Well hello again parents!! Welcome back to camp news for Wednesday! You guys are doing a great job keeping up with everything thats happening up here on the mountain while we all know, your local home computer expert is here at camp wit us!! Its been a busy 3 days and today was about as perfect as you could get. Clouds covered the sky early and then gave way to a little rain right before lunch, but that didn’t keep us from having fun at all our activities. As a matter of fact, it cooled the temps down for the afternoon classes where it was as close to perfect as you could get. The campers really enjoyed the cooler temps and you could see them all get a little more “pep in their step” as the cool air kept everyone going through the afternoon.

As a matter of fact, the temps were so nice, I decided to grab a camera and head out and do a little shootin’ with it this afternoon myself. We just added them into the ones that Isabelle had already shot today so you guys got a double dose of afternoon pics in case you weren’t spending enough time on the computer yet scanning for pics of your camper :-) (I’m sure you think you AREN’T spending enough time looking at pics!!)

Speaking of pictures, I’ve had several parents email me about trying to download some of the pics form the webpage. You can always get a screen shot, but remember, your home computer expert is here so here’s another idea for ya. Just make a list of which folders have the pictures you want to download (like “Day 2 afternoon”, etc…). The pictures on the website are actually a lower quality so we can speed up the uploading process for you. The good news is that on closing day (for mini’s and 2 week campers), we’ll have EVERY picture you’ve seen, in the folders you’ve seen them in, loaded on a USB flash drive ready and waiting for you to take home!! So be sure to pick yours up when you check out. I’ll remind ya again at the end of the session. AND….. the ones on the flash drive will be the full quality pics in the same size they were shot with. You’ll love it!

The campers today weren’t waisting any time getting right into their ropes harnesses or up on their horses. They were runnin’ on all cylinders if ya know what I mean! The Frios popsicles are still a big hit in Beli Deli and of course it was lasagna day for lunch and I think everyone had at least seconds for that! Believe it or not another big favorite at meal time is the fried okra, so don’t be surprised if your camper comes home wanting some. It may be one of their new favorite vegetables (after macaroni and cheese of course!!)

I was able to get some fun pics of the campers at the waterslide and bob this afternoon, like I said, even though it was cooler, theres no better way to end the day than a refreshing dip in the river or pool!

Be sure to check out tonights video (ok, I know we should change the name from 60 seconds from Skyline to something more like 80 or 90 seconds, theres just too much going on to squeeze it all into 60 seconds!!). You’l see for yourself how the girls are flipping out at the circus!

Tonight was “Get Skyline back” and what a night it was! Once these nasty Laney boys came into the dining hall and kidknapped the club leaders and their flags, your campers just wouldn’t stand for that and set out on a mission to recon and recover their leaders. They didn’t let anyone down as they went right after this counselors and charged through a barrage of stuffed socks to get back their leaders and flags. You’d be proud of the way those campers took it to the counselors and made them pay for trying to take their leaders! They were runnin’ and dodgin’ all night long and in the end, I’m happy to report that every club had a successful mission and returned their leaders and flags to their rightful club! After all the sawdust had settled, the winners were………. (ya hear that drum roll in your head again? …..I thought you did)….. well, I don’t want to be a spoiler alert again for ya so I’ll just let ya checkout the highlight video and see for yourself how hard those campers were playing and how it turned out for ‘em!

Well, tomorrow will be another beautiful day up here on the mountain. Highs in the 80’s and about 65 when everyone wakes up (don’t ya wish you were up here now?) All the campers should be back in full swing of their classes (I bet right now, they’re all fast asleep in their beds after the last few busy days we’ve had……I can’t wait till I’m that way too!). Well be out there trying to catch all the action again for ya. Tomorrow night will be “Mission impossible” where they compete as a cabin to make their way across camp following clues to locations where they have to perform a task like peeling a banana……… with their feet and other crazy task before they get the next clue to tell ‘em where they head to next. On their way from location to location, they have to watch out for enemy spies (counselors) that will be looking out for ‘em movin’ as a group. If a counselor see’s a group, she yells out “Counselor sees you!!” and the whole group has to hunker down and pretend to be rocks or boulders while the counselor inspects them for any movement. If a counselor sees one of the campers moving, that camper has to go to jail. Don’t worry though, if a camper goes to jail, their cabin will head that way and help break ’em out (its part of the “no camper left behind act of 2006”I think…). Once they get there camper out of jail, they’re on their way to the next task to get their clue and help ’em make their way to Freedom land! Whew!!! After reading all that….. what are you doing tomorrow night?? Believe it tor not, tomorrow night is considered a low energy night! (Doesn’t sound like it does it??)

Well, thats about all for tonight, I actually got everything squared away early tonight and plan on taking full advantage of hitting my bunk and trying to get caught up on some sleep. Hopefully you guys playing along at home will be able to do the same!

Y’all have a great night and we’ll see ya tomorrow, check out the video and see who won and then go get some shut eye, we still have a long way to go in this session and I don’t want you guys to be worn out before we get to the end!!

Have a good one, ‘cause like a slow kid in dodgeball ……………I’m outta here!