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Straight from the horses mouth! We contacted a few of our nurses from last summer to provide a few helpful hints for campers, counselors, and their faimilies consider before arriving to camp. We want to ensure a positive infirmary visit, if necessary, so please take note of what these ladies have to share!

5 Things to Make an Infirmary Visit a Great One

1. Have your Health Form filled out PRIOR to arrival on Opening Day. Forms, we know, can be a pain and we promise they are not for kicks and giggles. The Health Form is the most important form in all the land and it’s imperitive that you fill it out completely before you arrive. Imagine your camper has allegies, dietary restrictions, important medication, or physical/mental conditions to consider. The nurses, and counselors, want to be prepared to address and handle any issues prior to check in so they can knock a problem out of the park, if it were to arise. Don’t force them to play catch up on Opening Day, help them be the fabulous queens of the Infirmary by clicking through that online form in advance.

2. Bringing medications? Make sure they are checked in, in original bottles, and labeled for your camper. If you are thinking that it would be a great, helpful idea to organize your campers daily medications in a cute little container to check in with the nurses, THINK AGAIN. Nurses are required to only accept medications in their original containers, especially prescriptions! Med out of their containers increases the chances of dosage mistake or damaging the medicine. The original bottle/packaging relays a lot of good information to the nurses, so please, no “MTWTF” containers; no baggies!

3. Perscription or not - check it all in!! Medications in trunks or backpacks can be a scary thought. Even ointments and vitamins could put curious kiddos in a great deal of danger. Please, check in ALL OTC/prescription medications, ointments, and vitamins to ensure the safety of all campers.

4. Worried about general headaches, tummy aches, sniffles, or coughs? We have meds for that! Did you know we stock many generic, over-the-counter items to combat commonplace, under the weather moments? No worries, if your daughter has a headache, allergies, fever, etc, we’ve got her covered. You are welcome to check in some “just in case” medicines for your camper, if you know a specific brand is just what she needs for those moments. But, we want to make sure you knew we’ve got you covered, too! You can find a list of OTC items we stock when you fill out your camper’s Health Form. It will ask you to approve, or deny, each one for your camper.

5. Just say no to “medication holidays” while at camp. We understand that a break from school can be a great opportunity for your camper to take a necessary break from some medications. Though, when summer camp is on the schedule, we’ve experienced that these breaks, or “drug holidays”, are not the best time to make those changes. If a child is successful on medications at school and at home, then we find it is helpful for the camp environment as well.

If you have specific concerns or questions about any of these point, or the medical aspect of Skyline, please contact us!