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There is an aspect of camp that may not always get the recognition it deserves for making Skyline the special experience it is. Each summer, our infirmary is stocked with outstanding women who choose to take time out of their busy schedules to come and serve our campers and staff. These ladies are the Skyline Nurses!

Do not be be mistaken - these Queens of the Infirmary don’t just sit in their castle, waiting for boo boos and tummy aches to heal. No, no. They go out of their way to contribute to the spirit of camp by singing alongside us at meals, dressing up and participating in night program activities, and treating every girl like they are their own.

We are very lucky to have these women and we are going to take this week to highlight who they are, and what they do, so you can appreicate them too! 3 cheers for Nurse Week!!