Scroll down to meet a few of the nurses who will be with us this summer! Just like our campers, our nurses come from all over too. We are excited to have these ladies back!

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Annie Lussier - RN; Villa Rica, GA; daughter Hailey; 3rd year as Skyline nurse; was once a camper at Skyline!

Cerrell Atkinson - LPN; Tuscaloosa, AL; daughters Taylor and Brooke were/are campers and counselors; 14th year as Skyline nurse; breeds German Shorthaired Pointers and works with us all summer long!

Sandra Rice - RN; Duncanville, AL; granddaughter Amber was a camper and counselor; 12th year as Skyline nurse; helps out with Bible Study activity while at camp!

Shari Busby - RN; Rome, GA; daughter Caroline; 6th year as Skyline nurse, was Sally’s roommate in college!

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Clancie McMillian - RN; Tuscaloosa, AL; sons attend Camp Alpine; 3rd year as a Skyline Nurse; used to work with Cerrell in Tuscaloosa

Mary Ann Davis - RN; Boulder, CO; daughter Izzy is a camper; 8th year as a Skyline Nurse; LOVES the camp bacon

Joyce Vander Knijff - RN; Longmont, CO; daughter Johanna is a camper; 5th summer as a Skyline Nurse; is originally from Cananda!

Lauren Palmer - PA; Auburn, AL; daughter McClain is a camper; 2nd year as a Skyline Nurse; was a long time camper, counselor and head counselor!