Click here to download the 2018 ACIT application.

What is an ACIT? ACIT’s work in the kitchen during their Camp session. There is no cooking, sweeping, or mopping involved. You also get to attend camp for 1⁄2 price! Just like all campers, you choose your activity schedule and participate in all evening and special programs. The only exceptions are: Wake up an hour early to prepare for breakfast 3rd period activity is spent preparing for lunch Half of 6th period is spent preparing for dinner

How do I apply? If you are of the age 13 or older you are eligable to apply. You will be reciveing an applictaion by mail that you can mail back or you can download the application here. To submit your applictaion you can mail it in, email the document, or take a picture of your application and email the picture to

How will I know if I am chosen to be an ACIT? ACIT’s are selected by a random drawing On Friday November 10th. 10 campers will be drawn from the ACIT application pool, for each session. After the 10 are selected, we will continue to draw all other names to create a waiting list. Whether you are selected or not selected, we will let you know.