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Hellooooo Parents!!! Welcome back to the Camp Skyline Blog Day 2! It was a great day up here on the mountain to start all the activities and get busy with the fun of camp as all the campers were outing about enjoying the still cool weather we have up here. You could tell it put a little pep in their step as they ran from class to class and never getting too hot throughout the day.

Everyone was getting to know their “to do’s” in each of the activities and it didn’t take long before they were up on the horses, ropes course circus and even starting their arts and crafts and pottery projects. It was a little cool for the swimming classes but they managed to make it through the first day of swim test and now are ready to take on the blob and water slide with full force. We’ll be out there with ‘em tomorrow to get all the action and bring it back to ya just as fast as we can.

This afternoon, I got to hang out and “encourage” some of the older campers on the rock climbing wall as they took their first attempts at climbing the “Tower of Power” and I gotta tell ya, for their first day they did pretty dang good! Just check out the video of the highlights and you can see for yourself some of them making it all the way to the top.

After dinner tonight (of course everyone was dressed in their club colors complete with face paint to match) all the campers split up in their clubs and headed out into camp to hide their flag. Of course they were armed with stuffed socks as we were getting ready to start our camper favorite, Sock Wars! Once we rang the bell to begin, all the campers headed out to find the other cubs flag and waving those socks just looking for campers of other clubs to fling ‘em at. I gotta tell ya, some of your camper have pretty good aim as they were pickin’ em off one by one. Of course there were some that tended to launch the socks in any direction they would fly and then there were some who’s aim was so off they ended up hitting the camera man tonight!! (yea…that was me!) But thinking back, maybe their aim wasn’t bad at all and maybe it was actually pretty good and they were hitting what they actually aimed at???? Its a conspiracy theory but it did happen so I have some facts to back it up!

As I tried to dodge socks (unsuccessfully) I was surrounded by members of all three clubs and couldn’t help but think….” Rangers to the left of me, Troopers to the right,…. Here I am, stuck in the Mounties again…..” (what I really want to know is how many of y’all picked up and now have that song in your head?…..Don’t answer that, you’ll show our age)

At the end of the activity, all the campers came back together again and were resting their arms as they announced the winning club. I’m happy to report that after thousands of socks were launched in an effort to become the champions, the winners were………….. (you hear that drum roll in your head?)……………The Rangers!!!!!! Way to go girls great job tonight!!

By now, all the campers are fast asleep (especially after all the energy they used tonight!) and resting for tomorrow activities. It should be another picture perfect day and we’ll be out there with ‘em catching all the action. Of course tomorrow night, we’ll slow things down a bit and have our Talent Show in the gym and I know I, Um… I mean all the campers will enjoy a slower night where my, I mean THEIR legs can rest and take it easy. Now I don’t watch that America’s Got Talent show, but I can tell you this, I’ll put our campers up against anyone with the talent they bring to camp and were gonna be right there on the front row (yea…we got connections!) shooting all the pics so you can see your campers perform! Be sure to tune back in and see how they do tomorrow night!

Well, its been a long day and I’m about ready to lay it down and try to get ready to keep up with all your campers tomorrow (wish me luck!) You guys enjoy the pics and video and I’ll see ya back here tomorrow night, Same bat time, same bat channel and same batty stories!!

have a great one, I’m heading off to bed!! Y’all do the same!!