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We want to honor these ladies who are about to embark on their last summer as a camper at Camp Skyline! We hope this summer will be the one that tops them all.

1st Session Ellie Burke, Julia Davis, Anna Devine, Sally Dismuke, Ellis Henley, Ruth Hunter, Lydia Johnson, Maggie McSwain, Emma Mayfield, Isabelle Powers, and Megan Weede

2nd Session Ivy Davidson, Laura Lacy Gardner, Bradley Hicks, Lydia Johnson, Mary-Alice Pearson, Gwyneth Ralston, Catherine Smith, and Lucy Woodke

3rd Session Sydney Baker, Hayden Baldwin, Sara Catherine Cook, Marisa Hart, Bradley Hicks, Grace Hull, Rachel Irby, Lydia Johnson, Maddie Lunday, Kate McDonald, Daly Ostrander, Lizzie Perri, Tate Pilch, Grace Reece, and Julia Surface

4th Session Maddie Burbach, Eliza Burnham, Parks Flynt, Katherine Hunter, Lydia Johnson, Claire Kimberlin, Bess Martin, Emma Kate Merrin, Lilly Minnich, Jessie Peterson, Meredith Petter, Ellie Rousseau, Gracie Stovall, Hannah Straughn, Mary Wynne Tucker, and Britt Webber