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Zip Lock System: When packing for younger campers it can be helpful to put an outfit for each day in individual freezer size plastic bags. Pro Tip: Leave undies packed separately as the girls shower at bedtime!

Shoe Bag: Hanging shoe bags are a perfect catch-all for those items campers will want to acess easily on a regular basis. Think: hair brush, flashlight, book, stationary items, bug spray, sunscreen, sunglass, etc. Most come with hooks and can hang right over the edge of their bunks.

Shower Caddy: Portable shower caddies are the perfect organizational tool for shared bathroom and shower spaces. Helps campers keep up with their items and keeps the area neat and tidy.

Also, don’t forget to put names in everything. Rub-a-Dub markers and regular ole’ sharpies work great or order feel free to order persoanlized labels from a site like, [Oliver’s Labels][].

What have been your favorite ways to pack? Share your tricks here!

Love, Kate and Jennifer