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What are you looking forward to most as a head counselor this summer? I am so excited to spend another summer on the mountain in Riverside!! Last summer was beyond amazing and extremely rewarding being able to watch girls of all ages learn new skills, gain new-found confidence, and grow closer in their relationship with Christ. I can’t wait to see how the Lord works in the lives of each camper and counselor this summer! There is something so special about unplugging from technology for two weeks, gathering around a campfire, and being inside such a loving Christ centered bubble! I can’t wait to reunite with old and new friends as well as watch each camper and counselor find their home away from home at this special place, just like I did!

What are you currently doing with your life? I will be graduating from The University of Georgia in May with a degree in Early Childhood Education! I’m excited to say that I won’t be leaving the cute town of Athens quite yet, because I have just been accepted into UGA’s Early Childhood Education Masters program and will be starting in the Fall! You can catch this teacher buried in papers, lesson plans, and of course spending endless hours on Pinterest searching for some cute classroom decor ideas for my future classroom!

How has skyline impacted your life? I came to Skyline for the first time right after graduating high school. Growing up I never had the sleep away camp experience, so my view of an all girls summer camp was something similar to the Parent Trap! I quickly realized that Camp Skyline was much more than your typical summer camp! Skyline has truly helped me to break out of my shell by allowing me to gain leadership skills and confidence to do things I would have never thought I would go for, while helping me to strengthen my relationship with Christ! Lastly, the friendships I have been given because of Skyline are some of the biggest blessings that I will cherish forever! I am so beyond thankful to have been given the opportunity to spend the past four summers and now my fifth at this special place!!

What’s your favorite camp meal? Oh that’s a toughie! Meal wise I would have to say Sunday chicken fingers and dessert wise I would definitely say chocolate eclair!