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Sock Wars

Hellooooo again parents!!!

Well, I guess by now most of ya’ll are gettin’ used to the website and the new picture section. If you’re readin’ this then you’re doing something right! (your camper would be so proud of you and your computer skills!!)

Today was a picture perfect day to start off this sessions classes as all the campers were out and about learning the ins and outs of the ropes course, circus, horseback and of course trying out the new pool!! Tomorrow we’ll hit it fast and furious as there won’t be any instruction time, just get to class and start having fun! We’ll be in the full swing of the classes from the first bell all throughout the day.

As you can see from tonight’s pics, the campers were all decked out in their club colors as they battled each other all around camp throwing socks to defend their club captains and club flags. Now I’m not saying some of those girls weren’t athletic, but if I didn’t know any better, I’d swear some of those socks were thrown in my direction on purpose. You’d hear a group of girls laugh every time a sock would tag the helpless cameraman (me!!!) out there just trying to get some pictures. It was pretty funny to watch an older camper work hard to sneak up on a group of unsuspecting campers in another club and right before she could throw her socks at ‘em to tag ‘em…. A mini camper (6-8 yrs old) walked up right behind her and hit her with her own sock. As the commercial says…priceless!!! There were socks bein’ thrown all through the air as one club mounted an attack on another club and back and forth all night. Ft. Payne may be the sock capital of the world, but I’m pretty dad gum sure that Camp Skyline is the “Stuffed Sock” capital of the world!! At last count there were over 600 stuffed socks being tossed at each other tonight. (If you ever need to clean out an old sock drawer at home…this is a pretty good idea!!) Before I forget, tonights results for Sock Wars is…..Rangers 3rd, Troopers 2nd and the awesome Mounties 1st!! Way to go girls!!!

Tomorrow will be picture day here at camp and if case you didn’t see what color your camper was wearing tonight, you’ll definitely be able to tell tomorrow once we get all the club and cabin pics up and on line. Now here’s something you’ll want to make sure of… Club colors!!! I’m not saying its life or death, but small family feuds have been known to break out if a parent gets the campers club wrong. Red is for the Mounties, Blue is for the Rangers, and Green is for the Troopers…or something like that, sometimes I forget myself.

Like I said before (you were listening weren’t you?) tomorrow will be picture day and then tomorrow night we’ll all get together to play (back by popular demand from the campers)….“Underground railroad”. This is where the counselors will dress up like boys (bounty hunters) and then position themselves around camp. Each group of girls will try to make their way across camp to a secret meeting place without being seen by one of the bounty hunters. If they’re about to be seen by one of the bounty hunters, the whole group has to duck down and pretend like they’re a rock (called ‘bouldering”) and not move. If a bounty hunter sees a camper wiggle, laugh, or just plain move, they get to take that camper to the jail. Now don’t go worrying about any camper being in jail, our girls aren’t gonna leave anyone behind. They’ll just have to alter their travel plans and make their way to the jail to break out their cabinmate and then they all get to continue on their way to their secret meeting place.

Anyway, it’s a fun game and all the girls love it trying to make their way through camp while bouldering down (sorry UGA fans…I refuse to say ‘hunker down’) when a bounty hunter gets close. I’ll be out there trying to get all the pics for ya so you can watch all the action.

Well, its been a great day up here and there still lots of fun to come during the next 2 weeks, so you guys be sure to pace yourselves and don’t burn out that keyboard trying to keep up with all the pics. You’ll have plenty of time to look through ‘em all and I know its hard to believe that your campers can actually have LOTS of fun without their parents being here, but I’m sorry to inform ya that its true.

Since this is one of the earliest nights I’ll be able to get out of the office and head to bed, I think I’ll take advantage of it and head that way. You guys go on and keep looking through the pics just trying to see if that shoe belongs to your camper or if that’s her elbow in the corner of that picture, (sad, but you know its true…some of you guys actually do that don’t ya?). Have fun going through all the pics, there’ll be plenty more tomorrow to keep ya busy all day. I’m heading for the house to get some shut eye!!

Weather on the mountain: it was a cool 61 degrees this morning when everyone woke up and it didn’t take long for it to warm up but not too bad, only in the mid 80s this afternoon and all the campers were in overdrive as they played around camp all day. Tomorrow they (whoever “they” are) are saying theres a chance of showers during the day, but I can guarantee ya, theres a 100 percent chance of more fun that should be allowed up here no matter what the weather is.

Ya’ll have a good night, I’m heading for the bed. Keep looking at all the pics, we’ll leave the light on for ya!!

‘Night Ya’ll


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