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Helloooo parents and welcome to Day 2 at Skyline!! Its been a busy day up here o the mountain as all the campers were busy in their first full day of activities. Its been an exciting day as all the campers have been running around and getting to know the “what to do’s” in each of their classes. Tomorrow will be even faster as they now are ready to jump right in and get going with all the fun.

Its always amazing to me the difference between when camp isn’t going and when all the girls get here. One of my friends asked me what it was like when its in full swing and the best response I could give him was to go out in his yard, find the biggest any mound on his property and then stomp it and watch what happens!! If you stand around in one place, you’re gonna be in trouble!! You gotta stay on your toes and keep moving! Its about the same when theres 260 of your closest little friends staying over for 2 weeks!! Especially during Sock wars!!

Now if you haven’t ever seen Sock Wars, let me explain it to ya. All the campers dress up in their club colors (I honestly don’t know where they get all those outfits from, but I now know why there’s so much stuff to move in on opening day!) Each club gets their own section of camp to hide their club flag and is given 3-4 socks stuffed with sawdust. When we ring the bell, they all charge out and head out to the other clubs areas trying to find their club flag and if you see another camper from a different club, if you tag them with a thrown sock, they’re out and have to report to the scorers table before they get back in the game. (that reference to the stomped ant mound is starting to make a lot more sense now ain’t it?)

All the girls were throwing their little arms out all night ling and some of those girls have some pretty good aim, some…… not so much, they kept hitting the camera man (me!) by mistake…..or was it? Maybe their aim wasn’t as bad as I thought now that I look back on it??

At the end of the night and a bunch of worn out arms and girls, the final results were……… Ah heck, I can’t be a spoiler for ya, check out the video and see for your self!

Tomorrow will be another full day of activities and well be right in the middle of it bringin’ ya all the action so be sure to check the webpage for updates throughout the day and subscribe to the roost to get everything emailed to ya. Theres also highlights that go up on our twitter and instagram account so follow us there and you’ll be the first one to know all the highlights at camp.

Tomorrow night it Talent night and all the campers will be happy to have a night to sit down and get a little rest as they check out all the talent from our campers. Don’t worry, we’ll be right there in the front row and getting plenty of pics to bring ya so you can see how your camper does!

Well, its a little shorter blog tonight, with all the activity from the day, I’m worn out and having to use tooth picks to keep my eyelids open already!!

Hope you guys have a good night, be sure to check back in tomorrow and we’ll see ya then,

take care,