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Archives for April, 2011

It Is Head Counselor Introduction Time - Day 5

Savannah Grantham – Summerplace Head Counselor

Summerplace Head Counselor

1. Name: Savannah Rae Grantham

2. Years at camp: 4 – after this summer

3. School: Enterprise State Community College (Go Weevils)

4. Actvities you are involved in and outside of school: Entertainers Show Choir, Assistant to the Children’s Ministries Director at Enterprise First United Methodist, Working at The Consignment C.A.T., Upward Sports volunteer, Being an Army wife, Lovin’ on my fantastic dog, Molly

Your favorite spot at camp and why? 5. I love the pre-game for night time activities in the Gym. There is SO MUCH energy in every girl’s face. Even after the longest, hottest day you can help but get pumped for whatever going on that night. It’s exciting to get to pull out all the stops and go crazy for no reason. =]

6. Why do you keep coming back to camp? I come back to camp for the people. Coming to camp every summer just picks up right where it left off in the previous one. You get to hang with people you haven’t seen in forever just like you saw them only yesterday; all the while making new relationships to build on in the summers to come. It’s a never ending family. The Meatloaf is pretty great, too. It’s actually my 3rd favorite food.

7. How has God impacted your life at Camp or because of Camp? Every year at Skyline, God continues to show me the impact that anyone can have on anyone else. In the smallest ways, everyone gives and takes form each other, and each person benefits. It’s so funny to hear campers talk about how much they learned from their counselors… They have no idea how much we grow through them.

It Is Head Counselor Introduction Time - Day 4

Riverside Head – Maddie McGraw

Riverside Head Counselor

1. Name: Maddie McGraw

2. Years at camp: 5th year on staff

3. School: University of Georgia

4. What you are involved in and outside of school? I am studying camp management as a Recreation and Leisure Studies major. I enjoy frolicking through the woods, playing my native american wood flute, planting gardens, hammocking in my ENO, and eating guacamole. I go to a house church-that’s a church in a house-and seek to engage in fellowship no matter the cause. This past year I served as the recruiting chair and new member mentor of my sorority and I currently work at a recreation department after school program implementing fun while running around like mad with kindergarteners. Oh, and sometimes I study too.

5. Your favorite spot at camp and why? My favorite spot at camp is anywhere Mary Gray is. Ha! But really, its obviously the river. I like dipping my Chaco-laden feet in the water, and listening to the dull roar of the waterfall.

6. Why do you keep coming back to camp? Jesus brings me back to camp every year. Its all about relationships and fostering them in His name. I’m not talking about the “Hello my name is…” kind of relationships, I’m talking about a biblical Timothy to Paul relationship. As counselors we’re given the incredible opportunity to pour into our campers and each other, to make a lifetime investment. I keep coming back so that I can continue to love on the people at Skyline and continue to be loved on by them.

7. How has God impacted your life at Camp or because of Camp? Ha, I could write a novel on this one. Through camp, God has deepened my understanding of servant leadership, taught me how to receive His love, initiated such sweet intimate fellowship in friendships, and taught me how to walk in His boldness. I cannot disconnect the camp experience from God’s presence throughout it, because then my entire understanding of what camp is would be altered. He moves through love on that mountain, and you better bet your bottom dollar that He is going to do radical things this summer as well! People get ready!

It Is Head Counselor Introduction Week - Day 3

Hut Row Head – Mary Ellen McElroy

Hut Row Head at Camp Skyline

1. Name: Mary Ellen “Melon” McElroy

2. Years at camp: 8 years as a camper, 4 years as a counselor

3. School: The University of Alabama

4. What are you involved in and outside of school? The Capstone College of Nursing (pretty much takes up all my time), Alpha Gamma Delta

5. Your favorite spot at camp and why? I really love the gym steps where everyone hangs out during Beli-Deli! It gives all the counselors a chance to hang out with our girls outside of the cabin and allows us to hang out with each other as well. Of course, it’s right across from Beli-Deli as well, which is always an added bonus when you just can’t resist that M&M Ice Cream Sandwhich.

