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Our 2017 summer theme is titled, Ignite! Inspired by Matthew 5:14-16, this theme is centered around being a light by setting our hearts on fire for Christ. It’s meant to encourage us to grow our light from that spark the Lord has placed in our heart to a strong fire. Why? So we can glorify God by confidently standing in that fire’s light and brightly shining it for others.

This fire we want to create is not a one you want douse with lighter fluid or throw a dry evergreen on. While the tempting short cut, big boom, and eye widening flames are exciting, they have no sustaining outcome. We want a fire that burns stong, continually. Want to learn how? Join us this summer and we’ll explore how to build an enduring fire in Christ and all the amazing things we can do with the light we create.

Get excited for Ignite 2017!