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Archives for August, 2010

Anybody Campsick?

I have recently seen a lot of campers and counselors facebook status as “Campsick.” Well ladies I am campsick too! Even though I am at camp 5 days a week it is still not the same. I greatly miss having a laugh or two during meals, hugs from minis and Riversiders alike, and the smiles!

Nothing is better than seeing a first time camper or a 10 year camper smile while they are coming off the v-swing, or showing their skills at Showtime. Without campers… Skyline is just a piece of property. You all make Skyline come alive!

Well guess what ladies… I have a cure for campsickness! It is our fall Mother/Daughter weekend It is coming up in a few short weeks September 11 & 12. Bring your mom to camp so she can see what makes Skyline so special. You and your mom can zip down the zipline, ride a horse, swing on the trapeeze, paddle a canoe and much more!

Mother/Daughter weekend is also a great way to introduce Skyline to a friend who might be intersted in coming next summer. Check out our Mother/Daughter page to find out more information and to sign up!

We Miss You!