6. Why do you keep coming back to camp? I keep coming back to camp for the relationships that I have formed over the past 12 years. We are not just friends who get to see each other for a couple weeks a year, but these relationships follow us back to our homes and schools. Whenever someone comes to visit, there is never a lull in the conversation. We all jump right back into where we were when we left camp!

7. How has God impacted your life at camp or because of camp? I was born into a religious family who attended church every Sunday, but Camp Skyline is where everything just “clicked” for me. Going to Sunday School seemed like just something you did when you were younger, but the wonderful counselors at camp were able to show me what a true relationship with Christ was like. I learned that I was just going through the motions in what I thought was a relationship with Christ, but my eyes were opened. I continue to grow in my spiritual walk every summer that I return to camp and I can’t wait to grow even further this summer.

It is Head Counselor Introduction Week - Day 2

Riverside Head – Mary Gray

Camp Skyline for Girls Head Counselor

1. Name: Mary Gray

2. Years at camp: 6 camper, 4 counselor. I missed one summer and it was like skipping Christmas!!

3. School: The University of the South, aka Sewanee!

4. What you are involved in and outside of school? Yearbook editor, working (and living!) at Stirling’s Coffee House, writing for the newspaper, sacristan in All Saints’ chapel on campus, tutoring at a nearby high school, Community Engagement House co-director next year, radio station secretary, Catechumenate (small groups). I also just applied for a position that would let me lead community kids in creating and managing their own radio show! Keeping my fingers crossed that it works out!!

5. Your favorite spot at camp and why? Probably the Riverside porch! So many awesome conversations and hilarious moments have taken place there!! Also, I just really love rocking chairs, what can I say.

6. Why do you keep coming back to camp? Most definitely because of the relationships i have with campers and staff. Every year it’s amazing to be able to build on those and create new ones. Also, the growth that camp allows. I’m always inspired and challenged. It’s an adventure!!

7. How has God impacted your life at Camp or because of Camp? Through camp, God has shown me that everyone has gifts and a story to tell. We all have something to teach and to learn! Camp’s taught me that loving other people and giving fully of yourself to them is a genuine way to connect with God. Even on the occasional tough day, there’s this sense of joy and community that we feel in everything we do at camp, and i’ve realized that’s God, just hanging out with us.

It is Head Counselor Introduction Week - Day 1

Each day this week Skyline will be announcing our five Head Counselors for Summer 2011! We are very excited to have these five ladies leading their perspective areas of camp! Check back each day to get to know the Head Counselors of Camp Skyline!

Hut Row Head – Brennen Riddle

1. Name: Brennen Riddle

2. Years at camp: 10-camper 4-counselor (including this summer)

3. School: Ole Miss. Hotty Toddy

4. Involvement in and outside of school: Member of Kappa Delta Sorority, Campus Crusade, Hope for Africa, and Ole Miss Outdoors. Volunteer at North Mississippi Regional Center for kids with special needs, volunteer with Girl Scouts of America, volunteer coach at the YMCA for 5 year old soccer teams.

5. Favorite spot at camp and why: My favorite spot is probably morning watch just because it’s so beautiful, and it’s always such a good pick-me-up early in the mornings. :)

6. Why do you keep coming back to camp? I keep coming back to camp because I’ve met some of my best friends at Skyline through being a camper and counselor. And the campers I’ve had play a big part in my return, also. I always say there’s no better feeling than having a little girl run up to hug you on opening day after not seeing her for a year!

7. How has God impacted your life at Camp or because of Camp? I get so much closer to God every summer I’m at Skyline. There’s such an obvious presence of Him everywhere you go at camp, and that’s one of the reasons I love it. God really impacted my life through camp when my father died and I have Skyline to thank for keeping my faith so strong during a time like that.