other will also be together in your cabin.

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We welcome everyone at the gym and give those who have never been here a tour of camp. After dinner, we then go to the gym and sign up for activities. At Mother Daughter you will get the chance to sign up for 8 activities that you and your daughter will take together during the weekend. After the activity sign-ups we will play a fun mom-daughter game and end the night around the campfire with S’mores.

Saturday morning we will start the day at Morning Watch, like we do each morning during the summer followed by a delicious breakfast in the Dining Hall and then start the morning with activities. Moms and daughters will be zip-lining, riding horses, creating crafts, painting pottery, canoeing, shooting rifles, hitting bullseyes at archery, and flying on the trapeze at Circus. After lunch the fun doesn’t stop other activities like the climbing tower, canoeing, painting, yoga and the v-swing will be filled with lots of laughter. After dinner, everyone will play a camp-wide nighttime activity, one that we typically play in the summertime. We will end this evening at campfire just like we do at camp in the summer.

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Sunday will start with morning watch and then we will eat delicious homemade donuts, finishing up the last two activities that you have signed up for before the weekend comes to a close after lunch. We cannot wait to see the Moms and daughters who have signed up to come to our Spring Mother-Daughter weekend.

We also plan to have a Mother-Daughter Weekend in August and we will open signups for that in May.

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